Side by side by Live 9.1. Dennis DeSantis shows new dual monitor support at the Kompakt pop-up in Berlin. Photo by Zoya Bassi for CDM.

Side by side by Live 9.1. Dennis DeSantis shows new dual monitor support at the Kompakt pop-up in Berlin. Photo by Zoya Bassi for CDM.

In the midst of a pop-up week of events held with KΓΆln’s Kompakt Records, Ableton has offered a surprise peek into what’s coming soon to Live.

9.1 is a free update for all users, adding some widely-requested features. There’s no release date yet – we’re awaiting a more formal announcement with details soon – but we have gotten a look at what’s in store.

Ableton’s Dennis DeSantis gave attendees a demo of three upcoming features:
1. Dual-monitor support, finally allowing you to see Arrangement and Session Views side by side
2. More functionality in Push, including step sequencing of melodies (not just drums), and step sequencing of automation
3. Improved rendering when downsampling

The dual monitor support you can see in our images. This of course makes Live’s UI more useful in a range of scenarios, additionally aiding laptop users connecting an external display, people wanting side-by-side views on a single big monitor (having used a 27″ iMac recently, that’s almost as enormous as two dedicated displays), and so on. And we know Live users have wanted this, as you’ve told us, sometimes loudly.

Editing patterns/MIDI is also made easier with new multiple window support. Photo by Zoya Bassi.

Editing patterns/MIDI is also made easier with new multiple window support. Photo by Zoya Bassi.

Push users also get tools they’ve been requesting. Push already has an interesting melodic layout, but now step sequencing can work with melodic content and not only drums. And all the parameters you can automate normally in Live – Devices, Mixer settings, and the lot – can now be step-sequenced using the encoders. So, in addition to drawing in automation curves with the encoders in real-time, you can now add automation values by step.

Dennis DeSantis shows CDM's Zoya Bassi how pattern automation works when step sequencing. Push the step, turn the encoder, naturally.

Dennis DeSantis shows CDM’s Zoya Bassi how pattern automation works when step sequencing. Push the step, turn the encoder, naturally.

Render quality in this case is not likely to impact everyone, but may improve results for quickly exporting renders of certain projects from inside Live. Assuming your project is at a higher sample rate than the one you’re exporting – for instance, going from 96k to 44.1k – Live now renders first natively at that project sample rate, then uses the newly-added SoX Resampler library to do the downsampling. The “higher quality” results come from avoiding aliasing of high-frequency content in some projects.

The updated sample rate conversion options, demonstrated again by Ableton's Dennis DeSantis. Photo by Ralf Kleinermanns, Kompakt.

The updated sample rate conversion options, demonstrated again by Ableton’s Dennis DeSantis. Photo by Ralf Kleinermanns, Ableton.

This library itself isn’t new, so you may want to have a look at the library’s own explanation of how the process works:

And, nicely enough, it’s a cool, free and open source library that can be accessed directly from the terminal on any of your audio, not just Ableton Live projects.

There are also some comparative SRC tests here:

That isn’t all that’s slated for 9.1, but it gives you a sense of some of the banner features of the free update. Since so many CDM readers are using Live as their host of choice, let us know what questions you may have and we’ll address those along with other details of 9.1 as it nears release.

We’ll have more coverage from Berlin of some of the artist discussions at the Kompakt pop-up, too – that is, music, and not just software and updates – so do stay tuned.
20 Years of Kompakt at Ableton HQ: Aug. 31st – Sep. 7th

Ableton's Dennis DeSantis - also a skilled percussionist and composer, by the way.

Ableton’s Dennis DeSantis – also a skilled percussionist and composer, by the way.

  • Jamsire

    Dennis DeSantis is someone I owe a huge dinner to! He’s an amazing educator.

    • Andy Cartridge

      he makes some good tunes too! :)

    • Peter Kirn


      (had actually just added that to the caption above)

      Heh, maybe we just need more Dennis coverage on CDM. πŸ˜‰

    • Andy Cartridge

      it would be cool if ya could get Dennis and other Ableton employees to explain the process of how they make their own music with the tools they create..

      i guess that goes back to Monolake alot, but it would be interesting to see other Ableton people do their thing ..

      do they add new features to inspire themselves to create music in a new way? or does an idea for a certain sound or musical idea inspire the development of an idea for a feature?
      or is it all user based ideas? (can’t be otherwise dual monitor support would have been added 8 years ago lol ;))

    • Father

      Who says it has to be one or the other?

  • Andy Cartridge

    dual monitor support… its only taken NINE versions to get added! – i’m sure it will be implemented in creative way :)

    • Peter Kirn

      Pretty straightforward implementation. I mean, we waited a long time for more than one giant rack in Reason, too. πŸ˜‰ But sometimes it’s better late than not at all.

      9.1 is a feature bump, not a big new release, but I do expect Live 9 users will be pleased with it – and it’s free. We’ll have a complete list of changes once Ableton goes public with the release.

    • Andy Cartridge

      to be honest its not such a big issue now i have an ipad and touchable … i have my clips and mixer there … it kinda does most of the functionality of what dual monitor support would do i think…

      but its nice to have it there of course.. and if ya have not got a tablet for second screen, i’m sure it will be really useful indeed :)

      i really hope they have fixed some of the audio code though, my echofire 2 firewire soundcard is unusable with live 9… so i have to rely on my macbook audio output and input… and no midiport :/

    • Peter Kirn

      Actually, yeah, in many ways I do like the iPad as second monitor – totally with you. Plus, you can actually touch it. πŸ˜‰

      This isn’t a full update list, so stay tuned. Actually, to be honest, I don’t know what is in there. (I just genuinely don’t know! No NDA required – actual ignorance. πŸ˜‰ )

  • Evan

    Still keeping fingers crossed for some word on the pdc issues. The push advancements also have me hopeful that they’ve added modwheel support. Its the one thing I really miss when using it as I rarely use the pitchbend but tend to grab mod way more.

    That and browser changes, but not too hopeful on those

    • classwar shitpost fuckhead

      CTRL+F “PDC”

      Well, at least someone knows what $800 is supposed to be able to do.

    • Geek Model

      just two comments here m8 and all of them by you and Evan

  • itchy

    nice to see , now that ableton has refreshed there program they are giving us more features that we want in free updates. we deserve them and glad to support ableton live as it supports me. im hoping for waveform editing within clips. also would be great to be able to process audio destructively with audio fx on the timeline

  • Daniel Clay

    Probably shouldn’t hold my breath but I’m hoping one of these days they’ll add time-stretch to Sampler/Simpler.

    • deepsleep

      you are using ableton. time stretch whatever sample you need in a plain clip first, and then import/ drag’n’drop straight into sampler simpler. seriously, so many things are possible in live by thinking laterally.

    • Joe Maffei

      I think he means automatic time-stretching across the keyboard, like the engines in Kontakt and other samplers. I’m not a programmer, but if Live can stretch/transpose clips on the fly, it should be easy to bring that same functionality to the sampler.

    • Daniel Clay

      Yes, there are several workarounds. But that is my point exactly: the only way to time-stretch samples in Sampler/Simpler is by adding steps to your workflow = wasting time. That is the reason my comment is at the top of a discussion about feature updates in Live: It is a design flaw that everyone wants fixed. Sampler/Simpler are inferior tools because they don’t provide a built-in OPTION to time-stretch or repitch samples.

    • irrelevance

      that’s a tad extreme πŸ˜›

    • lokey

      thats fine for production, but in a live situation, where you’re changing bpm on the fly, its essential to be able to play sliced samples in time. I wish ableton would return its focus to improve the ‘live’ aspects of live.

    • sampla

      people, please keep in mind that this would mean the same artifacts as in warped clips. i prefer having my sliced breaks to sound EXACTLY as i feed em into the sampler rather than being modified by warping algorythms. have you ever noticed a bit of a loss in transient sharpness when warping? i do.

    • lokey

      if its a tradeoff between artifacts and having the sample be completely unusable because it plays out of time, well, i know where i fall. just as with clips, there are lots of ways to minimize warping artifacts.

    • raul

      Yes, no being able to do this is a major flaw. Allowing sampler to do actually time stretching along the keyboard would also make it much more useful. I find myself being forced to use arrange to properly sequence audio, which is ok but definatly not what i bought live for.

      Sampler is a great tool, but its about time they enhance on it. I’m glad they decided to listen to customer base for once and implement dual monitors, they seem to have realized this.

    • setzer

      You have no idea how bad I want this. More then any feature or bug fix or anything. I would kill a man to have this feature. Are you listening ableton ?!?!?

    • Madeleine Bloom

      That and the possibility to record audio into Simpler/Sampler as you can with a hardware sampler.

    • MadeInMachines

      Do you need that – could just record into Live and then drag the recorded audio into sampler?

    • lokey

      hardly a useful option for live composition though.

    • MadeInMachines

      That is the one occasion it’s not but you could use looper instead or just record into live clips.

    • lokey

      uhh, no you cant. Perhaps you dont understand what i mean? For example, if i chop a 4 bar loop into 16th notes and make a sampler out of it, the length of each slice remains set to the 16th note length for the original bpm of the sliced clip. If i change bpm and use the instrument, it doesnt timestretch, and the slice length remains the same. Looper or clip recording doesnt do anything to address this. Now, if ableton would fix the ‘move_playing_position’ api call to allow absolute, rather than relative, clip position movement, you could do this in m4l, but at the moment, the only option is to manually create duplicate clips and change their start points, then trigger each clip for each slice. Which is terribly unwieldy.

    • Daniel Clay

      Totally agreed! It’s a major weak spot in the design of Sampler, especially (and I’m hardly the first to point this out) for a DAW whose bread and butter is *time stretching for the sake of seamless beat matching*. It’s a facepalm scenario if there ever was one.

    • Jeison Julian Sosa Rodriguez

      Can’t you just consolidate it and then slice it… if u do it, you have your chop in the bpm than you consolidate it. And i think that if u dont have bpm changes could works for you.

    • chrlsgnrls

      why don’t you just manually lay your samples and repitch them as necessary?

  • Jeffrey

    Hopefully someone filmed the preview so we can check it out. He’s fantastic with showing off their software and hardware.

    • Madeleine Bloom

      I wanted to film it, but they wouldn’t let me because there was too much sensitive information in there. Sorry, there’ll only be photos.

    • Jeffrey

      Thanks Madeline. That’s too bad, seems like they put everything new about it right in this article though. Don’t know why it’s so important to keep under wraps, other than to keep the Ableton’esq other program in the dark.

  • joshspoon

    Can’t wait to see the new stuff. Especially with Push

  • Martin Wheeler

    Dual windows is MASSIVE. Been waiting ( and hassling ) for this for years. Absolutely fantastic news. Melodic step sequencing for Push is pretty cool too. Great to see Ableton moving this stuff forward in a proper fashion after the years of waiting for 9 … Bring it on.

  • pat

    holy shit… they finally got dual monitor support…. I’VE BEEN WAITING SINCE LIVE 5 FOR THIS.

  • Ross Healy

    My only wish is to allow us to colour code our vast amounts of plugin lists so we can quickly find our favs. Sometimes I forget I have a plug in until I see a review or a youtune vid. If I could colour the fx name in the list I would always see it.

    • Large Marge

      you can sort vsts into folders on your hard drive – audio units, sadly not



  • silver hat

    is it really so that im the only person in the world that is missing the mpc/maschine style note erase ? that you can hold some button and erase notes by pressing the corresponding keys when the sequence is running ?

    • Peter Kirn

      Yeah, I’d like more of these conventional step sequencing features. That’s why I’ve tended to sometimes use Maschine in Live.

    • heinrichz

      same here..and the step automation is getting us some of that Maschine functionality.

    • lokey

      this really would be welcome.

  • awesomebymagic

    Any news about footswitch support on the Push? I have been trying to set up the second footswitch to trigger recording, but the Live 9 online manual says that footswitch 2 is “not currently supported”.

  • Softcore

    Does the multiple window support mean the user can finally see more than one audio clip’s waveform at a time?

    • Patrick Ijsselstein

      how about arrangement view?

    • Madeleine Bloom

      You mean for DJing? I doubt it.

    • Softcore

      Yup, you got me! That was my idea! πŸ˜‰

    • Darren E Cowley


  • David

    Wow, they must be hearing from their partners that Bitwig is truly awesome if they’re panicking like this. Competition is a good thing.

    • gLOWx

      Bitwig for now is just vaporware. When they will get the balls to release a 1.0 version…it will be totally different. For now, they only stack features on a beta, whereas they could have released a more basic version at least one year ago.

      Remember : all this Bitwig chit chat started before 2010, and it is not going to be released soon… May be Christmas or AL10 release ? …

    • Peter Kirn

      Agree otherwise, but actually, at this point, we don’t know when that release is coming. It could be next week, it could be next year. So I’m reserving any judgment until it arrives. They’ve got some neat ideas, some things that do go a different direction than Ableton, and I’ve seen some promising betas. Other than that, we’ll wait on a finished release.

    • ohmicide

      it’s not vaporware, the company is still actively showcasing it at shows, they even posted a new video about it recently, it will be vaporware if the company ever goes quiet and ceases to beta test

    • Peter Kirn

      Panicking by releasing a routine update? Huh?

      Live 8 had various “point-one” updates, from 8.1 to 8.4, including the Max for Live release with 8.1

      Ableton Live *4* was followed by 4.1.

    • David

      Seriously Peter, you’d call adding dual monitor support in Live a “routine update”? More like a paradigm shift. They flat out denied it’s utility up until now and claimed it didn’t fit their concept.

      If this is routine update material, Live 9 should be rebranded Live 8.5, because as far as evolving the software goes, it was just as ‘routine’ as this.

    • Peter Kirn

      8.1 added Max for Live support; that’s more of a paradigm shift.

      No, I wouldn’t call this a paradigm shift. It may have been hard to implement, but you’re looking at exactly the same views on different windows. So it seems appropriate to add to a free, non-paid update, and released – apparently – as soon as it was done.

      I really have a lot of respect for some of the ideas Bitwig is working on now, and I think ironically at this point it’s unfortunate even for Bitwig that people are reading Bitwig into Ableton’s motivations.

      Ableton has a product that’s been shipping for over a decade, has millions of users, and is developed by a team of dozens of developers. If anything, the routine criticism of Live is that it’s sometimes too conservative. But this update is – for better or for worse – in the mold of past updates. If you want to see that as “panic,” that’s fine – but read the comments here. The complaints people have by and large have nothing to do with Bitwig and everything to do with features that users want addressed (dual monitor support being one of them).

      And Ableton has a significant amount of equally-mature competition that *isn’t Bitwig* – stuff that’s shipping, stuff with significant user bases. Yes, competition is good. Yes, I’m intrigued by Bitwig and we’ll keep covering it. No, I don’t think this update has anything to do with Bitwig.

    • Martin Wheeler

      Exactly. Some people seem to just need to moan. ‘Live is shit cos no 2 screens’ ‘Live has 2 screens. Proves they are panicking’
      Give me a break.
      Live is amazingly deep software. It still has some frustrating aspects.
      One fairly major ‘frustrating aspect’ has apparently just disappeared. You can now _choose_ to have arrange and edit windows open at the same time if you desire. For many people ( including me) this is massive. For some it is minor, or even irrelevant. Great. But why people feel obliged to moan about it is beyond me …

      MaxForLive sets Live apart from any sequencer out there. It is most definitely a paradigm shift ( or perhaps a paradigm addition πŸ˜‰ )
      Two windows is a major improvement. Call it want you want.
      Push is insanely useful and inspiring. I was excited about, and bought, an APC40 and found that i ended up not really using it much. But I use Push all the time, it’s added another whole layer to the software experience. I’m really interested in what Bitwig is hopefully one day be going to be doing, but Ableton, after a long, long hiatus are now really pushing things forward, and I for one am thrilled.

    • MMI

      Rather than panic, it is far more likely that the features appearing in 9.1 were simply not ready for 9.0.

    • David

      And yet, two screens didn’t happen until Bitwig threatend to one-up them with it. Competition is a good thing.

      I’m frankly amazed by the denial. It’s not a major feature, but its one feature that marks a major departure from Ableton’s stance that it was not needed and didn’t fit their UX. Of course it’s not all about Bitwig, but some things undeniably are. And it makes Live a better product. That is why “competition is a good thing.”

    • jonah

      Exactly, we could just as easily “blame” Logic X for forcing this update. :)

      The way multiple desktops works on OSX 10.7 and 10.8 is really quite awesome and easy, so I can see more use of this feature with my laptop. The question is, is it “only” dual? πŸ˜‰ I use 6 or so virtual desktops for Logic.

      This’ll also be very nice when using the ipad as a secondary monitor. I’d bet the ipad has helped dual displays reach a critical mass amongst musicians, while as before it was more niche.

      But. Multiple displays makes me want to see EQ8 style display use in native effects to an even greater extent than before! How great would something as simple as multiple x.y’s. on a display be! :)

    • Peter Kirn

      @7f0e9aab0463b5b2400657608403787c:disqus That’s a really good point. It’s almost like having screensets with the virtual desktops … and if you float plug-ins out… okay, I have to test this.

    • heinrichz

      Competition is a good thing for the users but when exactly is Bitwig going to be released again ? Maybe we’ll have some more Live updates before that:)

  • Alex Buga

    Hopefully they’ll address the fonts issue. That zoom slider makes Live look like a crappy software.

    I saw they were hiring a font specialist a while ago. Fingers double crossed πŸ˜€

  • Brig

    How about the ability to group group tracks?

    • Boomskud

      make an audio bus is the same way to do that

    • Martin Wheeler

      no it isn’t. nested grouping is a way more flexible approach, and is almost essential if you want to use high track counts without going mad.

    • raul

      grouping groups would be awesome. Using buses is the traditional way to go, but certainly not in line with the forward thinking I’d love to see in a software such as ableton.



  • Trevor

    What about that ability to use a color palette to make complete custom colors for your tracks

  • Olaf

    When (software) companies announce new stuff, they should release it within two weeks. The waiting for the cool new stuff is killing me.

  • Joost

    The thing with push which bothers me at the moment is that when a drumrack is nest in a instrumentrack it live doesnt see the drumrack and thus no step sequensing. There is a userscript for this which fixes it and shows its a minor thing to change in the abletoncode to fix this. In would love to know of ableton will take this feature in their update as wel

    • justsaying

      Right-click on the Rack title and select “Ungroup”.
      That will put the Drum Rack as the leftmost device in the chain and Push will adapt to step sequencing mode. Of course, you lose the first parameter macros, but you can’t have it all…

    • Madeleine Bloom

      Step sequencing also doesn’t work when using Impulse. Before Live 9.1, of course. Glad they fixed it.

    • Jesse Terry

      Funny, I just realized yesterday that since 9.0 you can already step sequence Impulse, Maschine or any drum VST with this little trick:

  • Patrick Ijsselstein

    finally, dualmonitor support. This was number one issue for me, all of the views in one screen. Next would be to disable clipview mode and browser. I want to place them in a place where i want so i can focus on my work instead of having to minimize all of them

  • trota


    • bsx

      Seriously. Is it that hard to implement?

      Peter, could you perhaps provide some insight as to why such a seemingly basic capability such as Sysex has not been implemented in Live yet? Would love it if Ableton could play more friendly with the immediacy and fun of hardware, and the lack of Sysex in Live is definitely a killjoy.

      Sysex…pretty please?

  • Freeks

    “And we know Live users have wanted this, as you’ve told us, sometimes loudly.”
    Yes i have been wanting that for years, but not anymore. Me and everyone i know have since moved from two monitors to one big screen. Nice feature but waaaay too late.

    We who use one big screen want mixer to be on the same view with arrangement like in all major DAWs. Please.

    • Daniel Ottini Music

      I’m using two monitors…and so are the majority of media composers (that I know of) out there – so bring it on!!! Wow, Ableton is in danger of becoming a “Proper DAW” πŸ˜‰ (Note: Please notice winking sarcasm in this statement) Would love to see the ability to use VST plug-ins in rewire slave mode next. I’ve slaved Ableton to DP8, but I end up working on the rhythmic elements of the composition separately in Live 9 and then flying it into DP, because Ableton is so damn good at what it does!!!

    • Martin Wheeler

      You don’t know the right people then πŸ˜‰ I’ve been using four ( big) screens with Live for several years, and I’m not the only one. But whatever, if you want to use one big screen, can’t you kust put the clip/mix window and the arrange window on the same screen ? They are just windows right ? Or am I missing something.

  • griotspeak

    Is there any word about retina display support? One of my dual monitors is a retina screen.

    • Adam

      I hope so too. Live looks pretty average on retina screens.

    • RobGrabowski

      Hi Adam, I’m thinking about getting a new mac book pro and then Live 9. Is the Retina display alright to work with? Have been reading a lot of complaints about it. thanks.

  • Ed

    Apologies for another comment asking “What about x…” but do you know if the other things planned for 9.1 are likely to include the midi remote script API?

    I remember you mentioned this in relation to Bitwig, and it’s something I’ve wanted for ages. Clearly Ableton are focusing on Push but it’d be amazing to have an easier (i.e. non-Python) way to set up those scripts.

  • ohmicide

    still no mixer in arrange mode? god damn it

    • Ben White

      If you mean volume, panning, etc…, that’s already there, just with a different arrangement. If you mean effects and such, well that’s the same as in session view :)

    • ohmicide

      It’s not there how it should be. I need a proper mixer view in arrangement mode.

  • echolevel

    Peter – thanks for the scoop! I hadn’t been fussed about multimonitor support while spending the 9 beta moaning on the Getsatisfaction page about PDC, nested groups and the still-infuriating problem of undo history being wiped out when you save a project BUT as a 27″ iMac user, and having seen your photos, I’m really looking forward to it. You mentioned something, and I’m keen to know whether it’s speculation on your part or the actual behaviour you observed: will it indeed be possible to have side-by-side windows on a single wide screen? Peering closely, I think I can see OS X’s UI buttons on the top-left of the ‘child’ window, so I’m guessing yes – but it’s always possible it’s doing some weird thing where it targets a secondary display rather than letting you drag it wherever you want. I don’t really like dual-monitoring – not enough space between my preferred audio monitor configuration, I don’t like not having a screen *directly* in front of me, plus when you’ve got a 27″ iMac screen you don’t want to pair it with anything less gorgeous…which makes dualling up a prohibitively decadent prospect. But dual-paning on one screen: I love working like that.

    Also, as far as you can tell, did Dennis appear to be using keyboard shortcuts/macros to switch between view layout presets? It’s the sort of thing that can be hacked if the API accommodates it, but I’d be excited to see shortcutable user preset views out of the box, like in Renoise (and pretty much everything else, let’s face it). Finally, am I right in assuming that there are no major changes to where a pane-type (Arrangement, Clip, Device, Mixer) can live – so a Mixer or an Arrangement view still has to be in an upper pane? It’d be nice to see everything abstracted right out, so you could have a Mixer view beneath your Arrangement, but I guess that’s beyond the scope of multimonitor support.


    / Brendan

    • dennisdesantis

      I can chime in on some of this, although note that we’re not even in beta yet so things are always subject to change:

      “will it indeed be possible to have side-by-side windows on a single wide screen?”

      – Yes, it will. What you’re actually doing is opening a second window, which is completely repositionable anywhere you want. For the demo, I just dragged it over to the second display and maximized it, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t just tile the windows on one big monitor.

      “did Dennis appear to be using keyboard shortcuts/macros to switch between view layout presets?”

      – Not really. I was just using Tab and Shift-Tab. In one-window-world, these always switched between showing the Arrangement/Session and Clip/Device views, respectively. In two-window-world, these key commands swap the views between the windows.

    • Brendan

      Ah, thanks for clarifying those points Dennis! Can’t wait to have screen-height piano roll alongside screen-height arrangement – I envisage that being an enormous workflow boost for ‘conventional’ sequencing and arranging. That key arrangement sounds sensible too, since their original, single-window purpose becomes a little redundant. Still, I hope we’ll be able to hook in with M4L or even just OS X’s per-app keyboard shortcuts to define custom behaviour. As you say though, still alpha; patiently looking forward to whatever :)


    • 4bs

      >>Can’t wait to have screen-height piano roll alongside screen-height
      arrangement – I envisage that being an enormous workflow boost for
      ‘conventional’ sequencing and arranging.

      I’m not sure that it will be that way! At the moment we are only sure that we can have a session view along an arrange view. I did not read something about displaying the piano roll alongside the arrange view (that would be really nice though)

    • Brendan

      Ah, but the piano roll can be dragged to full height from the lower pane, while the other screen can show Clip or Arrangement view – check out the second photo in the article where Dennis is showing full-height piano roll on the left projector and Clip view on the right :)

    • 4bs

      Of course, but what clip does the piano roll show?I can only guess. Maybe it’s just a clip from the arrange view… I don’t see any evidence that the piano roll displays clips from the session view. Maybe it just shows an not related clip from the arrange view?

      I hope that I’m wrong… :)

    • Ben White

      I would think it would be the same as now: it would show the last highlighted clip. Right now, you can select a clip in session view, and then switch to arrangement view, and the clip selected (and what’s shown in the piano roll) stays the same until you select a new clip.

  • Robbert Kok

    I am hoping to export an audio clip from the session view, without having to drag it into the arranger first!

  • zenodub

    Still waiting for MLR-like sequencing for Push. :)

  • MadeInMachines

    This update addresses most of my wish list. How about retina support though? Would also like to see an end to these spinning windmills that seem to plague my use of Live 9! Time stretch to sampler would be sweet as suggested below. The competition is heating up nicely with bitwig!

  • angstrom

    Was there any video shot of this event? It would be interesting to see the presentation itself.

  • JinLaw

    Thank god! Now to just add the Export as mp3 codex!

  • heinrichz

    Very happy to hear about the new step sequencing this also going to work with chords or intervals or just monophonic parts ?

    • Tony Hannock

      on the videos of it i’ve seen it looks chordal and scale selectable..

  • Bucksnot

    See if they will add more then 6 control surfaces inputs Pls ;]

  • Dan

    Would like to have better midi control, and saving of midi controls per channel programs.

  • Danny Hamilton

    Release date



  • Tony Hannock

    Just a bit arrogant that they are demonstrating the enhanced melodic and chordal
    step sequencer on the main Able website videos as ‘current’ Push features…..

    I’m only recently come from 8 suite to Push and Live 9 suite, and find Able’s published support of Push (manuals, etc.) to be very undernourished.
    But Push is great fun no doubt!

    I do though see so much potential in Push that they hopefully will implement moving forward
    as updates.

    Does anyone use theirs successfully along side APC40?
    I haven’t run the both together yet..