“Bastl” is Czech slang that’s roughly equivalent to the maker culture or DIY. And now, from the makers of the glitchy, odd, and wonderful world of Standuino, comes a new granular sampler, a follow-up to a terrific earlier kit.

The Bastl crew are showing off the microGranny 2.0 among lots of other new gear here at Musikmesse. They’ve added some functionality to the instrument (copy/paste, more presets), and put it in a very attractive housing.

But as before, you get a hackable, happily lo-fi sample mangler. Load up your sounds on SD card, then manipulate them with hands-on controls or via MIDI. You can loop, change the sample rate, crush, and add envelopes. And check out the code; it’s built from open libraries.

The whole project is made in the Czech Republic:

Most of the components we get are from local distributor, PCBs are produced in small town Blansko 20km north from Brno, laser cut parts are made by our friends in Razzia in Brno. All of this comes to our tiny “factory” office, gets sorted into kits and the assembled instruments are made by locals who are partly from the Bastl generation (50+).

And with that in mind, the very short first run (just thirty units) will have some special Czech touches. You get vintage knob caps – the orange models look strikingly modern and stylish – plus a sample bank from 80s pop music, each salvaged from the former Czechoslovakia.


Future Music paid the creators a visit and shot some lovely video:

Full specs:

monophonic mono sampler
microSD card (storing + recording samples, storing presets)
6 sounds with full adjustments storable in a preset at once
60 presets in 10 banks (6 preset per bank), stored as .txt files on microSD card
wav sample playback from microSD card (mono, 22050 Hz, 8 or 16 bit, two letter file name)
8-bit 22050Hz wav recording via line input or onboard microphone
hold button
sample rate (tuned or free run)
start, end position with repeat, instant loop
granular settings: grain size and shift speed (positive or negative)
amplitude envelope attack and release
MIDI Input – responds to note, cc and clock (synchronize loop and grains)
MIDI side chain envelope restart
copy, paste
input & output volume knob
power switch – plug / battery
hackable – arduino based

More – and direct preorder link:

  • inkgnostic

    How large is the sample bank? MB, GB? Length of samples? etc.

    • ondrej

      sample bank is related to size of card. reads sdhc. no limit on lenght, but never tried super long samples (hour)

  • itchy

    sounds nice.

  • Mafgar

    blaaa, I love this idea but it sounds soo bad. That is seriously some of the worst granular manipulation I’ve heard.

    • Messier88

      Well maybe it’s an aesthetic choice, and some people may like that. But I agree that any flexible granular synth should do smooth granulation with making it sound glitchy as an option. This sounds like there’s no grain envelope whatsoever!

    • derin devlet

      Bad? It sounds like a cool stutter effect. I’m sure if he wanted smooth he’s design smooth. I want one just because of that wreckage

  • papernoise

    While the first Micro Granny was kind of a weird thing, without a clear concept and a totally confusing interface, this one looks really like the transition from Standuino to Bastl was more than just a name change. It still feels like a lo-fi, handmade nice product, but in a totally positive way. Of course we’ll have to see the exact specs, but so far I must say that I’m positively impressed. It’s something I’d consider buying, it it doesn’t have any obvious show-stoppers.

  • James Husted

    I think it will still be the QuBit Nebulae for me…

  • Tom

    Nice!, anyone know of any plugin that can also do legato of a sample? meaning by this that you can change the pitch without restarting the sample. Thanks

  • doofUS

    Its an 8 bit micro controller not an ARM based device expecting it to support lots of grains or interpolation between states or envelopes is expecting WAY to much.

    It ISNT ‘reaktor’ in a box. It is a cheap and cheerful FUN little musical toy that the talented and adventurous will use to great effect.