Push, down to its parts. Photo courtesy THORtronic.

Push, down to its parts. Photo courtesy THORtronic.

For months, many musicians have been waiting to get assembled Push hardware from Ableton. But here, you get it disassembled – down to bare washers and screws – in a massive teardown. It’s a chance to see what lies inside that mysterious black box without voiding your warranty.

The video is narrated in Czech, so most of you will be out of luck, but you don’t really need the narration to follow what’s happening and now has English subtitles! You’ll find a gallery of photos on Dropbox, too.

The teardown comes courtesy of THORtronic, the duo of Patrik Veltruský and Zbynek Šanda, evidently musicians who have also built a service company for Czech and Slovak customers making custom cables and studio furniture. That is, they’ll put together your cables and furniture, not take them apart.


But it’s great to see this happen, partly because it gives hope for long-term repairs to this hardware, after the warranty is through. Watch what happens:

Now with English subtitles! (You may need to switch on subtitles in YouTube’s controls.)

Thanks to dJcybersonique for the tip.

Updated: Via comments, another teardown – this one in New York, in order to save a Push from a spilt coffee. (Hint: yes, this is exactly what you want to do after a spill. It’s not the initial spill that usually damages electronics; if you can dry the thing out, you can usually have luck – even with a computer.) No video, but loads of nice photos:

Ableton Push Disassembled

  • DPrty

    I should have taken pictures for the last 15 repairs on various Korg gear. Come to think of it .. Korg builds great sounding gear that breaks all the time. I love Korgs sound but I am tired of keybed, pitchbend, button etc. repairs. Do Yamaha Motifs break all the time?

    • cooptrol

      Electribes are virtually indestructible…

    • DPrty

      Yes the Electribes hold up very well. I have the MX and it is solid however one thing did go and has been replaced … the arp Slide potentiometer, for EMX1, ESX1 http://www.syntaur.com/3933.html

      I think the prior owner was very abusive to that slider and it has been solid since the repair and purchase.

      My list of recent repairs has been
      Keybed contacts for M3 twice
      Volume slider for M3 .. part is now discontinued
      Buttons on a Triton Extreme
      Led for pitch bender on the M3
      Pitchbender on MicroX
      Pitchbender twice on Korg Karma
      Clock chip on Korg Karma

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      Actually, please do take pictures! Enjoying these teardowns – see also macfixit, et al.

  • Ben Casey

    And here I thought I was the only one to take a Push apart. It’s really beautiful in there…


  • kasbah

    Here is the same video with subtitles, remember to turn captions on: http://youtu.be/pUKFTgkgPU0

    • Deaq

      none of the video links work anymore says copyright claim by Thortronic

  • THORtronic

    Oh wow! Thanks guys for posting! We are now working on new website but unfortunately only in Czech.
    If somebody just looking for great sounding cables in 24 colours for fair price just hit us!