Yeah, yeah, fake knobs and faders.

A video teaser reveals what Lemur developer Liine is about to announce, and … whoa.

Via Dr. Nick at Liine on Vine.

As always, we’ll be on top of it. (Actually, not always. This time, we’ll be on top of it. Check in some time in the next 24 hours or so, I’m guessing.)


  • Tom

    Looks pretty! Hope it’s a free upgrade given what we’ve paid for the app (not that it hasn’t already paid for itself in terms of usefulness, of course)

  • Dave

    Does anyone know of any solid tutorials for Lemur? The original software is from the early internet days so its hard to go back and find useful info. Basically once I attempt to go beyond dragging faders and into scripting everything vanishes.

    • Nick Suda

      I’ve been building a pretty involved software prototype that’s using Lemur to drive a Reaktor instrument over OSC for the past year and a half. It makes pretty heavy use of Containers inside of Containers, global variables, and lots and lots of scripting that bidirectionally communicates to Reaktor and internally communicates with itself.

      There is a dearth of documentation on how to do any of this stuff, I had to figure out a lot myself from guessing based on my limited programming experience. I will put something up on my website in the next few weeks and post a link.

  • Armando

    The editor has been horrible on mavericks. I hope it gets an upgrade. I have to use the editor on my iPad and I’m finding it not as easy to work on.

    • Gareth

      If you haven’t already, please email us at support at and describe the issues you’re having with the editor on Mavericks. Hearing reports from you guys is essential for us to be able to tackle issues that we may not have seen ourselves.

  • Nick Suda

    Stoked. I’m a hardcore iOS Lemur user. I hope to see the return of the JazzMutant “Gesture” object! (Alongside my usual gripes, like vertical text, custom font sizes, orientation-reversible faders, and USB software OSC via the Daemon inherited from something like serialosc.)

  • Popo Bawa

    It appears to be running on a MacBook. If they finally do release this for macs I will buy it instantly. I hate needing to buy an underpowered tablet for apps which can all be run natively.

    • wetterberg

      What you’re seeing is the editor. It’s always had an editor.
      And Lemur really should run on a multi-touch enabled platform for it to… make sense in any way

    • Popo Bawa

      Why does one need a specific “platform” to parse user data? My Macs have had dozens of sensors for like fifteen years. They have always been able to sense me just fine. Plus, they have real ethernet. I don’t like to downgrade my hardware to a tablet just because they are trendy.

  • ralf

    Lemur was the one and only reason why i got me an iPad right when it came out. This new version sure looks great, but I’m a bit worried they’ll abandon iPad 1 with it.

  • wetterberg

    Sounds like Peter knows more than he’s telling again 😉

    I’d happily pay for an upgrade at this point – we’ve already gotten one big free update. So I reckon for us to pay it’d have to be an in-app purchase of some sort.

    Looking at this it takes me back to when JazzMutant were still actively developing Lemur – such a great sense of an expanding musical playing field. I do hope we get to see more – and more frequent – updates from Liine; I think Lemur is the most solid, most mature and most entertaining controller app out there, and I’ll happily evangelize every damned day.

  • mat

    nice! I love the round multislider…. finally breaks the horizontal dogma of controls 😉

  • Alexander Phleps

    I have to agree: This looks f***ing awesome!

    From a Usability-Perspective, the orange controls do seem to make sense for touch, as it’s a MultiSlider on smaller space. I see 32 steps? (a MultiSliderSequencer to be more precise).

    The blue one is just a X/Y pad or “MultiBall” with an awesome visualisation. The output data could make sense for spatial installations but other than than that I don’t find it very useful. I wonder if it’ll be possible to make up your own visualisations and have more control over, well, the controls. I felt that was one of the limits of Lemur. It’s definitely best in class but still limited when compared to building such UIs with native applications (native as in OS, not as in NI ;)).

    What’s important to keep in mind here: This is the first time they do something fundamentally new since it belongs to Liine and not JazzMutant anymore, right? I’m not sure but I think until now, they “just” did the iOS implementation but all the Design was done years ago but a whole bunch of different people.

    Dave. I know what you mean man. It’s hard to get into. It definitely helps to have an IT degree to make sense of it … Read the documentation and you you’ll see, it’s more of an API documentation. But that PDF (they distribute on the website) is the best you’ll get. There are no great learning resources out there, just a handful of this and that.