Way behind the times on this one, because it seems not to have gone viral – yet. But it’s a song about audio equipment manufacturer Behringer – the official corporate song. It’s not a joke. It has a big modulation and “doot doots.” Maybe someone can transcribe the lyrics.

That’s — all I can say about this at the moment.

In other Behringer news, a fake Twitter account parodying Uli Behringer has started complaining to me and accusing me of abusing the labor of my social media minions – I think. (What? CDM interns need bathroom breaks? Bah, hambug – figure out why we’re still stuck at 19,000 likes!) Correction: Not Uli Behringer has in fact pointed to this song. I’m not sure that even a fake Twitter account could add to its impact, however.

It almost rivals the “classic” KPMG (consulting) anthem. (KPMG wins out I think for having the most obtuse chord progression I’ve ever heard in a bridge, if you make it there — it might be a bridge too far.)

By the way, in one of the oddest stories regarding Internet intellectual property and music – and a rare chance of a legal team possibly trying to save humanity – KPMG legal tried to stop us from hearing this.
Big Stink Over a Simple Link

And you thought lawyers were evil.

I hope everyone wakes up to this post Monday morning and is inspired to a hard-working work week. Yeah. That.

Updated! Fake Uli Behringer has sent us lyrics! Well – sort of. It’ll be enough to host your own karaoke session.


  • http://samuelwa.de/ Samuel Wade

    I think this is on the Ghostbusters 2 soundtrack.

  • http://www.afrodjmac.com/ AfroDJMac

    New party hit!

  • hunky dory

    This sounds a lot like Scientology music. “The Road to Freedom” for example.

  • Christian

    Needs more cowbell

  • lars

    hurry up going viral now! this song is the opener from the “legendary” behringer test cd from 1999!

  • Guest

    tears. tears of joy.

  • Jan-Willem van Cappellen

    lol how corny

  • Michael L

    How about a prize for the funniest lyric transcription?

    • http://pkirn.com/ Peter Kirn

      Yes! I’m in. No one has tried yet, perhaps because repeated listenings aren’t so possible…

    • NotUliBehringer

      No need! pic.twitter.com/NsaOKx4TqL

  • josh

    I was looking at my old BCR 2000 rather proudly when this was playing.

  • stumm

    I can’t understand a friggin’ word… hahaha.. bwadamwah hey mwaaaaaah uga muga de blaaah chuga uh guh mwah hey mwah… in ourgh own whhhhheeeeeehey uga hug bwah hey.

  • Guesty

    I think the lyrics are about their mission statement: to seek out and find equipment from other companies, copy it, and sell it cheaper than the originals.

  • chaircrusher

    KPMG Anthem is amazing. That bridge is insane, but the whole song is musical madlibs — absurd chord change fragments put together seemingly at random. I can’t figure out what’s happening starting around 2:34 — it seems like it’s the verse but WHOA here comes the key modulations?

    And because whoever wrote this wasn’t f*cking around, there’s a Truck Driver’s Key Change as well.

    • paulplaysguitar

      Love it! :) Not random, but certainly pretty heady.

      Bhalfdim – E7 – Amaj7 – E/G# – Gmin7 – Bb/C

  • LLCoolJeans

    feelin that “the sound of people deleting their CDM bookmark” tag

  • A. Collins

    Holy F#@$ that’s awful, wtf were they thinking.

  • Jay Smith

    I Quit!

  • cheery yo

    I guess they need keep their chinese slave labourers cheered up somehow.

  • Eric B.

    How’d Behringer manage to get Joe Cocker to sing for ’em?