Following our preview of Korg’s upcoming Nintendo eShop synth, here’s the one and only, incomparable CardiacTrance all the way from Japan to show it off.

Trying to tell someone there’s a Korg M1 for the Nintendo handheld doesn’t really do this justice – or even make intuitive sense. But it is actually good news. Somehow, the combination of sequencing features, transforming the game system into a workstation, with the silly-small design makes the result more than the sum of its parts. And in the hands of a producer/musician, they become a lot more. Modern gaming, game music aesthetics, and some re-conceived retro ingredients turn into something new. I can tell you that running across this amidst the world’s biggest music industry show is refreshing – it’s something other than what the rest of the industry is doing. Gonzo hipster Messe coverage continues as this week goes on… (insert hashtag hipster Messe here…)

  • A

    Does the ds10 work with the 3ds and also a downloadable option? I don’t play games much and I think I’d need a few music options for it to be appealing, especially with the price of the volcas.

    If korg is reading, a (simplified?) wavestation would be wonderful with a touch screen and button shortcuts. I would buy a 3ds just for that, especially if the patches could be shared with the windows or OSX versions.

  • Adurpo

    Was just thinking the other day before I went to work, man I wish I didn’t have to bring my laptop with me just to write some stuff and I could just have a sequencer on my 3ds export to midi. I really think that’s the most exciting thing for me.