The usual advice applies: if you’re thinking of rushing to update to a major new OS, and you’re a musician, take your time.

That’s the advice for OS X Mavericks as it would be for any big update to OS X, Windows, Linux, and now even iOS.

But with that disclaimer, OS X Mavericks is so far looking like an uncommonly smooth release. The impact of App Nap, a new power-saving feature, appears to be negligible. (Presumably, it isn’t getting aggressive with apps using the audio system. We’ll need to do more testing, and as always it’s worth keeping your Mac plugged into power for optimal performance, but so far we’ve seen no reported problems.) That means the main area of interest is Apple’s extensive optimization of the graphics systems. So far, most reliability problems with apps have been in this area. And in some sense, that’s kind of good news. Some OS X developers had been using outdated APIs for graphics support; part of the idea of Mavericks is to modernize the use of OpenGL even on integrated graphics (as found on the mini and more affordable MacBooks).

I also think the focus of this update blows holes in the oft-repeated gripe that Apple uses OS updates to obsolete old hardware. (Hint: wearing tin foil on your head won’t control the urge to buy a new Retina MacBook, either.) The new OS makes it easier to update from older versions, supports a wide range of hardware back to 2007 (see Macworld’s guide, below), and improves battery life and graphics performance on older machines. (Anyone remember that old Apple slogan about upgrading being like “getting a whole new Mac.” Yeah. Like that.)

Of course, these same graphics optimizations and so on mean, crucially, some older apps will have problems, and some key software is going to need updates. If you like tinkering, or you have one of those spells where you aren’t under deadlines or gigging, you might want to update. Almost everyone else is going to want to wait just a little while for some key app updates.

Details of what works and what doesn’t?

Thanks to Benjamin Weiss at De:Bug for the first exhaustive guide I’ve seen (German). I’m going to pillage his links shamelessly here:

Ableton Live 8 and 9 are compatible via new betas. Live 8 and Live 9 stable currently are not recommended for Mavericks. If you’re on the beta list, though, beta updates (8.4.2 and 9.1) are available now. Those two betas are very stable, so oddly, beta Ableton users may feel free to jump for the new OS. Everyone else should wait.

Ableton on Mavericks compatibility

Steinberg software has hardware audio problems. Steinberg cautions it hasn’t finished testing, but has this somewhat dire warning:

… what is known so far is that all Steinberg software products (except for Cubase LE / AI / Elements 7.0.6) are affected by an issue with the CoreAudio2ASIO component when using audio hardware in class-compliant mode which may lead to dangerous digital noise. Some Steinberg hardware products need to be updated as well to ensure full compatibility with the new OS X version. We therefore recommend you not to upgrade to OS X 10.9 yet.*

As far as I know, this particular component is specific to Steinberg’s cross-platform support; I haven’t heard any other class-compliant audio issues (though please correct me). We’ll let you know when there’s an update.

Steinberg on Mavericks

Various (mostly minor) Pro Tools, Sibelius issues. The bad news is, there are some wrinkles with Avid audio and Sibelius. The good news is, most of these are minor, most have workarounds, and I have to say, this must be the first OS X release I’ve seen yet to which Pro Tools users might seriously consider updating on the first day.

Lots of little details, so best to read through this one:

Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) support for Media Composer, Pro Tools and Sibelius

Show-stopper Max bug (but not Max for Live) Switching audio on can cause a crash in Max 6. See the forum thread:

“Max 6 users are advised to NOT update to Mavericks at this stage” [Cycling ’74 forum]

PreSonus generally compatible (with Mavericks and iOS 7). Good news on two fronts: read the details, but PreSonus reports wide compatibility not only with Mavericks but with iOS 7, too.

Is my PreSonus software compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 and iOS 7? [PreSonus support]

Propellerhead looking good. Read the statement here closely – they’re not yet advocating that you upgrade. But Propellerhead software and hardware seems to be performing without incident. In a statement, Stockholm tells us:

Our initial testing of the new Mac OS X Maverick [sic] has not revealed any problems with Reason 7.0.1, ReCycle 2.2 or the Balance audio interface. We are doing more in-depth testing as we speak and will release a more formal compatibility statement as soon as we are done.

SuperCollider, Pd working. Another win for open source software (and its fairly conservative development approach). SuperCollider and Pd are each working flawlessly in user reports so far.

Some issues with … Logic. Confirming details on this, but Logic 8 users are reporting some issues, and there may even be some issues in Logic Pro 9, pending an update. I have nothing other than some non-specific gripes, so take this with a grain of salt (or just an excuse to hold off updating a few days until there’s more information, which is wise if you’re doing anything essential). And this may be related to:

Plug-ins. Yeah, those. Too many of them to say decisively what is and isn’t working, so, again, apply caution. Upgrade if you’ve got extra time and nothing critical coming up; hold off otherwise to check on updates.

Ready to Upgrade?

Highly recommended reading, elsewhere:

Ars Technica has a thorough, technically-detailed review – pages and pages of it.

Macworld has an insanely-detailed upgrade guide, walking you through every single step that will happen along the way, worth reading for complete beginners and advanced users alike. It’s particularly interesting in that it covers how the download-only process works, as well as smart strategies for backup (so you can revert to the previous OS if you need), and how to make installers on external media. I will say, though, it’s now possible to contemplate an Apple OS update without doing a clean install as you once did – just make sure you have a fast, uninterrupted Internet connection. (Otherwise, that external media idea is very, very wise.)

I’ve seen various stories on how to do clean installs. But before you make extra work for yourself and waste valuable time, again, I’d read Macworld:

Should you do a “clean install” of Mavericks?

Dan Frakes goes into this in some detail. In short, the answer is no, but there are cases in which the answer is still yes. Read to see if you fit into that small category, and learn how to do it – or, otherwise, calm your fears by reading the rest.

And developers and users, please do report back here or contact us (contact form | Facebook | Twitter).

I hope we have an updated iOS 7 report shortly, as well. There’s some great stuff in iOS 7 for audio which I’ve been playing with, and I’ve been happy with how it’s doing on my iPhone 5; I think we’ll shortly be at the point when owners of newer iPads will upgrade, too.

  • pdelges

    Some problems with Audio Ease’s products, like Snapper:

  • Igor

    Reaktor 5.9 works well

  • Umcorps

    I did a test install yesterday on an old MacBook (white unibody) and was having regular kernel panics – like 4 in one hour – just under normal light use of Safari even before getting into launching any audio apps.

    The crash logs weren’t very helpful but seemed the problem might be related to settings in the energy saving options in System Preferences. After much hunting around I unchecked the “put hard drive to sleep whenever possible’ option. It’s early days but I haven’t had a kernel panic since then.

  • Joe

    I’m working fine with Live 9.0

  • Daniel Courville

    On the “Steinberg software has hardware audio problems”:
    It’s a small change in CoreAudio that’s present since the first Mavericks DP back in June and it can be addressed either on the audio software side or the hardware driver side. Considering my past experiences with Steinberg not addressing lingering bugs in Nuendo, I signaled the problem to Metric Halo and they came up with a driver fix within a few days. The only other software that I use that also exhibited the problem is Audirvana when the audio setting “Integer Mode” is activated.

    • Peter Kirn

      Well, wait, class compliant issues can’t be addressed driver side. So it’s just that they didn’t test (or fix) the host, right?

      CoreAudio2ASIO is still Steinberg’s component, though, correct? But the issue was initially impacting other software?

    • Daniel Courville

      Skip the French part of the message, go right to my quoted exchanges with Metric Halo.

    • Peter Kirn

      Well, wait, class compliant issues can’t be addressed driver side. So it’s just that they didn’t test (or fix) the host, right?

      CoreAudio2ASIO is still Steinberg’s component, though, correct? But the issue was initially impacting other software?

  • JimGramze

    Logic Pro X and Finale seem good to go.

  • Fernando Soto Silva

    SSL Duende Not Working at all

  • Lucky

    Logic X and UAD Apollo working for me.

  • Chris Reardon

    One thing I haven’t heard much mention of is with the new Macbook Pros they don’t have Firewire so should I just get a Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter or are there any great Thunderbolt Audio interfaces out there?
    Is there any difference or issues with using the Thunderbolt to Firewire adapters?

    • Daniel Courville

      It’s been like that with the MBPr for a year now. The Apple Thunderbolt to Firewire adapter works without any problem with audio interfaces I tested so far: RME, Metric Halo, M-Audio.

    • mo_seph

      Except you may need a power adapter for the interface – RME fireface certainly does

  • gLOW-x

    Take a look at Lexicon Facebook 😉

    • Dachs

      Their driver support has always been abysmal – at least on OSX. It’s not like this came by surprise – the Mavericks beta has been out for ages. That said, my Lexicon interface is going out on eBay. I’m done with them.

    • gLOW-x

      I came on this page because i was searching a new audio interface…i’m going to buy a Focusrite instead 😉
      Good luck with your new audiocard !

    • webster

      Focusrite`s driver support is pretty bad as well. Got an e-mail from them today, saying it is at least two weeks until they will be able to release drivers for Mavericks (Saffire 6 USB)

    • Skyver

      Have to agree, Focurite & novation. In fact add M-audio as well.

  • Andy Cartridge

    besides the only version of live 9 working being the beta, i’ve had no issues – except for not being able to navigate the finder with trackpad swipes… which is annoying

    and it seems strangely faster on my 2009 macbook pro than mountain lion

  • heinrichz

    How about NI software under Maverick particularly Komplete 9 and Maschine 2.0?

  • Eric Dannewitz

    For the record, I upgraded to 10.9, and my M-Audio drivers for my Project Mix I/O, which M-Audio/Avid abandoned a while ago (last updated for 10.7), work.

    • Kai

      Thank you for posting this, it gives me some trust that mine will work as well.

    • Mike Czech

      Eric- What version of PT are you running?

    • Eric Dannewitz

      Abandoned PTs a long time ago. I’m using Logic Pro X.

    • Mike Czech

      OK, thanks for the clarification.

    • jnk

      hi eric, do the drivers for the project mix work flawlessly or do you have issues?

    • Eric Dannewitz

      Nope, no issues. Seems to work fine in 10.9.1

    • BeSeen GetHeard

      Hey Eric is your M-Audio ProjectMix I/O Digital Recording Control Surface still working okay with Maverick thinking about buying one from a friend ..I use cubase and I have pro tools express think I’ll be okay

  • Tim OBrien

    Old adage: “If it works and you don’t need the new features, don’t touch it…”

    • gLOW-x

      Problem : ppl think they need the “new” features everytime 😀
      My adage : never touch any new OS or technology. Wait at least 6 months.
      This is my 20 years IT and 10 years music making experience 😉

    • Peter Kirn

      Yes, though the compatibility issues here are pretty well defined. Wait, yes. But six months now may be overkill. And I think the developers should in this case assume that people will update on day one. They’ve had access to this stuff for months. I’d rather see music devs sending out messages saying “hey, download this update” rather than “don’t upgrade because we’re behind in rolling out fixes.”

      And I think that’s really managing your relationship with your customers. Keep them up to date and engaged with the free updates, and you have an easier (and more effective) case when you want them to buy new upgrades and the like.

    • Skyver

      So true. I normally follow this line of thought. Now I’m kicking myself thinking what an idiot! Why would it be any different. Maybe its karma, I got everyone else to upgrade their ipad/iphones to ios7 to see what problems they had & kept mine on ios6!

  • Nuno Santos

    I have a Edirol FA-101. The sound is coming out weird, distorted and glitchy since upgrade to Mavericks. Is anyone experiencing the same kind of problem with Firewire sound cards?

    • gordito

      my Edirol FA-101 is not getting any sound to it since I upgraded to Maverick. Apple support says wait for an OS update to clear this issue, but I really like my music on external speakers. What a pain.

    • Nuno Santos

      At least you have an answer from them saying that it will be fixed. I hope it will and quick. Which channel have you used to complain? Maybe I should report my problem as well.

    • Pete Gorilla

      I have the same problem with EDIROL FA101. Music distorted, skips, stops since upgraded to Mavericks…

  • Phonaut

    Audio Distortion in Mavericks:

    • underground_dj

      yes i have same issue on macbook air mid-2012

  • Jon Monteverde

    Live 8.4.1 gave me a ReWire error that persisted after reinstalling, and Reason 4 also made me reinstall. But they were on a MacBook Air that wasn’t primarily for production anyway, so I just blew the whole disk away to set it up with a clean Mavericks install.

    • Francis R.-L.

      Unfortunately Reason 4 is not working under Mavericks for me. Even after a complete reinstallation.

      I run a early-2009 iMac

    • Jon Monteverde

      I should clarify I only got to the part where it asked for my DVDs again before I gave up. It probably wouldn’t have worked if I’d gotten past the DVD ask.

    • Martin Time+Space Tech Support

      Ableton are advising customers using OS X 10.9 Mavericks to run the latest Live updates – Live 8.4.2 Beta / Live 9.1 Beta are their recommended updates for running in OS X 10.9.

    • James

      I can confirm that the last stable Live 9 is hitting the processor considerably harder now that I’m on Mavericks. My folly.

  • Lloyd Barrett

    I’m in the category of no gigs coming up so took the plunge. I’ve had no problems with Live 9 (beta or “stable”), Logic, MainStage, Numerology Reaper, or Bidule and nothing has come up with plugins yet. Only issue i’ve had is Splashtop 2 no longer working. And I feel like the CPU and Ram use optimisation outlined in that Ars Technica article are really making a difference.

  • Greg

    Reaper seems to be working better even with a heavy download and web browser in the background (on an older 2007 macbook pro) Very cool.

    • Alex Robinson

      hey, I use reaper and I’ve been on PC til now. I just bought the new imac Maverick and I’m having serious trouble using any microphones besides the built in one. It doesn’t appear that there are any input jacks at all but I’m assuming theres a way around this. Any help?

  • underground_dj

    my audio stutters/skips now

  • radley

    The deal-breaker is iTunes. Most DJs still use version 10.7 because it still has strong playlist management and coverflow. iTunes 10.7 isn’t compatible with OS 10.9 due to an App Store DRM conflict; you won’t be able to download apps or system updates if you roll back to iTunes 10.7.

  • MaxIDIngUE

    A little off topic but important news for musician

    Access Music does not recommanded to upgrate to OS 10.9 with the TI synth serie

  • Leisurelander

    My Logic 8 now has a sequence-draw error, it’s as if the scrolling sequence is being wiped to black by the timeline. Impossible to work with, and I was right in the middle of a project. Guess I’ll have to wait for a bug fix update from Apple. Time for some deep breathing exercises

    • Łukasz Langa

      There is not going to be a bug fix update, I’m afraid. Logic 8 is two releases behind, I guess this is only a nudge towards Logic X. I have the same issues as you :(

    • Brandon Zemel

      Yeah no way Logic 8 is getting an update. I just started having an issue with Logic 9 and I’m still running Snow Leopard in my studio. I’m wondering if it’s Apple’s way of saying upgrade to Mavericks and LX.

    • JRapp

      I was dealing with the same black screen issue as above, see this.

      I am teamfiend on the bottom of page 5

  • Michael Hand

    my fast track pro stoped working after update im kinda vex atm

  • Manix

    AAS Chromafon, UA2 and Loungelizard4, don’t work in standalone mode, Plug ins are fine.
    Sonivox Products need a comlete Re-install.
    All other things fine with Live 9.1 Beta and DP 8.05

  • LEfteris

    I really cant be so relaxed and sure about our future (Logic 8 users) I am working on 3 projects and now i am fuckkeddd upp!!!!

  • Shaqramento

    howabout Maschine???

    • bill

      I’ve got my machine working on mavericks 9.0 but still some crashes here and there

  • Andrew Rothman

    I have a Saffire 6 interface. Since upgrading to Mavericks, I am having all sorts of problems with Quicktime, Quick Look, video playback in any browser… everything is unusably choppy unless I switch to the built in speakers on my iMac.

    • Peter

      If you swap between your audio sources a few times, e.g. built-in, and then back to the saffire, it comes back. you just have to play with it a bit.

  • Ryan Tintera

    Tascam 122 MKII Definitely broken on mavericks, confirmed on their webpage as well.

  • Jay

    Any known issues with Traktor 2.6 or higher?

    • taso.

      Ive used it and it works fine even with timecode. No problems at all.
      (Macbook Pro i5 2012, Traktor 2.6.0, A6 Soundcard)

  • Rocketpilot

    Amusingly enough, the FLStudio-in-WINE-Wrapper port works fine, based on loading up a few of the demo songs and having no issues.

  • Whomi

    Fast Track Pro sound card broken. Unless you have a Hackintosh or things like that, and your USB drivers are hacked or downgraded to 10.8

  • John.

    Has anyone noticed a very large increase in volume. Macbook Pro 2013. Just using the standard 3.5mm jack. Its waaayyy loud now. I cannot actually put it full volume as its painful to listen to. Not complaining though seems to give more power to the sound. (obviously with the volume turned down a bit). Its like the volume has been boosted.

    • John

      Sorry Macbook Air… not Macbook Pro.

  • Aletzandre

    I have an i5 2.5 GHz core MacBook Pro I bought 6 months ago, I stupidly updated it to Mavericks and now Reason 5.0 doesn’t work, says that I have to reinstall I because the Reason Engine may not be properly installed. Also, Live 2.8.2 shows a message every time I launch it, “ReWire requires OpenTransport to be installed on MacOS”.

    • Skyver

      Same problem here as well. I got Imac i3 2010, same problem with reason. I dint bother trying anything else. Whats worse for me is that my saffire soundcard still has no drivers yet so no sound out of that for who knows how long. I’m never one to jump in & upgrade, Apple you got me this time with your ‘you need mavericks’ bollox. Why did I upgrade my sytem when it was running perfectly b4? You pay more for apple for a smoother experience, if that is not the case, I may as well stick with windows.

  • Shaun Brooks

    i use a saff pro 56 quicktime poppy and distorted use the quick look button on finder and its fine youtube is fine logic seems fine

  • Beat Science

    I dont seem to be able to get my focusrite saffire 6 working after upgrading to mavericks…anyone happen to know a solution??

    • neo

      Im having the same problem, sorry still trying to work out what to do…

  • Moreabusedthenamused

    Neither pro tools LE nor garage band in (or out) put sound through MBox2 on Mavericks… Not funny

    • Mark

      Same! I can’t use my mixing desk neither (alexis multi mix 16 usb 2.0) because there isn’t the updated drivers for it! Can’t believe that Apple would release something that ultimately is going to cause problems for a hell of a lot, if not all of their users!

  • Cunty my Pissflaps

    Running Logic 9.1.7 and Mavericks and it just keeps crashing. Fucking shite

  • byonest

    So does Logic 9 work with this new update or not??

    • JM13

      It works but the drivers do not. If you plan on doing any vocal tracks, good luck. But if you plan on using a MIDI interface you should be good to go.

  • Xavier Serret

    I read this a little too late! I’m facing serious graphic issues in Logic Pro 9. Roll back looks like an option now, if possible, as I’m not buying a new Logic X license.

    • Xavier Serret

      UPDATE: I have found the solution, at least for those running Logic Pro 9. Just download and install the latest update (9.1.8) from the link below and it won’t be happening anymore. I had 9.1.5 and never noticed until now :)

      By the way, I’ve got M-Audio Axiom 25 (2nd Gen) and FastTrack Pro, both of them working seamlessly in Mavericks. I hope this helps somebody.

  • mazandarani ferria

    I am using macbook pro late 2011 with i7 core processor and running mavericks with line6 ux 2 toneport external soundcard and line6 mobilekeys49 keyboard … I want to share my testimonnials about those equipment and softwares …

    first i downloaded latest macosx drivers for my soundcard from line6 company website. They worked great. I also downloaded GearBox , LicenceManager, Line6Monkey and Podfarm latests releases for Mac ( gearbox will not appear for mavericks but go ahead and download it works very nice ) …

    Then i cleanlly install newest 2013 version of Garageband thing from appstore , it took alot time to complete downloading and after finish , it cant install everytime tried to download some sick content from Apple and everytime frozed at the end . ” I advice you to shut down your mac and reboot it with pressing shift button . After entering to safe mode system you can be able to install garageband properly . After install re-start your machine in normal mode without pressing anything. ” I started system and run garageband but this time it worked , but no sound was coming outside. From audio preferences i choosed my Line6 ux2 as input and output and Mobilekeys as midi input so it recognizes my equipment but still not giving sound outside … I tried any possible methods from internet but it sucks cannot run Garageband and i deleted this version and turn back to GarageBand 2011 – 6.5 , its working great with Line6 equipment without latency i can record voice inputs from my guitar from my condencer mic . everything is great ….

    I also tried sonar 8 from cakewalk but its not working with same issue may be Line6 ux2 is not compatible with some Macosx software … Now i am installing reason5 and i hope it will work because on windows pc my sound card works great and all software ( without garageband ) works great , reason serries, cubase, sonar, fl , komplete etc…

    Logic 9 is not for Mavericks i want to warn people whom will try download it for Mavericks. Logic 9 not supported by Mavericks so dont waste your time for downloading it. Logic 9.5 also cant be work. Try to find any higher releases for Mavericks or downgrade to Lion again ( i am thinking about to turn lion also ) …

    for now those are my testimonnials for some … i will write about reason5 soon

  • mazandarani ferria

    for installing reason 5 you must first install reason 7 correctly in demo mode and launch it one time , then dont uninstall it and install reason 5 to a different folder in applications folder. then reason 5 works great : ) this solution is for users whom are facing problems with reason 5 on mavericks …

  • cbusche

    i installed mavericks on a Mac Pro with logic 8 and universal audio pcie 1 solo card. solo card is unusable. won’t update with new driver. says that it comes from a unreliable source. logic 8 is a to unusable.

  • Russ Arteaga

    Torq 2 won’t even load. Kore 2 seems to work but the software is dodgy with LED’s in the AU going crazy. Of course Kore 2 is a retired product but It still sucks as I’ve been using it for years.

  • cassi90

    Recently I was REALLY low on cash and debts were eating me from all sides! That was UNTIL I decided to make money.. on the internet! I went to surveymoneymaker dot net, and started filling in surveys for cash, and surely I’ve been far more able to pay my bills!! I’m so glad, I did this!! – yx0z

  • Ewert

    Finale 12 is working fine,Finale 14 is very stable.I have no problems at all with Logic studio 9/X or VSL
    Melodyne 2.1.2 is not crashing more than usual.
    Kontakt has no player yet.
    The System Maverick seems to be more stable than Lion or Mountain Lion
    With Finale I saw how stable 64 now is.And as I need always a hell of RAM I hope that Kontakt joins Maverick soon.

  • fatgabe

    reason 5 won’t open and reinstillation wont work any suggestions??

  • Fabrizio

    I’ve got a late 2013 imac. I stupidly updated to maverick right the way. I just bought the new Zoom H6 handy recorder on friday, that is also supposed to work as a 6 ch audio interface. It actually does for some seconds, but then starts flickering or producing earblasting continuous noises. Switching to integrated audio and then back to the device solves the problem for some secs. Anyone knows a solution? I’m so upset with Apple and Zoom for this, I even tried updating the firmware. No better.

  • Hennie

    The worst of all is Tascam.

    US-428 and FW-1082 and much more of Tascam is not supported in Mac OS X 10.8 and 10.9. Tascam only likes to sell new products it seems, even though petitions have been posted bagging for support: no answer at all. Tascam playing deaf in a music world…

    So why should we buy new Tascam products that will not work with a new upgrade again after a couple of years. Customers don’t trust a brand that doesn’t support customers. This means that Tascam for musicians and pro’s from here is a dead end. Most pro-musicians advise: don’t buy Tascam any more. It’s a waste of money and time. Incredibly naive, as a once was great music industry giant commits suicide due to Scrooge behavior. Are the shareholders sleeping?

  • Todd Lehman

    yeah osX MaV3rICKs sucks on my 2010 macbook pro, even after fresh
    mavericks install from usb. It seems to have a hard time figuring out
    which display i am using and the kb volume and media shortcuts are just
    unbearably slow to respond, pretty shiity OS on older hardware, but
    still not BAD for free upgrade.

    I average calling osx a “piece-of-shit” around 3-5 times/day.

    of the most annoying things about mavericks dual displays, is that it
    insists on keeping the top-level menu for the application on the
    originating display, even if I resize the app window and move it to
    another display, osx, in its infinite wisdom, (NOT), keeps the top level
    menu for the application i.e (File, About, etc… the usual stuff) on
    the originating display.

    hey fucking dumbass osx devs——- heres a fuckin clue:

    the top level menu for the app travel with the app window, UNLESS I

    figured this out in 1994, you figured it out shortly after, and now
    have gone back to your “the only ppl that use macs use ONLY photoshop
    and only on dual displays.” modus operandi.
    Sad, really.

    FUCK OFF APPLE, All the way, and forever. You suck worse than microsoft ever imagined.


    THANKS APPLE, i have cubase artist and an emu 0404 sound card that has worked perfectly for me for ages, NOW, Since the “MAVERICKS”up date i can’t use the sound card with cubase, it just switches the whole mac off when selecting the sound card in cubase.
    And gives a message that a file can not be found,
    SORT IT OUT !!!!!!! I have tried re installing the drivers but same old crap.

  • Anthony Rodriguez

    I can’t get my Reason Balance Interface to work with my new Maschine Studio. Are they compatible? What am I doing wrong? When I choose “Balance” in the audio preference dialogue nothing sounds. I’m having to use my Mac headphone out…