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Yes, Rolling Stone brought in heavy hitters on this spot, which is either parody, self-parody, trying to get you to read Rolling Stone for its rock coverage, trying to get you to read Rolling Stone for its EDM coverage, or just generally trying to make Rolling Stone seem hip and relevant. At least the creative – DLV BBDO in Milan and copywriter Matteo Maggiore – were creative.

Or they’re all just trying to troll dance music fans.

Full credits for this spot on adsoftheworld.com

And the track: Kisk & Francesco Zani / Rolling Dj’s (now, that’s funny, on a number of levels)

But hang on, they had me at:

“The day will come when your vocoders explode –”

Wait. They will?

Please, please let us be recording audio when that happens. First one out with an exploding vocoder Ableton Rack wins. (Scratch that; I think Richard Devine already released that sound library.)

If your software interface is bursting into flames, though, you may have jumped the gun on that Mavericks upgrade.

Alternatively, someone needs to make a video for Luigi Russolo.

Addendum: while the video looks nice, maybe Rolling Stone really intended to hire Henry Rollins as their spokesperson:

  • Elder

    Is that Gene Simmons narrating? Regardless, music is a growing language that must keep moving to stay alive, there is room for plenty of voices and approaches. If the push for “the good ol’ days” of corporate rock, if you are interested in creating such a thing, please give a new voice to it! Just because you are out of touch with what the youth are listening to today and the kids today don’t remember your names or songs, doesn’t mean they don’t remember the songs or names of the musicians (yes i used that word as apt description) they like. i know this rant should be directed to Rolling Stones, but here it is blowing in the digital wind (damn it technology, maybe i should have used a carrier pigeon to send this message)

  • thoughtswondersandthelike

    I would say I expect more from them… but no.

  • mark

    Hmmmm… echoes of an older text with a similar message but a different target. http://www.librarything.com/work/252801

  • WhoaWhoa

    Nah, of course it’s a parody, and a very funny one at that … No one is that dumb, even Rolling Stone music journalists. Right ? RIGHT ????? ( And I don’t even particularly like most Dance music, but still , hard to believe it’s not a parody)

  • Freeks

    I don’t think that i’m the only one waiting world to forget current state of EDM including SHM etc. World WILL be better place after that 😛 Back to the underground where glitch, massive, detune-two-oscillaors, 808 kick and ableton are secret words known only by bunch of nerds.

    Like Moby said: All electronic musicians are nerds. No amount of tattoos will change that fact 😀

  • Blue Monster 65

    I can say I haven’t felt as “Fuck You!” about the face of the industry since the Pistols were overlooked in favor of Peter Frampton. I may be old, but I’d like to think that I can find something of interest in whatever new comes down the pike. Is it a parody? I dunno … but it just serves to reinforce my opinion of RS as not knowing what the hell they’re talking about.

    • just passing

      So “the face of the industry” is an RS? That figures.

    • Blue Monster 65

      Well, you know, back in my day … oh, you goddamn kids!

  • leolodreamland

    This just proves what an aging dinosaur (t)rolling stone really is, and judging from the YouTube comments it has massively backfired. Love the production and ubiquity of grids in the video. Can’t wait to chop it for use at my next house music gig. And bring on the parody voice over and remix versions.

  • James Husted

    I had to watch it twice to make sure but the voice over person has to learn the pronunciation of “Anathema”. I know that is trivial but since it was the last tie-up statement, they should have got it right – http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/anathema

    • drrn.

      I was about to say the same exact thing.

    • just passing

      I’m kind of glad they left it like that. It’s good to know that they could only get a sub-par voice actor to read from a script written just a little too far above his reading age.

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      I think the narrator is not a native English speaker. The production is from Milan and he sounds as though he may be native Italian to me. Of course, that means you do sometimes want to check the dictionary when in doubt.

    • Yanakyl

      That make it a bit cheap, you’re quite right.
      Still both of the videos made me laugh.

  • xonox

    I’m not going to die when techno is dead.

  • Ummm

    There’s allot of hurt butt cheeks over the fact that music does suck now, and it has nothing to do with the age of the listener. More than any other time in history young kids are looking for, searching out, and listening to music that was made way before they and even their parents were born………. This is because music today sucks, and you might as well get over it.
    And for those that believe its not possible for this to be the case, and that music does not suck as if it cannot suck because it can only be good, then you have to ask yourself what are you smoking…… If their is no such thing as sucking then there is no such thing as good either because they are just opposite sides of the same coin and since we know that there is such a thing as good music then there must be music that sucks. We can’t speak for tomorrow because tomorrow hasn’t come yet but we can certainly compare today to yesterday, and music today…….sucks.

    • DanceTraxx5000

      Mate, are you loopy? If you think there is not talent and creativity today you’re living under a rock, there’s tonnes of great music coming out all the time, just got to dig for it sometimes.

    • just passing

      Well, that’s an in-depth, detailed critique you’ve posted there, which in no way deserves the Dawkins Riposte.

    • leolodreamland


  • itchy

    music is greater than ever now. it all depends on where your looking.
    change your focus. and how is rolling stone even relevant anymore.
    what the f is a magazine?

  • squaretooth

    That Henry Rollins rant gets cleverly remixed in this track Rave Review by SKisM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0TSVti62r0

  • http://torley.com/ ▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓

    I’m fond of the part where the crowd makes ragefaces at Bob Dylan picking up an electric guitar. Oh wait. :p

    (Hindsight, which deserves to be clearer to most than it actually is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_Dylan_controversy )

    The least they could’ve done was layered the narration atop this: http://youtu.be/1HyS80Uf9a8?t=2m28s

    Hey, at least the day came when Richie Hawtin grew his hair out again. I recall betting on that vs. chums who were all like, “Plastikman will be as bald as Moby for the rest of his life.” Well then.

    Eventually as transhumans, we’ll enter an age of post-electronic music and pine for the good ol’ days when dubstep didn’t wobble.

    Oh. Wait. :p :p

  • Old Guy

    When I was a teenager some old guy told me: Hey rock and roll died at 70’s.. and I said: Hum? What you talking about?
    It was 90’s and today I see some old guys like me saying: Wow the old good times of 20 years before..
    No matter what, music is sound and the electronic music is about discover new ways to express human feelings.
    So how many drugs the rock stars took to compose those big hits?
    If I want to see a performer, I can go to the theater to see people acting.
    If I want listen to music, I just listen to and it doesn’t matter about where it came from, it’s sound and feeling.
    If people want to get high, it’s not a music problem. It’s the way that people wanna live their lives.

  • WetBoy

    Or is ther attempt at Viral marketing

  • mercury

    It’s too late, the molly-ravers are everywhere! Even at Willie Nelson concerts!!!!!!!


    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      That is … amazing.

    • Yanakyl

      Ahahah, brilliant!

  • donald

    does henry rollins thinks he’s a legit musician or something? far as i know black flag sucked and henry rollins band sucked bunch of shitty guitar power chord BS, i do agree most DJ’s are fake as shit and have minimal talent, producers on the other hand is a completely different story which takes time and effort especially if your doing your own sound design but whatever fuck henry rollins fuck rolling stone magazine have a nice day

    • squaretooth

      To be fair, the guitarist for Rollins Band is actually a pretty awesome and creative musician but yeah, I agree about the rest. It’s also ironic because what Rollins is that the same thing he’s saying about “rave music and drugs” could be applied to Black Flag.

  • Jim Aikin

    There were a couple of technical terms in that video that didn’t make sense to me. What is a “guitar”? What are “drums”?

    • just passing

      Well, a guitar is kind of a physical model of a Karplus-Strong algorithm – in fact, half a dozen of them arranged in parallel, for polyphony – with elements of zero-input feedback synthesis too; and drums are kind of bizarre-sounding physical models of 808 voices, which need a truly astonishing amount of tweaking and maintenance compared with the real thing (and then sound horribly inconsistent).


    • Electricity Is the Devil

      an “Electric Guitar” ( the instrument referred to in the video ) is a fake instrument, because it’s electric and amplified, therefore it’s not real, unlike real acoustic music before it. It’s for creating fake amplified music by fake posers named “Rock’n Rollers”.

  • misho

    Henry Rollins, what a bitter asshole! “I guess I’m just over the hill 40 year old who’s totally lost the plot…” Welp, at least he admits it himself. What I really wanna know though is – who the hell pays money to see a Henry Rollins stand up??

    • just passing

      I’m almost 40 myself… god help me if I ever start ranting at the shiteness of modern music. (I did enough of that as a teenager. It was the era of Stock, Aitken and Waterman, though, so I do feel objectively justified in that…) I may not *grok* every latest fashion, but that’s OK – it’s not meant for me.

      I guess people are too ready to forget that Sturgeon’s Law applies just as surely to their own nostalgia as it does to the stuff they’re too old to understand.

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      I was impressed that he seemed to have such knowledge of the drugs he was criticizing. I guess … that was just studious observation, huh?

    • spec

      guys guys guys guys guys… it’s okaaaaay. He once played a doctor in Johnny Mnemonic.

    • sherman

      I came from a punk/alt background and a big part of my shift to EDM was from the ego-centric rockstar mentality of anyone with a guitar or mic. That and wanting to produce music start to finish, rather than recording my one stem and handing it to engineers to finish. Both of these are completely opposite to everything he’s saying.

      I get the Guetta bashing, but its no different to someone shitting on the punk movement while pointing at Good Charlotte. If you only look at the shit that floats to the top, you’re missing all the _real_ music of a scene.

      ^ Oh and re: Rollins stand up, its actually a ‘spoken word’ tour… Yep, your ex-gf pays $50 a ticket to watch him rant exactly like this for 2 hours like he’s Jesus Lennon.

  • Mike Gibbs

    Lol, nice ‘dance’ background music.

  • vroom lao phen

    Right. ‘Murica.

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      Or Italy, in this case.

    • eitd

      Well , it’s Rolling Stone magazine who’s commissioning the whole thing, and the script is certainly written by them. The Ad agency is just giving body to their concept ( and they’re doing it rather well I must say )

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      No, it’s not. Signed off on by Rolling Stone, as the client, of course. But BBDO Milan hired the copywriter. In fact, the copywriter uploaded the spot to his YouTube account above. 😉

      Full credits:

      Oh, and the track, hilariously, is
      Kisk & Francesco Zani / Rolling Dj’s

    • eitd

      Ok, but still it’s Rolling Stone who is the client, who is COMMISSIONING, paying for, and approving ( or not ) the final product. I could be wrong, but I highly doubt it’s the Ad agency that just decided on their own to write and produce that video, then contacted the Magazine to see if they are interested in slapping their name at the end of the video… So it’s still R.S magazine, who is responsible for it, not the ad agency.

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      Oh, yes, of course. I just mean the actual creative work was done by BBDO Milan and this copywriter, and Rolling Stone most definitely did *not* write this copy. They didn’t. Yes, they signed off on it and paid for it and presumably indicated what they wanted.

  • Ummm

    Ummm, wow I’ve never seen so many smart people in denial before.
    You guys goon and on making the same excuses, reminds me of climate change deniers.

    Here are the points, stop trying to be such hep cats by proving to yourselves that you can keep up with the cool kids for just one minute and address these points.

    1. Nobody said there wasn’t any good music anywhere you guys are just detracting, giving the same old excuse asif you don’t understand the context.

    2. More young people are listening to older music today than ever, it’s ot an old vs young thing.

    3. Technology has circumvented sturgeons law, we have acess to more information than ever and still young people are getting wiser, it’s the older folks that are getting dummer trying to stay relevant instead of just being themselves and making good music.

    Go ahead and pretend your wobble step double decaf half step glitch rubber ducky dub is going to even exist in 10 years if you wanna but it ain’t gonna

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      So – drum kit, bass, and guitar, then, it is!

    • just passing

      I’m going to regret this, I know…

      1. *You* said “music today…….sucks”. That’s a pretty blanket statement. Granted, nobody *else* said there wasn’t any good music anywhere – indeed, that was pretty much the thrust of our arguments; but to make such an assertion (after using words like “butthurt” which, umm, frankly reveal a rather limited grasp of intellectual and social niceties to begin with) and then pretend that everyone responding to that statement has somehow constructed a strawman to argue with…? Seeeeems legit…

      2. Evidence? Repeated assertion doesn’t count. Neither does “everyone knows it’s true”. Once upon a time everyone knew the earth was the centre of the universe. Since you’re so keen to establish rationalist creds (with the mother of all overblown comparisons, right there in the first line… trust me, sweetie, that pretty much accomplishes the precise opposite of what you were trying to do – unless bad music is going to render the world uninhabitable before your children are grandparents, which… I don’t think so, somehow) you’ll be aware of this. And even if by some miracle you do come up with some figures (iTunes listening figures, whilst biased towards affluence and cultural adventurousness, might be a place to start – although obviously they only go back so far, so you won’t be able to establish much of a trend there), good luck trying to disentangle the effect of easier availability.

      3. I don’t even know what you’re trying to say with this point. I have a sneaking suspicion that neither do you. Your assertion that “technology has circumvented sturgeons[sic] law” would seem to suggest that modern music is getting better (since Sturgeon himself clearly didn’t mean 90% to be an exact bound, more a general minimum; and in any case, it wasn’t his figure to start with), and your followup that “we have acess[sic] to more information than ever” would seem to support this interpretation (with more information, it’s easier than ever to filter out that 90% and focus on the good bits). But then you go for “still young people are getting wiser”. I have no idea what you mean by that, unless you equate dogmatically held positions such as your own with wisdom and a more tolerant, “I may not get this but I’m prepared to accept that someone does” position as foolishness. Which would be… courageous of you.

      (Mind, someone who misspells “dumber” when they’re insulting their adversaries’ intelligence might not be lacking in that particular flavour of bravery.)

      As to your final statement – on a literal level it’s obviously false, unless someone finds a way to uncompose (decompose?) music. But even in the metaphorical sense (which, I’m guessing, is what you meant), it’s been proven false over and over again – I remember people saying the same thing about sampling back in 1987, and look what a lousy call that turned out to be… You have yet to demonstrate any reason why things will be different this time around – or, to be blunt, the maturity required to make such judgements.

      My own personal opinion is that the best argument you have made is the one which went “if there’s no bad, then there’s no good either” (although I recognise that you were trying to use it as a rhetorical device, without considering its inherent wisdom). There really IS no objectively good or bad music; such modifiers exist only in your perception (or mine, or anyone else’s). Even technical incompetence, the only real objective guideline that can exist, can have charm – and in fact, that’s the one thing that modern technology *has* made much harder. So yes, I will happily concur that there is no such thing as objectively good music, and if you want to lambast me for that, go right ahead.

      I just don’t think you’re going to look as wise doing so as you think you will.

    • Ummm

      Why would I lambast you, inbetween your insulting me and patting yourself on the back for being able to spell well you have agreed with every gist of the case I was making, even chronologically so. I’ll make it easier for you, I can’t spell, and I don’t wax philosophically as well as you do but then again those things don’t mean as much to me as they do to you. I know that most music coming out today sucks compared to the ratio of good music in the past, and that is true in spite of the fact that there is more music available now than before. Using sampling was a bad example because yes there was allot of rejection to sampling but first of all it was an unknown quantity, secondly and thankfully samplist took the art form seriously and the investment gave big returns artistically as has been seen. That’s not even a comparable issue to what we are discussing here.
      I’ll put it like this, and it might be to simple for someone with such lofty intelligence as yours who just blessed me with one of your benevolent pass throughs but, in 10 years from now what music came out in the last three years will you still be listening to or qualify as classic on the same level as the music that qualifies as classic for you today………..none.

      What track did you play at your last gig or your next gig that came out in the last three years will even matter in 10? None. In 10 years from now and even 20 years from now the music that will be classic and remembered will music that came out long before today. You can act like you don’t get it if you want I’m not offended cause you are one of the smart ones, I know you get it.
      You can pull up anything made in 1987 and it will slay anything on beat port in the last 5 years no matter what the genre.

    • just passing

      Well, it’s nice that you found out how to upvote yourself, anyway.

    • Ummm

      I’m still waiting on that track list…

    • just passing

      What track list? You haven’t asked for anything. Anywhere. The only thing I can see above that might remotely qualify is “What track did you play at your last gig or your next gig that came out in the last three years will even matter in 10?” – but you answer that question yourself immediately with “None”, making it clear that you didn’t pose it as a serious question, but only as yet another rhetorical device. (And in any case, the test of time is a quality filter in itself – and it’s virtually impossible to tell what will pass it. So even if you had made an intelligible request, it’d still not be one that anyone who wasn’t clairvoyant could actually satisfy for another decade.)

      When you’re getting confused about your own arguments, how the hell do you expect anyone else to take you seriously?

      Meanwhile, my request for some evidence for your assertion that young people are listening to old music went unacknowledged, let alone unsatisfied.

      You’re full of shit, sweetie. You don’t even talk a good fight. As for your preening about intelligence – you have all the arrogance, and sadly all the wisdom, of a 12 year old. Which probably means I just missed your bedtime. Oh well. I guess you do know what music at least one young person is listening to, after all…

      (By the way, I’m done now. Feel free to have the last word, right here:-

    • Ummm

      You are correct once again, I don’t put up a good fight because there is no point in fighting, as smart as you are you will figure that out one day. There is a point though, and no matter how much energy you put into deviating from said point it will always be that this conversation along with whatever new oh so great music you have been playing and are possibly even playing right now will all be forgotten in a very short span of time.

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      Whoa. How did this thread get going?

      I need a ‘delete entire thread’ command. 😉

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      Heard the story about feeding trolls? No?

    • just passing

      It feels more like I got eaten by one.

  • Electricity is the Devil

    What’s truly hilarious about the video, is that it’s almost EXACTLY what someone would have said upon the arrival of Rock’n’Roll, almost to the letter ! ” Young man , what is this heresy ? What is this devil-worshiping loud distorted noise you’re trying to pass for music ? Can’t you play REAL music with REAL acoustic instrument, like REAL God(Nation/Army)-Worshiping real men ??? Don’t you know electricity is the DEVIL ? It will lead you to drugs, copulation, long hair and homosexuality !!! Repent and Submit to your Lord , NOW !!!””

  • Rimwolf

    The one part of those diatribes that I’m sympathetic to is the appeal to live music. I think there would be a more interesting range of electronic music if there were more electronic instrument players, and more electronic musicians who played together with other musicians.

  • a

    That video (temporarily) sells me on getting into making EDM! Sex, drugs, money and no effort, yes, please. Even though EDM a boring, complacent, white washed version of good and innovative music, hey, wait, that sounds exactly like the music rolling stone loves!

    It’s the culture of the rock star, that rolling stone help to propagate, mind you, separate from the act of creation, regardless of style, that is responsible for the state of affairs today. Plenty of people making dance music have thought the super star DJ was bull for as long as there have been super star DJs.* It has zero to do with the people making the music or really, even the DJs, but in the people that have to elevate an external figure to fulfill a role that they aren’t brave enough to act out in their own life.

    It’s too bad that rock star has become synonymous with musician, look at those otherwise great little-bit + korg spots. Rock star has few connotations to creativity or musical ability, it’s about money, power, hedonistic excess, and maybe business/marketing savvy.


  • http://vrpr.org/ Henry

    Not sure, which part is more ignorant and miserable: The fact that Rolling Stone commissions something as obviously stupid as this – or the fact that Henry Rollins’ gets an audience for that useless rant?

  • yourmusicblows

    yeah because I’m sure you know more about music that the people at Rolling Stone. Electronic music is absolute crap in every way and the people that make it are completely talentless. Moving sound bytes into a file and playing it as one file through itunes doesn’t make you a musician and your macbook is not an instrument, no matter how much you want it to be. Stop making and listening to this crap so it goes away, like disco. And yes, its the same thing.

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      I hate people who create digital music.


    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      Everyone please, please, *please* upvote “yourmusicblows” with me – seriously. I want this at the top of the comments. We can do it.

    • Circuit Ben

      We all hate you too.

    • arratik

      I was really bummed that dontcreatedigitalmusic.com wasn’t a real URL…

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      Also, relieved that disco went away! That was a close one…

    • diskoking


    • Monkeymen Int

      word ! caveman

    • Graham Thorne

      haha amazing!

    • http://www.reaktortips.com/ Peter Dines

      See, this is what’s wrong with the internet. Rolling Stone invests a lot of time and money into their trolling, and this cow is giving the milk away for free. We need to put the troll milk back on the printed page, where it belongs. Pardon the mixed metaphor.

    • chaircrusher

      Sometimes I play the iTunes inside the Bandcamp, inside ANOTHER iTunes. It’s Craazy!

    • Circuit Ben

      I was going to say that makes you sound old, but the thing is, closed-minded musicians tend to be really young – the young are naturally conservative, it is a matter of fear of the unknown, fear of change and techniques which baffle. It’s alright, nobody will make you dance, nobody is going to laugh at you, it is okay to have fun.

    • Electricity is the Devil

      yeah because I’m sure you know more about music that the people at Old Conservative Music Magazine. Rock’n’roll is absolute crap in every way and the people that make it are completely talentless. Playing three chords on an amplified guitar and adding distorsion to it to make that noise sound big doesn’t make you a musician and your electricity (is the Devil) guitar is not an instrument, no matter how much you want it to be. Stop making and listening to this crap so it goes away.

    • thoughtswondersandthelike

      One word:OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! You may not get the reference.

  • it’s me

    The RS video is just misguided and confused. I think Rollins makes a few good points at the end about what “rock” music has devolved into.

  • Blob

    The RS video is a bit ridiculous, but I there a re several reasons for its existence. Case in point:


    David Guetta doesn’t even play records when “performing”.

    I won’t get into discussions whether EDM (house, tecno, etc.) as a musical genre is crap or not. That’s actually not the point. What I will say is this:

    1) most EDM producers are simply people who are adept at copy pasting WAV loops in DAWs and not much else. Yes I know them, met them, and had the misfortune of having to work with some of them. And yes, not all EDM people are like that, I’m well aware. I still feel that the whole DJ scene is filled with pop star wannabes with no musical talent whatsoever. As an electronic musician myself (laptop, keyboards and percussions) I feel blessed by the fact that nowadays I play in actual bands (not rock bands, mind you).

    2) Since the 90’s the “DJ =musician” paradigm was pushed for purely commercial reasons, regardless of the music’s quality and the performance’s quality (or even existence)

    3) DJing is not the same as playing music. A DJ selects pre-made music on the spot, a job that requires skill, but not nearly as much sill as improvising on the spot with Pure Data patches or Ableton Live, playing with keyboards and drum pads or sensor controllers.

    Case in point (2) – Onyx Ashanti, for instance.


    And let’s not even get into the fact that it requires real talent and skill to play “conventional instruments”, like piano, drums, etc.

    This is not about EDM sucking and rock music being somehow better. It’s about artistic integrity.

    It’s about anger at a bunch of talentless people being hyped and thinking they are actual artists because they can bypass composition, musical skill, inspiration and performance abilities by sampling existing recordings or buying loop collections, and by pressing play and waving their hands in the air for a few hours whilst getting paid fortunes.

    DeadMau – “We all hit Play”

    The RS video is crude, simplistic, not funny, ignores that quality electronic musicians do exist, and seems to have been written by a trolling old rocker pining for the “good old days” when rock music dominated the landscape.

    However – It still makes valid points regarding the all the bullshit that comes with EDM business (similar to the bullshit that came with disco, punk, glam rock and hip-hop, but with the added aggravated fact that EDM is a genre that includes many non-musicians).

    Unsurprisingly, it’s pissing people off. Good.

    And yes, I still like rock music. What can I say, I’m a traditionalist troll…

  • BeatJunky

    The bottom line is that music continues to evolve. Love it or hate it, there is MASSIVE demand for EDM. I grew up on all sorts of rock, alternative, etc. I am now a self proclaimed beat junky. It’s all about the “FEELING” as mentioned below. The same was said about rock music when Elvis was having seizures on stage. “It wont last, blah blah blah, then a black dude named Hendrix anihilated the stage with his “ELECTRIC” oh does that hurt? I’ll say it again “ELECTRIC and AMPLIFIED” guitar. Kinda like the Tiger Woods of rock back then. Alas, the poor tired guitar is now dying. No more Eddie Van Halens. No more Joe Satriani, hell, even no more GNR/Slash. Where did they go? Something called technology and natural progression occured and is STILL going strong. Wub Wub will continue to evolve and make many MILLIONS. Perhaps it wont be called Dubstep, but I can gaurantee that it will continue to evolve just as cars, wireless technology, aircraft, etc has. All you rock whiners remind of those that laughed at the Wright brothers. Those of you whining and crying because rock is no longer dominating. Well better embrace the technology because Dubstep will just continue to evolve waaaaaaaaay past Rock. How much can a guitar, drums and bass evolve?
    Besides, the real point is no different than the old adage that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” You may be dating or married to a morbidly obese woman/man with no teeth. If that person floats your boat then so be it.
    This particular article has energized and motivated me to FURTHER promote EDM. No beef with rock. I still dig it, however, I haven’t heard anything worthy since STP. Now you have your bubblegum rock such as Nickelback which I consider unworthy of being tossed in the trash. It may offend a moldy piece of bread or something. Rock unfortunately is being left behind unless someone reintroduces it somehow. Even Jim Morisson predicted the future of music involving all sorts of electronic manipulation. Look it up on YouTube. All you crying rockers out there, just toss your iPhone and XBox/PS too. Go back to Atari. Grab a few cups and some string and make a call. Embrace “NOW” or get left behind.
    Now, I shall create a NEW genre (thanks to Rolling Stone Italy and Peter Kirn) and it shall be called ROCK STEP!!! Brace yourself, cutting and slicing of all the rock legends merged with WUB WUB WUB is coming. Thanks for the idea all you haters. Oh yeah, I’m 40 and my gf is 25. Life is good. We are both beat junkies too! See you at ultramusicfestival in Miami Beach. It just gets better and better every year with nothing but outrageously hot foreign women and people that shower.

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  • Handsome Pixels

    THis is The New. Out with the 4/4. Welcome to Goo Music.