Hard to add words to these few moments of Mick Jagger, apparently auditioning for the part of prettiest modular synth operator face ever, in a take from the 1970 promo for the film Performance by Donald Cammell and Nicolas Roeg.

Note to self: makeup needed for next performance, clearly.

The narrator will likely make you smile a bit, partly for mispronouncing “Moog” like a cow (not that that’s a rare occurrence – rhymes with ‘rogue,’ people), but for the bold claim that a clever-enough operator can make any sound in the world. Much as I love analog and modular, that isn’t remotely true. But – no matter.

Absolute gem. Thanks, The Facebook Page of The Bob Moog Foundation.

  • Yup

    The Brits seem to say it Moo-g even today!

  • foljs

    Rhymes with rogue? Seriously?

    It’s Moo-g and it will forever be Moo-g!

  • foljs

    Heck, even people in Moog’s own family pronounce it Moo-g (though he prefered Mogue).