Alongside starting orders for the Mac Pro, Apple this week released updates for all its pro apps, including Logic Pro X. And, showing ongoing attention to MainStage – which Cupertino says is used by a number of high-profile celebrities in their tours – the live performance companion app gets some attention, too.

The banner feature of 10.0.5 is “450 bug fixes,” which is not necessarily what I’d want to advertise, as it suggests 450 bugs shipped in the previous releases. But in a crucial contrast to what has been the norm for their other updates, Apple shares details of what they’ve fixed in the release notes. That makes a big difference to audio users; at last, we can actually tell what is functioning properly and where our issues have been addressed. See the link below; I hope this becomes the new norm at Apple. (On iOS, for instance.) I’ve enjoyed using Logic on some projects and will continue to do so, so I’ll keep an eye out on how it’s working. (There are many, many details here, and something completely meaningless to one person tends to be huge to another, so check them out below.)

There are also significant performance improvements under the hood. That includes loading certain projects more quickly (particularly those packed with lots of samples), and specific multi-threading optimizations to the mix engine that will impact submixes of multi-output software instruments (internal and third-party). Clarification: there aren’t specific optimizations for the Mac Pro, although certainly the Mac Pro’s high-performance flash storage will make loading, bouncing, and other tasks simply scream.

The most noticeable change visually is the updated Channel and Linear Phase EQ interfaces. That’s actually a bigger deal than it might first seem. For one thing, Channel EQ is the default on every channel strip, and it’s something you wind up using a lot. Now, Logic’s rivals all have similar graphical interfaces by now. But this execution looks nice. Now, if we could just see the same Smart Controls layout on the iPad – sadly, that’s not available, even though the layout looks perfect for touch. Correction: I mistakenly suggested that these Smart Controls did work on the iPad, but – that was wishful thinking, and wrong.

These EQs also add sonic improvements. Double-precision is on by default, which should yield better sound characteristics. There’s an option for oversampling, which can improve high-frequency performance and cutoff smoothness. The combination of the UI and sound make this feel like a more modern software EQ – and closer to what you’d expect from analog EQ. Given how you tend to wind up using this every day, that’s a big deal.

One thing’s for certain: Apple has massively accelerated the update cadence of its pro apps, shipping updates frequently with App Store updates everyone gets. Details of what’s changed, from Apple:

Logic Pro X 10.0.5

Feature enhancements and over 450 bug fixes for Logic Pro X. Enhancements include:

• 3 new Drummers and 11 new Drum Kit Designer patches
• Significant enhancements to Channel EQ and Linear Phase EQ plug-ins including redesigned interfaces that are also accessible within the Smart Controls area
• Solo now works as expected on channel strips using an External I/O plug-in
• Volume and pan automation is now included in XML interchange with Final Cut Pro X
• Loops that belong to the same family can be selected and changed using a new control in the region header
• The waveform size in an audio region now adapts to the value of the region Gain parameter
• The Link mode button is now available for the Piano Roll editor

FYI: This release also includes an update of the content. It provides the assets needed for the new Drummers as well as various bug fixes and enhancements. The user is notified of the new content at first launch.

MainStage 3.0.2

• Compatible with Logic Remote v1.0.3
• Save & load times are significantly faster
• Workspace can be hidden to allow a larger area to view Channel Strips
• Various stability improvements

FYI: This release also includes an update of the content. The user is notified of the new content at first launch.

Logic Remote 1.0.3
Compatible with MainStage 3.0.2

Complete changelog (get your “search” function ready, Logic die-hards):

  • Nikolozi

    It’s a nice update. It fixes option+mouse scroll arrange window zooming sluggishness. Which was driving me nuts. And I’m excited about the built EQ enhancements. Though, I’m disappointed you can’t set left, right, middle or side signal processing modes on each band individually.

  • Greg Henkin

    I can’t track in it due to the scrolling clicks & pops. they say it’s ‘fixed’. looking forward to trying it out.

    • Peter Kirn

      Ooh, really? Which machine? That particular issue wasn’t happening to me.

    • Greg Henkin

      2012 imac. 10.8.4

      ran a ‘birthday party session’, and decided to try X out. artifacts from scrolling were IN THE RECORDING. somehow to track. brutal.

    • foljs

      Works for me.

  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidoc

    Lets hope this becomes the New Norm at Native Instruments also, Maschine needs just as much work as Logic did.

    • Peter Kirn

      Well, my point there was actually that Apple tended to be vague in release notes. “fixes and enhancements” being the sort of joke.

      But yes, I’ve been in touch with NI about some things I want to see addressed in Maschine. 😉

    • heinrich zwahlen

      Maschine mainly needs better midi and automation editing features imo, the then the Arranger needs some additions as well.

    • heinrich zwahlen

      i think Maschine 2.0 has a great UI though, or what did you have in mind?

  • Mike

    “But because has also mirrored this EQ interface in its Smart Controls, you’ll see the same controls on your iPad, and can adjust them with touch” – how you can do this? It doesnt show up EQ tab on iPads smart controls

    • Peter Kirn

      That was wrong. Had to confirm with them.

      That was how I thought it *should* work, but … not actually how it works.

  • pinta_vodki

    This is nice. I use Logic as my main DAW and some of the plugins were starting to seem really dated. I simply adore the UI on new MIDI effects (midi compressor with flashy dots, yay!) and it’s nice to see old plugins getting some of this love. Let’s hope ES2 and other synths get the same treatment!

  • heinrich zwahlen

    Would i need to use Mavericks for that and is it save to do so for my other music apps ?

    • Big Mister Doom

      I have recently installed a new 256GB SSD into my MacBook Pro… I have started a new instal with Mavericks. Everything seems stable right now (Maschine, Komplete, Arturia V3, Fab Filter bundle). Will be installing Traktor fairly soon. I *think* the stability is there now.

  • Dave

    The new channel eq looks great but I’m experiencing some odd sluggishness while mousing over the eq display. The mouse moves slower as well as the play head in the arrangement

    • Dave

      This is on a 2013 retina display MacBook.

  • David

    the new EQ is AWESOME! prior you had to get the hang of moving points around to shape the curve, but with the EQ in 10.0.5, you have much much more direct control! I love it!

  • Isaiah Hayes

    I can’t wait to try out the new EQ controls. I’m fairly new to Logic; just got the program from school (Full Sail University). They were a lot different from the ease of control in Reason 7. I’d love to connect with some of you more experienced fellas, and learn some helpful tips and tricks to guide me along the way. Please, connect with me here and lets make some great music. Thanks, and good luck in all of your endeavors!

    Isaiah Hayes

  • Robin Parmar

    Bug fixes? A good thing. More development teams should spend more time on stomping bugs… but it’s nasty work.

  • Cafuzo

    I think Logic X is not comparable with Logic 9. Why did Apple change so many things that we’re great in 9. Audio handling sucks in the audio-editor of Logic X. The spacebar is no longer the wave player (annoying why they changed this!). And when I play a peace of audio inside the wave-editor it doesn’s play from the selected area, but starts later. Undoing a destructive edit is not working. Compared to other DAW software logic X has become more like gagareband, cheap, toylike software. I have been a true logic fan since 1997. After all these years working with fun in logic I will switch to Protools. Apple should stop trying to improve things just for the sake of modernising things, changing good stuff that has been the same for years. Besides turning your back on true Logic lovers who have been paying serious money for the program and updates, now not even making a difference between update and new buy. You left us faithfull long term Logic-users in the cold Apple. Shame on you!