Nord Drum 2 - Nord Pad

Swedish maker Nord may be known for keyboards, and justly so, but their drum products are perhaps even more distinctive. If it seems like Nord only just released something called “Nord Drum,” it’s true. But they’re already back with a sequel, and Nord Pad as an accessory. The latter’s compact trigger design could appeal to producers and musicians who don’t have room for a whole kit.

The original Nord Drum was a four-channel “modeling” virtual analog synth. The new model is six channels, and has more sound options. As before, you can trigger synthesized drum sounds from conventional electronic pads or (more fun) a drum kit. Now, in case you want that trigger to say “Nord” on it, there’s also an appealing Nord Pad companion, too.

More importantly, you get something that behaves more like you’d expect of a synth – real MIDI CC control and stereo outputs, features that held back the first generation.

So now, for not a lot of money, you get a box capable both of electronic percussion and more realistic sounds. I have to say, it’s one of the more-fun percussion boxes out there of any kind. (Nord Drumcomputer, anyone? I suppose you could rig your own.)

Oh, and you can use those triggers to convert to MIDI, in case this wasn’t already useful enough.


6-channel drum synthesizer
Resonance modeling, Subtractive- and FM-synthesis
6 generic trigger inputs
Dedicated Nord Pad input with support for separate Kick trigger/pad.
MIDI in/out with CC control
Stereo output, with pan control
Headphones output

€ 499 buys you a Nord Drum 2; Nord Pad is € 259. Shipping in May, but shown at Musikmesse; we’ll pay them a visit.

No website up yet; still the old Nord Drum site and sound samples.



  • iOS Musician Blog

    does it come with those snazzy red sticks? it should come with those snazzy red sticks.

  • Joshua Schnable

    When you say “Drumcomputer” – Nord does have an iPad app that’s actually a very nice drum sequencer. I’m hoping they expand that to six channels as well.

  • Derp

    This is what the original should have been.

  • Kai Green

    I’ll wait until the NordDrum3 where they realize that they need 6 audio outputs..

    • Derp

      I’ll agree with ya on that one, however I’d like to suggest the addition of a USB I/O as well.
      This unit here though, should be enough to satisfy someone using it for live use only.

      You think they would rather save money, and do some R&D ONCE on finding out exactly what people are looking for in a unit, resulting in a long lasting classic product… Rather than do it multiple times, to evolve the product… I guess it creates more news this way. :

    • wardtf

      Well you can always pan it so that you have at least 2 outputs, might be usefull when sidechain compressing a bass synth with the kick :-)

  • Jean François Loza

    I’m bummed cuz i have to sell my Nord Drum now. This is exactly what the first one should have looked like. With USB and 6 outputs tho…maybe the next version. The Fm synthesis should open up some neat sounds.