Just watch it.

As you can hear, the vocal’s not moving in and out any more.

Consider this your Unicorn Chaser of the day.

Yes, it’s possible we’ve watched too many of these sorts of videos…

Hope you’re having a good weekend. Thank you, Machinedrum, for the tip.

* Disclaimer: No, I do not think this is the original soundtrack of a review video from the WAVES Street Team.

  • LLCoolJeans


  • Ned Bouhalassa

    Who is that superb vocalist? Next featured artist on the next James Bond? Wow!

  • Albert

    I know it’s important to respect one anothers art. Though I’d prefer to not be voluntarily subjeted to it….. It reminded me of ‘Animal’ in The Muppets…..

  • Jyoti Mishra

    I understand this helps with in and out but my vocals move up and down a lot? Is there anyway to rotate these plugins from the z-axis into the y-axis? Would it involve soldering?

    Also, is this Galaxy Gear compatible?

  • Valued Customer

    Clearly, his understanding of compression techniques is sketchy at best. The vocal still lacked a certain smoothness. I’m going to give this a D-.

  • Ben Carey
  • http://music.thinkbay.net Nikola