Kate Bush, demonstrating some kind of Fairlight CMI nirvana. Yeah - like that. From Daniel Rehn.

Kate Bush, demonstrating some kind of Fairlight CMI nirvana. Yeah – like that. From Daniel Rehn.

Want to relive the sweet sounds of the classic Fairlight instrument, because you love the 80s? Want to reskin Ableton so it doesn’t offend your aesthetic sense or blind you and bathe you in blue light when you’re onstage? Do you want a different reverb from a master sound designer and patcher?

Do you just want to unwind in the middle of a studio session by playing TETRIS on your Push?

We’ve got you covered.

Our collection of freebies for the ever-ubiquitous Ableton Live continues to grow – especially as talking about it is causing more people to send stuff in. (Hey, if you want some Renoise Goodies or Reaper Goodies, I’m game – send them this way!)

The latest comes from our friend Madeleine Bloom, who packs extensive educational and production resources at her site Sonic Bloom. And it could be a perfect way to kick off your weekend. (I know I’ll be loading these up, seriously.)

And in my favorite grid hack ever, we’re playing TETRIS on the Ableton Push:

Madeleine writes:

I saw your Ableton Goodies posts and thought that since I have quite a lot of freebies on my website I’d chime in with some interesting stuff on Sonic Bloom.

A while ago I found all the sounds of a Fairlight CMI IIx and started creating Simpler and Drum Rack presets for them. I wanted to capture the original sounds so I left them as pure Simpler presets without adding extra effects or anything. When the first anniversary of Sonic Bloom was approaching, I thought it’d be nice to share all those presets. In 10 Live Packs containing close to 300 Simpler presets and 11 Drum Racks in total, one released every week. The first three are already out.

Fairlight CMI 1 Keyboards & Piano (1/10)
Fairlight CMI 2 Guitar & Bass (2/10)
Fairlight CMI 3 Drums & Percussion (3/10)

The next Live Pack will be out on November 6 and once all are out they’ll turn up at:




Since you also liked my Ableton Live skins, there are currently 3 sets available and I’m sure I’ll be making more in the future.

5 Free Dark Skins for Ableton Live 9
6 Free Ableton Live Skins
6 Free Skins for Ableton Live 9

Listen to the Fairlight:

But wait, there’s more!


Act now, and get Christian Kleine’s implementation of the Gigaverb reverb, a lovely addition to your sonic toolkit from one of my favorite electronic musicians and software designers.

The Verbotron uses the original Gigaverb algorithm by Juhana Sadeharju which is also known as β€œGverb” in Audacity. It also features a handy visual representation of the reverb parameters.

Verbotron – Free Max for Live Reverb by Christian Kleine (exclusively on Sonic Bloom)

If all of this seems too useful to you, fortunately, you can also play TETRIS on Push, as seen in the video at top. Technically, it’s interesting stuff – implemented in JavaScript on the browser, not in a Max for Live patch or something like that. SonicBloom covers the story:

TETRiSH – Tetris for Ableton Push

— and points out this past effort, on Launchpad:

So that I don’t have to continue ripping of Madeleine’s site, you’ll want to head here:


More freebies:

  • http://www.experimentalsynth.com Experimental Synth

    I still have the issue of Keyboard Magazine from the 80’s with Kate Bush on the cover.

  • PaulDavisTheFirst

    did the CMI actually have any builtin sounds at all? i thought it was a sampler, in the original sense of that word?

  • David

    This is turning into a very ‘Ableton Live’-heavy Blog. Skins? Some random m4L device? Samples in the proprietary Live format ?
    I used to come here for a daily dose of digital goodness, now I find once a week is more than enough, because half the posts seem to be some random ‘incredible Live pack’ or ‘jaw dropping m4L device’ that I can very well do without (yes, the actual numbers may be different, but my perception is actually even worse).
    My guess is the reaper and renoise peeps are not “sending stuff in” because they’re busy making music. Or perhaps this blog has become so much about Ableton Live that you’re not the place they’d think of sending it. I certainly see no lack of new content when I check their respective forums, but yeah, you actually have to go there and look for it.
    IMO they are correct in not deeming every frog belch (even when packed in a Live drum rack) a newsworthy advance of their platform. (And for the record, yes, I use Live.)
    Although, if you do hear of a frog belch drum rack for Live, I’m totally on the lookout for one.

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      – To avoid confusion, I made it clear that this is a series of Ableton-related downloads, so as not to suggest that everything on CDM is going to be about Live.
      – I had a lot of reader submissions of this material all at once.
      – Reader response has been very positive – this stuff is widely read and shared. So some people like it.

      So, basically, you’re identifying a trend that has lasted two weeks. Because a lot of us don’t have time to dig through the forums while we’re making music, I think these things can be valuable.

      I asked for stuff *not* related to Live because I want to run more of it. And so I will. That’s what’s in the hopper for this week.

      Oh, and the samples are not in a “proprietary” Live format. They’re audio files; you can use them with any host. The metadata of all other sample formats is also proprietary, apart from SFZ. (Actually – there’s a good point. I’d love to see SFZ support in Ableton, somehow.)

    • David

      Ah, back again in spite of myself. πŸ˜‰

      They’re Live pack downloads which require Live to use. That’s what I meant with proprietary. They’re completely useless to anybody without Live. They’re technically not even free, because they require either registration, a tweet or a ‘like’. But that’s really splitting hairs as far as I care.

      It’s your Blog Peter, I’m just complaining (to make sure reader response isn’t *only* postive maybe). I realise putting “Live” and “Free” in the title means almost instant mega-clicks, but I’m hoping that’s not all that this is about. But if it is, that’s fair enough. I gather from your posts that you’re deeply into Live 9 and there’s no way something like that doesn’t influence your outlook. There’s only so much information you can gather and process in a day.

      So, I’m looking forward to what’s coming. And that Frog Belch Drum Rack, when it finally comes.

  • thoughtswondersandthelike

    Tetris on push? Dreams do come true!

    • thoughtswondersandthelike

      That being said, I would like it to be a bit more customizable. But who knows? Maybe it’ll suprise me? But for now, it seems very preset-based.

  • poopoo

    These samples are floating around the net as wav’s for people who don’t have ableton. I wrote a script to extract the correct sample names from the original disk images but have not been able to get the loop points yet. I don’t think the loops were very good anyway.

    It is more fun to make your own “orch5” from a stravinsky recording.

  • poopoo

    You can download the wav’s here…


    Not sure on the copyright. I will take down if it upsets anyone.

  • Nestor

    Guys, I was digging for some cool tetris video and I saw that one. Does some of you have ever hear about this instrument ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPBHAmxm_gc&feature=c4-overview-vl&list=PLnvLel2joypinWRiOMmegLigLrTmKoKO7