Eat your heart out, Traktor. Take that, CDJs. The dream of the 90s is alive, again, with new Amiga software.

Akira Kei shares the project, which he and hoffman co-created and have dubbed the PT-1210 MK1. It mimics some CDJ-style features, but uses MOD files – a clever music format that employs samples and sequence data for truly portable, interactive music. This isn’t just a nerdy hack. It’s actually a full-blown DJ tool that could make its way through a party – provided that party’s musical tastes trended slightly retro.

And since it runs on stock Amiga machines, you might pay more to have a service person even look at your MacBook Pro than this entire rig will cost.


Akira writes:

Basically it’s a Protracker MOD “deck” software, that is, it “simulates” the functionality of a Pioneer CDJ turntable but applies it to modules, and also adds niceties possible thanks to the MOD format (like channel muting).

It runs on basically any Amiga with an ECS chipset, that is anything form late A500s trough to the newest 68k based shit. Coded in pure assembler by my buddy h0ffman (I’m in charge of UI and testing, we both came up with teh concept)

It all started here with this discussion (Me pushing the issue and many people saying “that’s impossible” :D):

We’ve been working on it for a year and I just made a demo of our latest version.


  • Channel mute
  • Extensive loop options
  • “Reloop FX” – setting loop points inside the pattern
  • Slip mode – playhead continues even as the music loops
  • Pitch bend
  • Time stretching
  • Forward/rewind advance through patterns

Concept: h0ffman/Unstable Label + Akira/3WDG
68K ASM coding: h0ffman/Unstable Label
UI design + testing: Akira/3WDG



So, where can you find the software? It’ll be free, in demoscene spirit. And you should keep your demoscene calendar open. “We hope to release in March at the Revision 2014 demoparty,” says Akira, “but we’ll have a demo 14-16 Feb. in Datastorm 2014 in Sweden.” Of course, for those not able to make those parties, we may have to do a little how-to for Amiga users.

If Traktor or Ableton Live added MOD support, I would… be very entertained. And, not to get in the way of the retro stylings here, but I’d love to see this running on Android / iOS. (Those platforms do already have some nice MOD players.)

But of course, you won’t get nearly the cred if you show up with a couple of iPads as you will with a couple of Amigas. Akira notes:

This is basically the single most interesting audio tool to come out for the Amiga in many, many years. We think it will be a game changer and draw interest to the platform.

While you wait to run this on your Amiga box, we’ve got some mix tapes to listen, emphasizing “Amiga Acid.” (Best kind.)


01 – ADR Design – Drop The Bass II
02 – Biglupu – Plastik Buttons
03 – Kure – The Funky 303 Drive
04 – Plauze – Acid Fever
05 – Kure – Ultraviolent Dreams
06 – Slice – AMG-303
07 – Substance – 101-versus-909
08 – Noisy Abdul – Drunk House
09 – Marc – Acid Attack
10 – Spot – Break the Box
11 – Substance – Rhythm of Acid
12 – Substance – TB303 Funks Up TR808
13 – Juice – Scenewars


And here’s Akira in action, recording this live:


01 – Orpheus – Acid
02 – DJ Ice – Super Stan
03 – Biglupu – Rechamix
04 – Pzyball – 1212
05 – Jaffa – 00320 Helsinki
06 – Dave – mono foil
07 – Kure – Fluidconnectors
08 – Revi – 1lineartechax4400
09 – Marc – Sirius
10 – Dr. Avalanche – Bonzai Thunders
11 – DJ Wojtarek – Agressor-8
12 – Marc – Explosive
13 – Substance – Acid Runner
14 – FML – Material Outburst 2
15 – Bluedawg – Ataraxia
16 – Legend – Ode to 808.b
17 – Deck – Khemik
18 – Emo – Head or Tail Loop

Live-action making-of:


Official presentation: February 14-16 at Datastorm 2014, Gotheborg, Sweden
Release date: April 18th-21st at Revision 2014, Saarbrücken, Germany.

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    Nice. B-)

  • Fabio Neves

    Mmmmmm… crunchy samples!

  • LLCoolJeans

    I imagine this could run on an Amiga emulator, yes?

    • Akira^8GB

      Yes, an Amiga emu is, after all, an “Amiga” :)

    • jm

      running this on an emulator.. might be like copying vinyls to CDs in order to play them :) you loose the fun of using the original sound chips.

  • kompis

    4CH is enuff

  • Captain Crunch

    Fans of Amiga or lo-fi should really do themselves a favor and check out Radiograffiti. They’ve got your Amiga vinyl needs covered if you really want to keep things old school.

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  • Akira^8GB

    The party need not be retro, you can make modern music in MOD format with an Amiga today! 😀

  • Henry Lowengard

    Once you have that Amiga up and running, you can unpack this .lha file and play with a bunch of my legacy Amiga programs:

    as mentioned in this article:

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    It needs platter control (not necessary dvs but midi or hid at least…)
    Can I contribute? :)

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    This actually… sounds!

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    Incredible work! What resolution is this program playing? According to screenshot its 651×537 pixels [?] – Is it an Amiga screen capture? Btw I have some interesting to share with you – an Amiga Tracker Modules Mix from here

  • Jared Brookes

    Nice! Hook this through a rack EQ and you’re set for club play.

  • Jared Brookes

    I see you guys synchronized two Amigas. What about supporting OctaMED format so that you can have 8-tracks on a single Amiga?

  • Akira
  • jm

    “If Traktor or Ableton Live added MOD support” > Well, Mixxx does !