On the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog. But they just might know you’re an MS-20.

Hector Urtubia – aka Mr. Book – has connected his synths to the Web and set them up for the world. Submit a music pattern, and send it off to the synths to be rendered to sound. It’s like Kinko’s, if they did analog synths instead of printers.

Hector explains more:

I created a web app ( which allows you to create a synth pattern, submit it and it will get rendered live in hardware on one of my synths at home.

I did this because I wanted everyone to be able to hear my brand new MS-20 mini, but have since put a Shruthi-1 online. The whole code that holds everything together is a combination of python, processingjs, html, javascript and a raspberry-pi. The plan is to start the cycling the synths on the side and maybe at a later point, implement rendering from VSTs as well.

That's an MS-20 mini, connected to the world via Web tech. And below, a Shruthi-1 in the same role. Images courtesy the artist.

That’s an MS-20 mini, connected to the world via Web tech. And below, a Shruthi-1 in the same role. Images courtesy the artist.


Keep up with the latest on his Twitter account:

  • dustinw

    supper cool experiment. And the preset on the Shruthi-1 sounds great.

  • dmo

    Hahah, that’s rad gangster

  • AutoStatic

    Will the rendering from VST’s be done on the Raspberry Pi too?

  • bigrobotstudios

    Awesome! the raspberry-pi and the shruthi-1 are now hard at work rendering all the sequences. When VST rendering is implemented it will probably be on a windows machine, not sure yet. Another option is to dedicate a VPS to run wine to host a Max/MSP patch that will render the sequences, we’ll see.

    I’m planning on switching the synth on the system tonight, I think I’ll put my DSI Tetr4 to let the shruthi rest a little.

    • Sequadion

      Really cool idea, I had a lot of fun playing around with it.

      This immediately got me thinking about the possibility of turning your current single synth setup into an audio render farm. It could accommodate any number of hardware or software synths, all available from the same web UI. Would you be interested in hashing out this idea?

  • Asper

    would be realy nice to know the queue position .

  • Martin Wheeler

    I’ve been thinking about a somewhat more grandiose version of this for some time ( but thinking is easy, you actually did it, so respect ! 😉 I have quite a substantial Eurorack modular system … if been thinking about how it would be possible to make that available as a render mavhine, in a way similar to,this, but additionally using some sort of digitally controlled analog patchbay that could automate audio, CV, gate and trigger connections, and then have that patchbay be configurable by a webpage … of course most modules have many parameters that are not CV-able, so the modules would have to be set to some sort of quasi-vanilla ‘interesting but non-specific’ state, tuned to unison, and then you hit them with whatever you want from elsewhere in the system from the patchbay … it is most definitely doable, but I have neither the time nor the programming competence to do it all myself … but one day … maybe … in the mean time thanks or this …

  • J.Martins

    guess this is the future of computer music/dsp. no more VST emulations, just go online and catch real gear.
    VST/plugin companies should go crazy with this concept.
    I would like to see this concept with TB 303 also with a very expensive compressor

  • Vincent Chan

    I think this could be the future that musicians no longer have to own a lot of synths. We could have an online synth library which people could actually “borrow” and “reserve” a synth online, use it and render the result for their composition. It will be like a digital instrument sharing without the cons of having sweat or dirts on the physical synth, people just use it remotely.