It’s the EDM sensation going viral on the Internet. Its catchy “When Will The Bass Drop” hook is one you can’t get out of your head. It’s the party you wish you could be a part of – EL wire dress included. And it represents the return of arguably Web video’s greatest-ever stars.

It’s also – parody. Of course.

Yes, Lonely Island’s brilliant Andy Samberg (and Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer) are back to launch DAVVINCII, spot-on send-up of big-stage, press-play DJs. everywhere. So, if you haven’t seen it, yes, watch below – region free, courtesy The Verge. But we feel called upon to do a bit of gear spotting.

Here’s what we’ve got so far; eagle-eyed readers are welcome to add (for instance, I know I recognize the mixer/platters that – hilariously unconnected – sits in front of DAVVINCII onstage).

NI Traktor Kontrol X1 mk1 (most prominently visible in closeups)
Pioneer CDJ-2000nxs (two)
Pioneer DJM-9000nxs (not the pre-nexus model, as that has a silver strip along the encoders)
The “Bass Drop” button seems to be a sideways Numark iDJ Live II (modded with a Staples Easy Button-style trigger controller – they’ve been used for music in projects before)
MacBook Pro 15″ (mid-2010 model, recognizable by the presence of an Ethernet port and absence of Thunderbolt)
DJ software: not in fact Traktor Pro, but rather Snood 2011 for Mac (still available for 10.6 and later)
Wide shot appears to show a Funktion One PA
HO-scale model train layout (single oval track, diesel-powered freighted train in Santa Fe livery)
Nonstick pan (10″, approx.) with fried egg, over medium
Parker Brothers Jenga blocks
Art notebook, graphite pencil
Red Bull stickers
Credit Card terminal – ironically, a Verifone Tranz?

Updated: Readers have spotted still more.

That’s a Pioneer EFX, probably the EFX 1000, in front plugged in.

The club is Marquee, shot on-location. So, yes, that is in fact a Funktion One installation.

And yes, there’s a definitely resemblance to The Collection and, of course, Hector and the Elektron Octatrack campaign.

It’s a shame MIDI Hack was last weekend, as we could have built the Bass Drop controller. What you doing next weekend?

Seriously, if someone working for SNL happens to be reading this… we’ll protect your identity. We’d love to hear from you.

  • aaron


  • Junk Rhythm

    The attention to detail was a little bit too much. They actually turned the equipment on. har har

  • cooptrol

    You are forgetting the credit card terminal!!

  • Montoya

    You forgot the little zen sand garden and the finger-skateboard.

  • D.j. Davis

    Whenever young musicians ask me how to make a living playing music, I always answer with “play other people’s music.”

    Just kidding. No one has ever asked me how to make a living playing music, because they know I play ambient music.

    • Peter Kirn

      Hey, this team writes original songs. This one, for instance. “I’m on a Boat,” “Lazy Sunday.” AVICII is charting with songs. Just saying.

      So the answer is, create a novelty music act. Maybe.

  • Mister Pickle

    I thought it was funny ‘n’ stuff, but it reminded me of a couple of other – much darker – riffs on a similar theme. WARNING: don’t watch either of these – especially the 2nd one – if you don’t have any tolerance for horror movies or film gore:

    1. Elektron Octatrack “Hector” Ad:

    2. A certain scene near the beginning of the movie _The Collection_. This is a link to a red-band trailer that takes you right to where things get gnarly:

    Random Trivia 1: Charlie Clouser did the music for _The Collection_. I think he’s kind’ve the “go-to guy” for ‘creepy music’ in Hollywood these days.

    Random Trivia 2: Andy Samberg is married to Joanna Newsom. I can’t wait to see how their kids turn out.

    Mr P

    • Peter Kirn

      Yeah, Ibiza these days is a real bitch. 😉

  • Djscotto

    The location is Marquee club nyc fyi