Ableton still doesn’t make an iOS app for Live. The software seems to lend itself to direct touch interfaces, emphasizing live performance and improvisation and real-time workflows. But there’s little reason for the developer to make one themselves: there are just too many superb third-party solutions, and they continue to dazzle.

TouchAble 2, available now, goes further than any app has before. If hardware controllers or the mouse or computer keyboard act as narrow windows into what Live can do, the latest TouchAble just seems to do … everything. Short of Live running on a touchscreen directly, TouchAble brings what the application offers to a fully touch-based interface. And because it redesigns each interface for touch, what you get is something far beyond what Live would offer just plunked onto, say, a Windows tablet.

If it’s a parameter, you can control it.

If it’s a MIDI message, you can control it.

If you want to make your own layout, you can – with XY Pads, Faders, Rotaries, Labels, Buttons and Containers. (There’s still reason to consider TouchOSC or Lemur as alternatives, even so; those apps allow for generic templates, not just those that control Live, and offer their own widget libraries and scripting possibilities, if you so choose.)

If you want to run several TouchAble instances at once, you can.

TouchAble also opens up not only the usual mixing and clip launching. With TouchAble 2, you can go deep into editing, the Browser, and playing instruments, too. Push does that beautifully in hardware, with tactile feedback; TouchAble’s advantage is that the interface is a display, and choices are broader.

New creation choices:

  • Editing MIDI clips, for pattern making
  • Editing commands (duplicate, reverse, etc.)
  • Drum Mode, Chord Mode
  • Browser, device loading
  • Project overview
  • Create and delete tracks, scenes, etc.
  • Isomorphic keyboard, piano keyboard, drumpad inputs for instruments
  • Full MIDI control – including velocity, pitch wheel, aftertouch, etc. (perfect for synth programming and the like)
  • New X/Y pad with parameter mixing, gesture recording, physics, snapshots – that gives even Lemur a run for its money
  • Detailed lever meters



There’s a lot more.

TouchAble 2 also doubles as a MIDI controller, so you can connect to hardware instruments and Live at the same time.

US$$24.99. [You really, really don’t want to forget the hyphen. Trust me.]

Overview video:

And with an hour of instruction, a video tutorial playlist:

But there’s still more to come. TouchAble tells CDM:

We have already submitted an update to Apple which fixes severals small bugs and issues and brings some improvements.
TouchAble mini for iPhone & iPod will be released in the following weeks. TouchAble for iPad will also be updated regularly with some new exciting stuffs and a bunch of new Native templates available as in-app purchase for a very low prices.

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  • Mattijs Kneppers

    Nice!! Now all I need is.. this, but on a 27″ touch screen.

  • Codingbrains

    I had great passion in sound engineering , Love!! this device .

  • Andy Cartridge

    its a sick piece of software, i cant believe how good it actually is to be honest.. all it needs is the ability to load and save live sets then i can use it anywhere within wifi range of my computer… i just need some way of streaming audio to my living room hifi lol

    the midi editor is great, and the keyboard i find very useful to extend my 25 key controller down a few octaves… its just a very flexible and useful interface for ableton live… god i’m gonna need to get more ipads lol

  • ExpDog

    “TouchAble is not able to connect via Apple Core MIDI”. That’s a bit of a game changer for me. I don’t have a cellular model for USB connection either and I still don’t trust WiFi on stage. I also like having the option to keep my existing WiFi connection running instead of making an ad hoc one every time…

    • Charles

      Why would you need the cellular model for USB?

    • 2pacman

      To connect the ipad with a USB osc connection only a jailbroken ipad allows that via mywi.

  • mercury

    Can you use a dock with the iPad so that it charges? Like the Akai Synthstation 49? Come to think of it, a new post on all of the different MIDI/Audio interface options for the iPad would be great. I don’t think there are that many interfaces that have both MIDI/Audio In/Out and also charge the device at the same time. It would be great to hear other people’s thoughts and what works the best. The info out there on this is very limited!

  • Brian stevens

    Great software but connecting the thing is still in the dark ages. The protocol is a hassle and wifi (that works very well in my home), keeps disconnecting. I suppose usb is the way to go but, really i feel much better off tweaking Live with my mac. The interface is incredibly filled to the brim with stuff, but in the heat of it, it can become a big ball of confusion ( you now, reading menus…)

    • Christian Blomert

      The first update – 2.0.1 – was just approved and should appear on the
      app store over the next minutes – it fixes a few things around
      connection and should make it more stable for you as well. We are
      working on connecting via iConnectMIDI but that’s still a little while

    • Aubrey

      iConnectMIDI YAY!!!!! How far off exactly?

  • Giorgio Martini

    Nice article thanks peter !

  • continuous

    I’m so into T2!!!

    +1 to being able to save the Live set from the app! Great news that touchable will work with iConnectmidi in the future!

    Also very excited that there will be Native Templates for sale!!!

  • Daniel Clay

    touchable doesn’t show up as a control surface in Suite version 9.1.

  • Ricardo Matias

    How do you decide between Conductr, touchable 2 and Lemur (Livecontrol) ? I love the design of Conductr, it’s really simple, but it doesn’t have all the features of Touchable 2 and Lemur. If the price was the same for both Touchable and Lemur, would the choice be easy ?

  • Florian Payrou

    Awesome !