Windsor, Ontario, home of a legendary, mysterious Hum. Photo (CC-BY) Doc Searls.

Windsor, Ontario, home of a legendary, mysterious Hum. Photo (CC-BY) Doc Searls.

Residents of Windsor, Ontario widely report hearing a humming sound – one no one has been able to identify, but at least some claim to have recorded. And now, for the first time, you can get that hum as a synth for Ableton Live (or any other environment, via the audio files).

It’s the latest creation of AfroDJMac, the crazy-prolific producer and Live pack maker who has remarkably turned just 21 last week – happy belated birthday, sir. The resulting synth, novelty aside, sounds spooky and lovely:

Free Ableton Live Pack #87: Windsor Hum Synth

(87! AfroDJMac is rivaling Ableton at producing soundware.)

And speaking of lots of reading and Wikipedia and sound inspiration, there’s a wonderful article on Wikipedia, perfect for getting lost in reveries of mystery sounds, on all these collected phenomena:

The Hum

Industrial emissions seem a likely source, though it’s confusing that in one case of correcting those sounds, the problem wasn’t resolved. And otoacoustic emissions and colliding ocean waves are, of course, a much cooler explanation.

  • Dave Linabury

    Hm, I live just north of Detroit (right across the Detroit River from Windsor). I’ve never heard of this hum. Wikipedia says, “A 2011 study by Earthquakes Canada indicated that it may be originating from the heavily-industrialised Zug Island area on the US side of the Detroit river.” FYI, Zug Island is where they should shoot a post-apocalypse film; if there’s a hum coming from Zug Island, I would not be in the slightest bit surprised. It’s looks like its name sounds.

  • Joe Rogan

    THE DETROIT HUM was featured on Joe Rogan questions everything ep2 – very disturbing

    • AfroDJMac

      That’s where I got the inspiration!

  • AfroDJMac

    Thanks Peter! Thanks for the birthday wish! I should clarify, I said I was celebrating when I turned 21, a momentous occasion, which was more than a few birthdays ago :)

  • VvvV