Electronic musicians – controllerists, if you will – may choose to augment themselves with machines. They may build elaborate custom electronics so they can express themselves live more than the default music technology would otherwise allow – acoustic, amplified, or digital.

But there has to be a human there first.

In a documentary film from November, Moldover talks about what drives him to make music. It’s that emotional place that motivates both his technological expression and songwriting, and that’s something I imagine will be poignant whatever genre you choose as your own.


“Four Track,” for its part, was fully crowd-funded (and then some), and will ship in the spring. A collaboration with electronics wizard Mitch Altman, it massively expands what an album is. Fit into a compact audio cassette case, it incorporates both the album and a custom all-in-one voice crusher.

Alfred Ladylike, aka Voice Crusher beta-tester Lesley Dean, shows what’s possible with the result:

But now, with Moldover moving into the final hours of his newest invention, Guitar Wing, it’s a perfect time to revisit the reason he works on this stuff. And there, sir, in the way you feel and that music heals, I am certain you’re anything but alone.



  • maddechee


    another video of this turd
    i remember the song “dont look at me like that i’m not your mirror”

    please stop

    • EclecticMayhem

      Really? I liked it. Can you point me to some artists at the non-turd end of the spectrum so I can compare?

    • maddechee

      sorry i don’t like it

      moldover is an artist? he is good for make midi controllers… not to make music. is the second video that i see and both are so annoing, the music is not good at all. this is my opinion …

  • Timur Kuyanov

    “blink-blink, look at all my nice shiny toys! and i have a hairstyle too!”

  • Nagasaki Nightrider

    The most notable thing to me is that all the tricknology is used to make frat rock circa 1993.

  • mercury

    wow, the haters are out in full force!!! even if the dude is cheesy at least he is creating! maybe save the criticism and use the time to create instead??

    • Timur Kuyanov

      criticism is a very important part of a creative process, but you probably know it already…

    • Greg Lőrincz

      So why don’t you try it then?

    • mercury

      yea but no where does it say that the music is great, the guy creates a ton of amazing tools for creating music. how do u feel about bob moog’s original works of audio?

      u know what’s more important that criticism in the creative process? creating something. so why not go do it…?

    • foljs

      Actually, no, criticise a lot and only THEN create.

      That way you’ll save people from half-baked works with no self-control at all, throwing any kind of stuff to see if it sticks.

      At this point in time, we could use LESS, but more thought out works…

  • jmcq

    Ah, the courage of the Anonymous Internet Troll. Whatcha gonna do? Haters gonna hate, creators gonna create. Moldover is the Man, keep on playin’ brother.

    • Timur Kuyanov

      You are as anonymous as any of them, what makes you think your opinion matters more then theirs?

  • ZK

    Really? What’s wrong with you people?
    Do your thing, Moldover! You rock, brotha. 4track is sick. Keep up the good work.

  • maddechee

    creators gonna create, musician gonna make good music

    (the last is not the moldover example)

  • wetterberg

    Oh wow. You guys have seriously degraded to complaining about *hairstyles* now?

    In part I guess Peter you might be baiting the trolls a little too hard, with phrases like “Maestro Mastermind Controllerist himself, the incomparable Matt Moldover” – judging from the doc I think even Matt would agree with you that that’s hyperbolic. I’ve only ever met Moldover once (must be like 8 years ago?) in new york, but if he’s as shy as he appears then that phrasing would make him uncomfortable too :)

    • Timur Kuyanov

      Not complaining really, but it looks like his tools are playing about the same role as his hairstyle, which is:image. Don’t you agree? I just find it a bit suspicious when an artist who’s positioning himself as a creative innovative type relying on a blinky lights in order to achieve connection with his audience, that’s all. Just look at the awkward angles he’s positioning his tools, obviously he’s not doing it to achieve better performing conditions…reminds me of that other guy who puts his boxes on the table as far as possible from each other and then jumping between then all the performance creating illusion of something very dynamic…i think he is iranian? And sorry if i’ve used word hairstyle in a wrong context, English is not my native language.

    • Timur Kuyanov

      Oh, and just to add something: any person who’s familiar with the history of development of new musical instruments, interfaces and performance systems will clearly see that all what this guy does is secondary, he’s taking experience of the other people who DID actually invent something and turning it into cheesy cheese, he’s a populist, market square magician…Again, reminds me of that woman who ‘invented’ the music controller gloves, Imogen Heap i think she’s calling her project, she’s acting like nobody did this before her, and people eat it…but of course, she’s controlling Ableton Live with it! :)

    • Greg Lőrincz

      Imogen Heap never said she invented the glove (I happen to know the people who made it). Never. Don’t make up shit please. And what’s wrong with controlling Ableton Live? And what’s wrong with people using stuff that other people invented? Does that mean that I can’t use the toilet for instance because I haven’t invented it?

  • foljs

    Alright, so I was trying to find what I don’t like about a lot of posts on CDM, and it finally hit me with this piece, even found the word I was looking for.

    I don’t care for “controllerists” — people who place more emphasis in the theatrics and electronics to add fx and “expression”, than to the actual composition. Especially when the composition is total crap, random noises produced by a bloke wearing wired gloves or such.

    • foljs

      Wow, haven’t read the other comments before posting mine. It seems this emphasis in the gimmicks hits a lot of nerves…

  • Don’t be afraid

    To each and every one of you who said these negative things, I want to ask you a question and if you are not afraid I want an answer. Do you think there isn’t enough room on this planet to include Moldover? If your answer is no then I would like you to explain why.

  • pxl

    My favourite bit in this is towards the end… where you see he’s practising in front of a mirror ; )