When we first saw movements and dance converted to music in February, it must have sparked some interest. Developer Jesper Nordin tells us popular demand has prompted him to release a free (as in beer) version of his Gestrument Kinect controller. With a beta download and a Windows or Mac machine, you can translate Microsoft’s depth-sensing camera to MIDI events you can use with instruments.

Previously (including mention of the iPad version of this idea, if you don’t fancy prancing about in front of a camera):
Gestrument, Shaping Music with Kinect, Touch, and Acoustic Ensembles [Videos]

Now, you can grab the Kinect app as a beta download. Notes and information currently under the “future” heading:

See also:

Below, more experiments with the very first version of this – as a patch for graphical development environment Max/MSP – at Lyon, France’s GRAME research center:

Kinect Rhytmic improvisation from GRAME on Vimeo.

Kinect improvising from GRAME on Vimeo.

Jean Geoffroy – performer
Christophe Lebreton – “Light Music” interface patch
Jesper Nordin – musical patch and parameters

If you make something with this, we’d love to see it. Naturally, there are visual applications as well as musical ones, again making use of MIDI.

  • davidlublin

    Had some fun playing around with Gestrument Kinect and VDMX over the weekend, loads of fun for making video: http://vdmx.vidvox.net/tutorials/connecting-gestrument-kinect-to-vdmx-over-midi

    • Jesper Nordin

      Haha – I didn’t see that coming! We did the application just so people could play music with their hands but of course our very straightforward mapping of x/y, on/off and dynamics lends itself for many things and then you can easily add your own gestures as you did in your video. How about a second tutorial hooking it up to video AND our app at the same time? Then you have music and video controlled at the same time by the same gestures – that could be very cool! /Jesper Nordin from http://www.gestrument.com

    • davidlublin

      I had actually started off with making a tutorial that was making audio / video synthesizers using Gestrument and VDMX off the same MIDI feeds as part of a series on the general topic.. just happened to get a little sidetracked once I realized how easy it was to set up simple gestures as a starting point for so many different ideas. So yes, a follow up is due..

    • Jesper Nordin

      Fantastic! Looking forward to seeing it.