What if you wanted to play Moogfest really bad, but Moogfest didn’t call? No, I mean really bad – like you started a band with this very dream in mind, outfitted your studio with nearly everything Moog makes, and put on a shameless amount of Moog-logo gear, just in the hopes of getting the booking.

If you still couldn’t make it onto the bill at that point, well, I guess you’d have to actually write a song explaining your plight, upload it to YouTube, and hope it went viral. This is the Internet age, after all.

That’s what the band Synthetic Things have done. And somehow… well, somehow this song can pull at our heart strings. Maybe it’s because we’ve all been there (even some fairly famous artists), unable to get that booking we badly want. Maybe it’s that the song is kind of catchy. Or maybe it’s just because we’re a sucker for gear pr0n.

Whatever the reason, well, enjoy! And, for the record, I’m speaking at Moogfest, but I’m not playing, either… I sense an unscheduled jam coming on somewhere.

Certainly, these guys have some extra gear to bring:

We actually started this band almost exclusively to play at MoogFest because we are such synth geeks, and it would mean a lot to us. This is a tribute as much as a plea.

Gear used:
Moog Voyager running through Mooger Foogers: MF-103 Phaser, MF-104m Delay, MF-107 FeqBox, CP-251, VX-351 – For glide riffs.
Moog Little Phatty, Green w/ white logo (one of a kind). – Intro FX, Happy Synth, pad line, and bass extras.
DSI Tempest – All drums.
Elektron Analog FOUR – Bass riff & Synth hit pattern.
Moog MiniTaur – Big modulated bottom.
AniMoog – Pad line double.
Alesis Andromeda: Big Wet Arp FX
Boss SE-70 controlled by a Moog SubPhatty – Vocoder.

Special Thanks to Pete Carty, Chris Martin, Trey Counce, and Jim Rogers.

The band is Knoxville’s Tim Koon & Mitch Thomas, self-described as “the exciting electronic pop sensation from America, destined to take the place of your current favorite musical artist.” Indeed.

Dear Moogfest: seriously, book these guys next year.

Nice studio, too (not only Moog gear, so perhaps other festivals will work?):


  • Peter

    Any band that owns their own wedding band lighting rig is probably the enemy.

    • Synthlabs

      We don’t own the lights. That would take money away from more synths. 😉

  • Moogfest Artist Selection Comm

    They were in – until we noticed them trying to sneak a Korg Kaoss pad by us. We have standards to maintain.

    • Synthlabs

      Dang it. Does it help that it’s a Kaoscillator Pro?

  • John Crumpler

    Mitch is from SoundToys

    • Synthlabs

      It’s true.

    • John Crumpler

      I should get an EchoBoy for that.

  • Bob Moog’s salted taint

    Mitch should just numchuck all the horrible plaid shirt and beard wearing morons who inhabit planet moogfest.

    • Synthlabs

      Nah, we love everyone at Moog and MoogFest, bearded or not. This was all out of shear love. I just realized my giant nunchaku collection is in that pic. That’s funny.

  • Jules

    Probably because they’re terrible.

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      What they have is a self-deprecatory sense of humor.

      Sense of humor – you should try it. You might even like it.

    • Synthlabs

      We’re not terrible, we just suck if you don’t like us.

  • Chris Stack

    This is great. That’s actually more Moog gear than I saw onstage at Moogfest today.

  • http://thelunarasylum.com Scott Sharon

    That Roland Handsonic prominently showing couldn’t help and the distinctive feeling I’ve heard this tune from Thomas Dolby.

    • Synthlabs

      Handsonic is new. No sample loops in our stuff. Thanks for hearing the amazing Mr Dolby’s influence though. That’s a huge compliment.

  • zyler

    You can buy gear but not talent

    • Synthlabs

      We would have bought talent, or at least rented if we could have. Still, we have fun.

  • brianmoore

    I thought it was brilliant – any nay sayers, I’d LOVE to hear your own odes to Moog!

  • Ezmyrelda

    I don’t understand why The Dirty Moogs weren’t booked.. Maybe next year? https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Dirty-Moogs/124846690942417

  • griotspeak

    This was fun. Why aren’t they playing at Moogfest?

  • Daniel Davis

    Not commercial enough. Consider it a blessing, and a compliment.

    Moogfest has just turned into just another ultra-commercial, Hollywood, record industry, marketing platform.

    I’d rather go to a fest with bands like this.

  • Andre Hayter

    Nice one guys!! Sounds great. – a fellow Knoxvillian who couldn’t get in to MoogFest…

  • http://darrenlandrum.com/ Darren Landrum

    I thoroughly enjoyed this! I didn’t expect to, but I did. Maybe because I know how it feels to put so much time and energy and passion into something only to have it only get criticized and made fun of.

  • Anonymoogous

    Woke up this morning with this song stuck in my head… I think I know why they’re not playing Moogfest now…