For many, screens at last provide some of the pleasure once only available in print. With Google Reader going away, no need to mourn: read even better. Photo (CC-BY) Sebastien Wiertz.

For many, screens at last provide some of the pleasure once only available in print. With Google Reader going away, no need to mourn: read even better. Photo (CC-BY) Sebastien Wiertz.

Reading matters for musicians. It’s a source of essential information about tools and artists, inspiration and knowledge. It’s how a lot of us find music and the ways we make music. Your feedback in eight and a half years of CDM has told us that.

So, with Google Reader shutting down, maybe it’s a good time to reflect on how you read.

Google Reader shuts down forever on the first of July. If you read CDM (and other sites) through Google Reader, or any application that relies on syncing with its feeds, you need to find a new way of reaching us.

Even if you’re not a Google Reader user, one upside of all of this has been that there have been a bunch of new resources for helping you find the best ways to collect news and information. Lifehacker has a great round-up; The Verge suggests similar advice and wins bonus points with us for having a Casio keyboard in the background.

My favorite tool, by far, remains Feedly. It has exceptionally-good tools for reading in the browser, phone, and tablet (Android and iOS). I’ve used it on all of those platforms, and even go from one to another regularly. Feedly has also recently fixed two major problems. First, it no longer relies on Google Reader. Secondly, it addresses the complaint I heard most often: there’s now a Web app that works without having to install an extension. Newsvibe looks similar, but more minimal.

If you prefer desktop apps, FeedDemon Pro for Windows (now free) and NetNewsWire are great options; the latter is weaning itself off Google. I also like Pocket for saving long-form content to read later; Instapaper does the same and supports Kindle.

But we’d like to know more about how you read. After years of offering CDM in essentially the same way, we’re doing some deep thinking about how best to reach you.

We’ve sometimes had giveaways for surveys. For this one, we hope to let everyone win: we want to make your reading better.

Head to the survey directly —

— or fill it out below.

  • doggit

    I really suggest “Old Reader” you can search internally and it’s not too facebook looking, its kinda butt in a way i like. Very minimal design… i switched last week

  • Dream Hike

    +1 for feedly! More elegant than Reader IMO and the Android version is downright sexy.

  • VHS

    I switched to Feedly sometime last month and have been using it exclusively until Reeder 2 is released with official support for it. I have zero complaints about Feedly, so far.

  • Jim Aikin

    What is Google Reader? Not kidding. I’ve never heard of it. I read CDM on a web browser. Is there something weird about this???

  • Peanut Turner

    I’ve also been using FeedSpot, but no reader I’ve found so far allows me to tab through posts with shortcuts in quite the same way as I do/did with Reader….

  • o2
  • mercury

    reeder on my iphone and feedly on the ipad

    os reeder being ported also like feedly did this weekend?

  • Martin Wheeler

    100% Flipboard on iPad for ‘articles’ sites like this one, and old school web-browser on whatever machine is handy ( mainly iPad, but anything will do) for ‘forum’ style sites like Gearslutz, Muffwigglers et al. The constantly updated and reformatted personal interactive magazine approach of Flipboard on iPad seems just so ‘efficient’ that I really can’t imagine going back to usi,g a browser on a computer for reacing articles. It feels like wading through treacle to get to the customs checkpoint on your way to wade through more treacle to get where you are going. So yes Jim Aikin, IMNSHO you are as weird as all fuck 😉

  • Frampton

    The main reason i haven’t upgraded to mountain lion – they got rid of the RSS feeds in mail. I love that feature!

  • benzkji

    seems I’m just not RSS approved. it always said “2048 unread items” after two weeks. just got a very small amount of pages I check, and twitter (you won’t miss it if you don’t see it…).

  • Fab

    Feedly rules ! Tested, instantly adopted. Just one click to transfer your Google reader data, you won’t regret :)

  • Rob

    InoReader is a good (and under-reported) alternative, too. Works the same as Google Reader and The Old Reader. So far so good.

  • Catching The Waves

    Feedly has now almost replaced Google Reader in my affections, although I might uninstall Chrome’s Feedly extension now that Feedly has made a web app. I save articles and videos for later in Instapaper and Pocket, respectively. The imminent Digg reader has made me curious. As a backup, I’ve joined The Old Reader so my RSS subscriptions are in more than one place; migrating feeds can be tricky. (Fingers crossed.)

    Google Reader on a (large) smartphone was a revelation. Feedly and TOR and Digg will hopefully keep me happy, but I hope that one day there will be one reader to rule them all; one that will handle RSS feeds, podcasts and videos quickly and seamlessly, and store articles easily like Instapaper and Pocket. My bets are definitely hedged.

    If you’re a Google Reader user and you haven’t migrated your feeds, do it now. Once the deadline has passed, that’s it; no longer will you be able to catch the latest posts from Leather Skateboarder magazine and Cat Stew periodical.

    If you’ve never used an RSS reader, please have a look at Feedly or another reader. Load a selection of your favourite music blogs, websites and writers and see what you think.

  • therandomdude

    Since we’re on the topic of RSS feeds, there’s this weird thing about my
    CDM subscription – it sends me updates on comments posted in articles
    as opposed to updates on the articles themselves. So every time people
    post comments on any article on the website, my reader gets flooded with
    multiple updates on the exact same article.
    It’s annoying and I’d really like it to only send me updates about new articles. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • James Sans

    I switched to Its good and working perfectly.

  • gLOW-x

    I use feedly. Instant Google Reader import 😉

  • howthebodyworks

    Feedly looks cute, but its lack of decent data export weirds me out. All the risks of google reader, none of the “data liberation front” business to salvage it. So I use which is open source, fast, and nice, and undergoing rapid development. Freemium model; but I’m OK paying $2 a month for the upgrade for something I do every day, esp if it guarantees that it won’t implode like google’s RSS did. As a bonus, several feeds that did NOT work for me under google reader have started working again for me under newsblur, due to some weird internal parsing magic.