Android may not have anything approaching the catalog of music software available on iOS. But that shouldn’t mean you can’t find some very useful application for an Android device. I’ve been particularly happy with a second-generation Nexus 7 as a second tablet, for instance.

Now, Ableton Live users with an Android phone or tablet they do love can add one killer application. LIVKONTROL was already one of our favorite Ableton Live remote control apps, with a balanced set of features, a really nice clip editing function, and a handy bank of generic MIDI controls you can use for anything you like.

With Android support, LIVKONTROL stakes out a unique place on the market. I’ve started giving it a try on that Nexus, and it’s really a lovely combination.

LIVKONTROL’s feature set scales from free to US$29.99. Then again, at the price of something like the Nexus or a blowout price on a Galaxy, you’ve got some change to spare.

The full feature set:

Scrollable scene view for total clip access
Launch entire rows or individual clips
Clips reflect color, name, play progress and record status
Scene launch buttons with assigned name and color
Mute, solo and arm tracks
Control tracks master volume and pan in a intuitive and space saving format
Song play, stop, record and metronome control
Tempo tap, up and down
Unique pitch control (+10%/-10% / Bend up / Bend down)
Play quantization selection
Screen lock disabled while running
Bidirectional fader support
Master output level indicator
Up to 20 faders for custom MIDI control
Powerfull Clip editor
Track sends control
Track devices parameters control




  • Freeks

    And it works on what androids?
    Problem with android tablets is to find the one that is cheap, but also actually works. I’d like to get another tablet on stage with my Retro iPad.

    • coolout

      Works perfectly on my first gen Nexus 7…as does pretty much everything Android related.

    • Andre Brown

      Dude please don’t go cheap, go quality go Nexus.
      You want that iOS quality and long term support in a non iOS device, go Nexus.

  • adam

    Working very well on galaxy tab s t 805 !