It turns Logic Pro into a game level editor. It makes a standard MIDI file into a terrain of platforms to explore. As you navigate, your footfalls on piano roll-visualized notes procedurally generate sound effects and music.

And it turns General MIDI — and Super Midio, and my personal favorite, the SysExorcist — into heroes.

It’s Adventures of General MIDI, a platformer made from MIDI files. And it’s the creation of Will Bedford, who quips that he fails miserably at his own game in the YouTube video and gives up at the end. Even more unlikely (arguably), it’s built in Max/MSP.

You can’t get this anywhere, but I got 12 minutes of amusement just watching him play. Let’s keep fingers crossed for an indie release, especially since it amusingly has MIDI file import.



Adventures of General Midi is a platformer which generates levels based on the notes in a MIDI file. All the built-in levels were built in Logic, and there is an option to import your own MIDI files.
The game was built from scratch using MaxMsp and Javascript. All the music and sound effects are synthesised in realtime. The music is procedurally generated, based on the notes you land on.

Artwork by Alex Johansson ( and Eddie Jensen (
Game design and programming by me (

Via fedpep on Tumblr.

  • Will Bedford

    Thanks for sharing this! I’d love to release this, but I’m having trouble getting Max to export a standalone/collective :(

  • Jesse Engel

    I can’t believe this was done in Max, I’m impressed by the technical achievement, but I wouldn’t want to see the patch :). Max can export a standalone, but it usually is enormously bloated for some reason (includes Max w/in the program). Keith McMillian instruments learned this the hard way with their first softstep editor that just communicated with the softstep firmware over MIDI and took over a Gb of memory to run :)

  • mckenic

    I hope you do decide to release it Will – its bloody brilliant! The world needs more fun things like this! Two thumbs way up!!!

  • Sylvain Poitras

    This is all sorts of awesome!

  • chap

    This is unbelievable !
    Being able to see the max/MSP patch would be awesome indeed.

  • Alex Harker

    I have a copy! This is Will’s assignment for my class and it hasn’t even been returned yet. Will – how do I pass the level with the big gap? FWIW the patch is not too crazy as a lot of it is nicely hidden away in a jsui using mgraphics… Will – I can give you a hand with making a standalone once marking is over….

    • Will

      Use SysExorcist to jump the big gap! He has a lower gravity, so he’s best at long distance jumps. The standalone crashes when I run it- maybe because of the midi parse external?

    • Alex Harker

      Yeah – I guessed that and I tried it but it doesn’t work. Send me a crash report

    • Will

      What doesn’t work? The jumping or the standalone? The jump should work if you time it right and hold ~ to run (see the video). How do I make a crash report?

    • Alex Harker

      The jump I couldn’t make work, but I think I did not understand the running thing so I’ll try again. You need to turn on crash reports for your machine, or we can look at it in a week or so together.

  • haszari

    Very very cool, brilliant idea, props to @WBedford!