Resonators are a breed that could use some new life. Let’s not even talk about Ableton Live – use one of the presets in the built-in effect in that software, and any producers are likely to perk up their ears – and turn up their nose.

But that’s why it’s nice to see the latest effort from Artemiy Pavlov and Sinevibes. The Ukrainian developer has just been on a roll lately with clever, Mac-friendly (Retina Display, even) creative plug-ins. And the latest is a fresh twist on a resonator.

Six tuned resonators already makes a nice resonator plug-in, but Hexonator also doubles as a sequencer. With 32-step chord sequencing and timing options, you can create some really elaborate effects. And you do this via the sort of unusual, animated UI that is Sinevibes’ signature.


  • Six melodically tuned resonators with positive/negative feedback, adjustable bandwidth.
  • Chord sequencer with up to 32 steps, variable timing, shuffle and glide.
  • Multi-mode filter: low-pass, band-pass, and high-pass at -12 dB and -24 dB per octave.
  • Two modulators with 8 waveforms and adjustable chaos.

Tested with a variety of AU hosts on 10.6 and later OS X. (Sorry, Windows users.)

And here’s what it sounds like, though with programming capabilities this extensive, other results are possible, too – will try to cook something up:

Go have at it. US$39 or available in a bundle; demo version available.


  • chaircrusher

    Editorial note “any producers are likely to turn up their ears.” — is that like turn up your nose? Or is it like making your ears louder? I think this needs rewriting to be clearer.

    • mrzl

      its totally clear in my ears 😉

  • Séamus Bradd

    Sinevibes make such beautiful looking plugins. Love the fact there’s no ‘chrome’ or otherwise concessions to making their creations look like ‘real’ gear. That and the fact they sound amazing, too.

    • http://jeffkocan.com/ jeffk

      They’re also great about tweaking and updating their plugins, and responding to customers’ issues (in this very comment section, too). I never feel bad about giving these guys my money.

    • Artemiy Pavlov

      Glad you’re pleased with us, thanks! :-)

    • Artemiy Pavlov

      Thanks very much for the kind words! :-)

  • http://www.dangayle.com/ Dan Gayle

    I’ve bought a few of their plugins within the last month, great stuff and great customer service. Very highly recommended.

    • Artemiy Pavlov

      Thanks, Dan!

    • winhead

      Any plans for Windows support afterall?

    • Artemiy Pavlov

      Not for now, I’m afraid. We use Apple’s tech natively, Core Animation on the UI side, Accelerate on DSP side, so redoing for another platform would be too much work. So it’s OS X and iOS for us.

    • rotathor

      Too sad, but thanks for the insight…

  • chaircrusher

    Oh, and developers who do platform-specific plugs need to up their game.