Music is transformed by context, by instrumentation and space and setting. With amplified music, thinking about content alone isn’t enough. Visualists now work with projection mapping and lighting constructions and lasers and the like. It seems electronic musicians as a scene may benefit from thinking more about speakers.

We saw recently 4DSOUND, an immersive architectural installation. But that requires carrying around columns. Here’s a multichannel system you can tote along with you, like an umbrella. The results look like a prop from a post-apocalyptic Terry Gilliam movie; it’s sound as object.

pseudo multichannel personal autonomous sound installation with 10 panning spots
– 10 speakers
– optical relays
– arduino uno
– micro sd wav player

Practical? Perhaps not. But it’s a reminder that there are many unexpected ways to get sound to a listener.

The project is the work of Moscow-based “media-artist, musician and engineer of strange-sounding mechanisms” Dmitry Morozov. He has posted plans and full Arduino source code if you’d like to try this yourself.

And you can find a network of artists around Moscow doing this stuff:

::vtol:: “anywhere” from ::vtol:: on Vimeo.

  • Andy

    why not build it into an actual umbrella? at least then it’d be a bit more practical and likelier to get used.

    • Igor Molochevski

      Andy the parabolic nature of the umbrella will create distortion of spatial field. Plus this does look cooler this way…

  • Igor Molochevski


  • foljs

    Frequest random posts about tech gimmicks going nowhere instead of articles about “creatING digital music”

    • Greg Lőrincz

      What does that supposed to mean? Is that a criticism? Are you allergic to verbs or just hate being understood? Do you normally communicate with sock-puppets?

    • foljs

      What exactly did you failed to understand?

      Too many posts about BS gadgets and “inventions”, and too few posts about “creating digital music”.

      Or, if you want it with 100% more verbs:

      This site HAS too many posts about stupid gadgets, and too few posts about “creating digital music” (you, know, the actual topic this site is supposed to be about).

    • Zubetei

      Build your own site.

    • Greg Lőrincz

      I’ve been reading this site for years. There’s absolutely nothing unusual about this article, Peter always writes about quirky, interesting stuff. I don’t understand why you get upset about an article that doesn’t interest you. There are many articles here that I don’t care about, such as the iPad and iOs related stuff yet you don’t see me complaining about it. Also, glad to see you can write a full sentence and use verbs!

      “If the site was called “Creating monotonous and banal stuff with hipstery pseudo-innovative gadgetry” I’d understand it…”

      Don’t read CDM then. You’re life must be so hard!

    • Timur Kuyanov

      it’s not possible to create ‘digital’ music without tools. Even more, it is quite hard sometimes to distinguish between composing, performing and crafting the tools these days…

    • foljs

      I don’t have a problem with tools. Not even with crafting tools DIY style. My problem is with stupid non-tools and gimmicks, especially when coverage for them outnumbers coverage for actual tools.

      I’m sure most people creating digital music use Live, Logic, Cubase, PT, Max and the like, than some BS self-made gadget that does the electronic music equivalent of fart sounds. So, how come there are too few articles about the former on this site?

      If the site was called “Creating monotonous and banal stuff with hipstery pseudo-innovative gadgetry” I’d understand it…

  • Sleepy lesbos

    Put this on an umbrella hat + oculus rift

  • Strumzilla

    It’s a cool concept. For a fixed installation it would interesting, a more immersive single user application would be the benefit I think. I’m fine with headphones or my 7.1 surround system at the present time.

  • RB

    This is a complete joke. Which frequency bandwidth can you achieve with so small loudspeakers ? There is an obvious confusion between gadgets and music here.

  • Nikola

    Maybe the frequency response is not great, but it fuels imagination on what can be done. There were countless occurrences of limitations that sparked artistic creativity