DbN – The Found Tapes Project 2014 from DA BOOK on Vimeo.

If Auld Lang Syne and predictable “best of” lists are getting you down, here’s likely the weirdest-sounding New Years’ greeting you’ll get, to kick off 2014.

Düsseldorf by Night (DbN) improvises strange, creepy-beautiful soundscapes from cassettes. It turns the flea market into a sample library.

It looks like the terrific iPad app Samplr gets some heavy usage in this, as well. That’s a good choice – touchable waveforms keep everything happening live, with intuitive gestures, as would jamming on an instrument.

Bonus: if you see DbN’s Found Tapes Project as a live act, you can bring your own tapes to have them integrated with the show.

Da Book: composer, sound designer, app developer, and filmmaker, all. Not in fact from Düsseldorf. Photo courtesy the artist.

Da Book: composer, sound designer, app developer, and filmmaker, all. Not in fact from Düsseldorf. Photo courtesy the artist.

Don’t be thrown by the “Düsseldorf” tag: this music comes from Malmö, Sweden, not Germany. (File this alongside Architecture in Helsinki for “acts with misleading geography in their names.”) It’s the project of composer, developer, and filmmaker Patrik Kristoffer Book, aka DA BOOK, who has released music under various monikers and picked up some very prominent Danish filmmaking awards. (Yes, he’s a polymath.)

Here’s how he says Happy New Year:

Happy New Year 2014 from DbN from DA BOOK on Vimeo.


DbN wishes you a fine 2014. All music is live improvised. Video by Patrik K Book.

The Found Tapes Project

DbN take old cassette tapes found on flea markets and thrift stores and use them as raw material in fully live improvised electronic music performances.

The found tapes are sampled, manipulated, processed and ”physically played” using granular synthesis and other techniques, to create obscure rhythmical structures, noises and drones.

For each and every concert DbN use only cassette tapes found locally within the city or the area of the specific concert venue, making the raw material for every performance totally unique.



It seems more of this project is coming later this year. We’ll be listening.



  • TRMS

    I really like the idea of just using “local” tapes of the cities he plays in. I had a similar idea of performing only with sounds I found in the venue and surroundings a couple of hours prior to the concert. What the hell, I might dust off the notes I took and do it in 2014.

    • TRMS

      (And yes, I’m 100% positive someone, somewhere has done it before!)

  • fargo

    This guy is an excellent example of music emerging from active listening. He’s totally inside the sounds he’s spinning, letting them rise up like smoke streams without stamping them into preconceived forms.

  • Patrik K. Book

    Thanks fargo and TRMS! :-)

    • fargo

      Patrik, seriously – thank you! Your sounds are a shining clue in how to escape ever-creeping digital fatigue. This is some wild, organic hybrid you’ve fallen into. Accidental dub? Whatever it is, I love it man. Love IT.

    • Patrik K. Book

      I´m humbled fargo, truly. Your response is very, very inspiring to me. I do feel that I have hit a special sensibility with DbN – and that, at least for me, I am on a new kind of sonic journey, and I am really keen to see where it will take me further on. Just to let you, and others know, I am keeping an eye out for the right label + I am trying to find interesting gig-opportunities for DbN in 2014. Thanks again fargo.

    • Patrik K. Book

      Btw fargo, if you hook me up with your contact info (there´s a contact form at the DbN-site) – I´´ll be happy to keep you posted on events related to DbN.

  • abletonworkshopsde

    Hope he will also come to Düsseldorf :)

  • herr hewel

    trainspotting: picture taken @ langebro (“long bridge”) in copenhagen, denmark
    also love the music!

  • Ash

    yeah some of the more disturbing stuff is off old answering machine tapes… There’s a responsibility to censor some content to maintain your karma too.