You say you want a resolution?

Calendar years may be largely arbitrary deadlines, but arbitrary deadlines can be a boon to creativity. Online community Weekly Beats is again launching a project for producers that invites them to upload new music tracks every week for the year. By the end of 2014, it means each artist may have released as many as 52 tracks, ranging between about one and fifteen minutes.

The weekly goal seems a nice one, too: daily goals are fairly punishing, but doing one a week is enough to keep up some consistency.

If you want to join Weekly Beats, there’s still time to get into the first week’s batch. Tracks uploaded there carry a Creative Commons license of your choice, or can retain traditional copyright protection licensing.

Of course, if you’d rather work on your own and release via other means, you might do just as well just buying a desk calendar. (And they’re heavily discounted right now.)

What methods for creative discipline might you use? Sound off in comments; we’d love other ideas and New Year’s Resolutions. And because we do music for love, this might be a revolution you’d keep.


  • http://transelectronic.net/ tron 2147

    Nice idea! I’ve been posting a track a day from my archives, called 71tracks for 44 days now. Oh, the synchronicity!


  • James Phillips

    February Album Writing Month (fawm.org) is also a great source for creative inspiration. Wrote and recorded my first solo album as part of the challenge in 2012, am hoping to do it again this year!

  • Knut

    More synchronicity: I’ve just started off a daily music-making challenge for myself, though only for January. I’ll be blogging about the process here: http://knupland.tumblr.com/

  • Bassling

    I’m a fan of the Junto run by Marc Weidenbaum on his Disquiet.com blog.

    My album WHILE was a compilation of tracks made following his directions and I really like the way it pushes me to try new techniques and ideas.

    Hear http://bassling.bandcamp.com/album/while

    • Grzegorz Bojanek

      Man! I love Disquiet Junto, too, and made an album (I was active in 2012). You can even still get last two physical copies (handmade, and signed!) The album is called “Constraints” :-) http://etalabel.bandcamp.com/album/constraints
      And man! I was thinking of making one track a week – even today while jogging. Maybe a good idea to join the project :-)

  • Dan

    Gave up gaming in November. It became an escape and an excuse not to make some music. I’ve lost some years, but I hope I’ll be more creative from now on.

  • Ivan

    Time to read again “The Frustrated Songwriter’s Handbook” by Nicholas Dobson everyone ! For people who has not read it yet, it is a manual and a collection of tricks to make 20 songs in… one day.

  • http://dinside.no Øivind Idsø

    With kids, time disappears … But trying to get back on track(s) again this year. Again. 😉

  • disqus_ncNJH6gdeA

    I did this last year off my own back as after child number 2 I need some motivation to get writing music again and stop procrastinating. I’m about to finish week 52 this week and it’s been an amazing ride. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone – especially as the online community helps you stay motivated, I’ve grown my fan base, made new online acquaintances and learnt SOOO MUCH about staying focused, sound design, tips to working faster and sharing my processes with those that cared which is all fantastic. I also have got less precious about sharing something thats not as polished as I could have made it, its cathartic at the end of the week as you rush to finish. I also pretty much gave up TV for a year which is never a bad thing! If you think you can keep it up I would recommend it wholeheartedly:


  • Freeks

    i have LOADS of unfinished stuff from 2013. Did not finnish anything last year. So i might join this and start to go trough 2013 archives and try to finish something every week.

  • timh

    I like this. This kind of deadline helped me a lot to learn to let go of tracks. I posed myself a one track a day challenge two years ago. Seeing this as an exercise rather than a quest to make a consistent set, I tried to be as diverse as possible.

    This project was quite hard, actually and some tracks are rather rough – nothing is really polished (and naturally I am not happy with some). But the main thing is: I managed. 30 tracks in 30 days.

    https://soundcloud.com/user288070/sets/the-daily-track :

  • J Clyde

    Hello all, my name is J Clyde – I’m a producer from Norfolk, VA. I decided that for 2014 I will release a different beat every day of the year. I’d appreciate any feedback you can offer. Here is the link to my bandcamp page: http://jclyde.bandcamp.com

    All tracks are also available on my soundcloud page: http://soundcloud.com/j-clyde

    As well as my youtube channel (which is where I am sure they will ultimately all live due to space constraints): http://www.youtube.com/user/jclyde757

    Let me know what yall think so far. thanks

  • Ryan Biggs

    …because that’s the big problem with electronic music – producers aren’t crapping it out fast enough.