mi.1 : Wireless MIDI Interface from QUICCO SOUND on Vimeo.

The wireless MIDI adapter we saw yesterday is now a crowd-funded campaign on IndieGogo. And we know more about it, too: the MIDI-powered device should ship in September at a price of US$45. (Funding backers will get their unit for as little as $35; other funding levels offer t-shirts, extra units, and even a party in Japan. European shipping is $5.)

As various developers have pointed out, wireless MIDI over Bluetooth – not to be confused with audio streams, which use a different spec – can get real-world latencies below 20 ms. Measurements aside, I’ve tried some applications that were eminently usable, without any noticeable delays.

Check out the campaign on IndieGogo:

mi.1 : Wireless MIDI Interface connecting Digital Piano and iOS device

Very Japanese – they pitch this as a “digital piano” accessory, to the point of a woman sitting back with a glass of wine and quietly listening to a MIDI performance. I’m guessing … that’s not quite what you have in mind. Nor am I certain what they mean about this sharing app. But the other app and applications look fantastic.

Completely unrelated – for more wireless goodness, check out this intriguing OSC-powered modular solution, which lets you draw in modulation via iOS and Android devices. There are still plenty of jacks onboard, so you won’t feel overly digital. Yes, please. (Thanks, Mark/UMCorps, via comments!)


  • http://flexyvoid.com/ Yanakyl

    +1 for the digital piano accessory :)
    Well the no battery thing is really really cool!
    Anyone on latency?? I’m concerned about the consistency of it, jitter?
    Imagine several of those and a powered transmitter that can be attached to any machine!!!

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      Bluetooth MIDI is something I and various others have tested without issue – certainly on the latest implementations. Jitter is more likely caused by other sources than Bluetooth.

      It can work; this particular implementation we’d have to test, though.

    • http://flexyvoid.com/ Yanakyl

      Thanks, I’m trying to find some utility to an ipad i got from my father. I’m wondering about using it as a midi sequencer for controling mopho and micro modular. But I’m not too sure, I’ve tried a couple of apps for sound and I just never used it. I guess I’m too used now with physical interfaces(synths, guitars, percussions), but this thing is soo powerful I got to find a use for it! Maybe I should develop my own app, do you think is possible for midi to have separated syncs? For example delaying tracks in time à la ableton track delay?

    • Mr Pa3x

      I’m not so sure how legit this particular operation is but the idea is very very good. The problem with connecting a cable to your ipad via its lighting adaptor is that your ipad is no longer charging and is now dedicating this port to midi. With this setup you can do midi via bluetooth and still charge your ipad. The future of midi is definitely bluetooth when it comes to ipads.

    • http://flexyvoid.com/ Yanakyl

      Yes, I’ll need a couple of those then: http://www.quicco.co.jp/
      But for the cost I might take one iConnectMidi interface and have more scenarios covered as it works on the mac. I’ll be able to program the mopho and the alpha juno without jumping around with “assign parameters” on one and doing ninja alpha-dial moves on the other.

      In the end for now I’ve got, the machinedrum controlling everything, me jumping around for keeping stuff going on, computer for recording and post-production or sample editing, and iPad….as a pdf reader

    • http://flexyvoid.com/ Yanakyl

      Well this thing is spinning in my head now. What I wrote is a mess…ideas changing too fast in my head!
      Anymway I’d like a really simple midi loop sequencer with even just 3-4 tracks for performing live.
      Some kind of basic sooper looper but midi, where I can easily adjust micro timing on the fly. Forget mutliple sync as I gess it’s not doable and you can do what I want moving the midi notes.
      But I’d like samplerate precision midi generation, being able to add fluctuation to a midi timing(before it becomes midi) and adjusting offset for creating the groove.
      I need to study midi protocol and core midi I guess :)
      But do you think is doable using ipad processor to synthesize midi messages in the loop where I generate audio? and treat it a bit like audio(simple modulations) just before it generates the midi message?

  • GG

    No battery means you can use it for transmitting only a very limited distance. For more than a few meters MIDI power is simply does not carry enough power. Latency with Bluetooth also a painful issue.

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      I’m not sure where you’re getting your latency information. We’re seeing sub-20ms performance, real-world, which is more than usable.

      On distance, I’m not sure, but — I don’t know that distance is so essential. Here I’ve only tried things that had independent power, so I just don’t know.

    • Jason Brian Merrill

      with a PC though, doesn’t the latency of the soundcard add to that?

    • Frank

      Distance is like the only essential reason for a wireless Midi, isn’t it ? Because like, for short distances you can use a Midi cable anyway ?

    • Drew

      MIDI latency of 20 ms is pretty bad. to a drummer it is excruciating

  • gunboat_d

    hamamatsu?! that’s a drag; i’d totally hit this party if it’s in the fall.
    i’d love to see this with regular old PCs.

  • A

    I’d rather see the hardware manufactures take this on, I think. (Or the Iconnect folks) Like, if you’re using 1 MIDI device why not just use cables and if you’re using more these get quite expensive compared to cables that are a couple dollars. I’m curious how Bluetooth handles multiple io streams concurrently as well.

    Although, actually this could be nice plugged into a MIDI hub to your bluetooth device and then potentially over wifi or Ethernet for the rest. But! MIDI hubs mostly place the io too far apart for this to reach.

    So it is kinda looking like a “luxury” for “wine drinkers”. Lol Or yeah, if you have one main piece of gear it would make it easy to transport and integrate with buddies, especially ones that are using computer based setups.

  • Mind2GrooveRatio

    FYI, I sent them money last night, and the indieGogo’s account was compromised, and now I have to shut my bank account down. Nothing against indieGogo or these fine midi inventors, just letting everyone know to hold off till that’s resolved! Bummer!