This is … real. This is really the famed “crack-smoking” mayor of Toronto, laying down a beat live with Ableton Live and Ableton Push. And it’s definitely not an official Ableton artist endorsement, nor is Rob Ford a certified Ableton trainer. (Though if he does want to consider another career…)

Well, some people do find Push addictive.

Next: Putin on monome?

If you aren’t impressed by Ford randomly jabbing pads, you might watch this instead, via Synthtopia:

  • Ezmyrelda

    It’s like he’s never heard a song before..

    • Yermom

      On crack, everything is a song. A thrash metal song.

  • AfroDJMac


  • Aethynvan

    No wonder his popularity is higher than Obama’s… what a cool ice pipe smocking Mayor :-)

  • on and on

    Push is easy, even a crack head can make a beat!

  • Graham Miller

    Let’s hope he’s not using a ‘cracked’ version of the software… :)

  • tesla3090

    I would pay to watch Putin playing a monome…

  • Krieger

    So proud of my city.

  • joshspoon

    Does Ford go to the Toronto Ableton Users Group Meeting?