KORG and partner Detune, last seen bringing the M01 to Nintendo handhelds (as well as iMS-20 to iPad), are at it again.

This time, Nintendo 3DS will get a package called the DSN-12. Technically, it’s not just one synth: it’s twelve monosynths, plus effects, plus sequencers.

And you can view it all on an oscilloscope – in three dimensions.

This could be boring, but it isn’t. The results sound gritty, funky, and groovy, and the pattern chaining should appeal to people who like handhelds for their all-in-one musical inspiration. Details are a bit sketchy, but here’s what we’re told:

  • Twelve monophonic synthesizers
  • Add up to three effects
  • Effects modules: delay, chorus, flanger, compressor, kick, and reverb
  • 64-step sequences
  • Chain sequence patterns into 99 scenes
  • 3D oscilloscope display, with both Wave and Lissajous modes (check the hypnotic twisting arcs below)
  • eShop download: North America, South America, Europe.
  • Compatible with 2DS/3DS/3DS XL. (Obviously, 2DS lacks 3D functionality.)
  • Availability: September.

The UI already shows some familiar features from the past KORG DS outings – but, nicely enough, combines the best of each of them. There’s MS-20-style patching for sound creation, pads and keys for live playback, grids for sequencing, mixing options and effects controls.

The press release emphasizes real-time song creation, with “DJ-like” performance controls – so apparently you can load up sequences and perform with them. There’s also file exchange over local communication (no word yet on whether you get SMF export, etc.).

Sounds interesting. We’ll be watching.










  • Pierre Fontaine

    How nice to see new synths for the 3DS. I haven’t touched my DS and 3DS for awhile but this looks really fun and exciting.

  • Liquidclear

    This could be useful if there’s some sort of sync!

  • Alexander

    It would be cool to see Gadget on the 3DS. (As well as Waldorf’s Nave)

  • itchy

    hmm i wonder if korg will build an all inclusive synth with this form factor in the future. you heard it here first :)

  • stumm

    awesome awesome awesome. time to blow some dust off the 3dsxl.

  • Pierre Fontaine

    Yes, sadly sync on the DS line is problematic. I wish there was someway to add MIDI to the 3DS so that it could sync to other hardware. At the very least, I wish there was WIST across all the Korg instruments so that they’d sync to each other if you had a number of units close to each other, one unit using the DS-10, another using the M01 and then another using DSN-12!

    • Brian Fay

      I don’t think the 3DS is very hackable, but imagine the possibilities if we could use Open Sound Control with this tool!

    • J_

      it has mic input on the headphone jack – so they could add synckontrol input support… dunno if there’s anyway get a hold of anyone to make requests.

      it would be great to have input anyway to visualize other audio…or a few seconds of sample time. :)

  • lunchmeat

    hope they come out with stuff that can take samples some day.