Music software developers usually tell you about compatibility well after an OS is out, or at least the day it comes out. Steinberg is already releasing information about OS X Yosemite, the new Mac operating system, before it’s even out. And they may be well-advised to do so, with Apple for the first time allowing the public to test the latest OS.

The current installer for all Steinberg software breaks under OS X 10.10 Yosemite, the in-beta software. There’s already a fix on the support site, though:
Steinberg Application Installer Tool for Yosemite

Download this tool and you’re sorted.

I’m curious, anyone brave enough to be testing Yosemite now?

I’ve just this month upgraded to 10.9. After some installation hiccups, the install has been great – though this again confirms my theory of “stay about one year behind the latest OS.” (Also, it seems you will want a newer machine with SSD to use some recent software on the Mac side, generally.)

Let us know in comments – developers and users alike.

Photo courtesy Apple.

Note: We’re already hearing some issues with Ableton, mentioned on their forum. This is pre-release operating system software, however. Generally, our advice holds: don’t install any new OS – even a shipping one – until you’ve verified compatibility with critical software, and made a backup to which you can easily revert. With pre-release software, it goes even further: expect bugs. Install only if you have a spare machine and enjoy troubleshooting, and report what you find.

  • papernoise

    I think this is great, and I would also argue that something like this public beta program would not have been possible in the Jobs aera. So while there is a lot to complain about, there is also positive signals coming.
    I still find it pretty pointless to update an OS every year and find it rather annoying that we have to deal with all these incompatibilites among OS versions. But that’s a different thing.

  • ericdano

    Logic Pro X works fine in 10.10

  • Random Chance

    A clean install of 10.9 might be fine but I had the same problem on two different Macs when upgrading from 10.8 to 10.9: Spotlight indexing running amok and now amount of trickery short of turning off Spotlight completely seemed to help. Very disappointed because in the post upgrading was mostly a very smooth experience.

    • foljs

      “””Spotlight indexing running amok and now amount of trickery short of turning off Spotlight completely seemed to help.”””

      Just turn it off, delete the old indexes, and turn it on again.

  • foljs

    Hmm, always update the first day a new OS is out.

    If something I have to work with breaks, I have a cloned install of my previous OS, I can boot into in seconds.

    Never had any issues with Logic and Reason (that I use) or third party AU plugins. Other programs might have some glitches (e.g Little Snitch at some new OS release), but from 10.3 to 10.9 it was mostly smooth sailing.

    I know Adobe software tends to have some issues, but nowadays I use Lightroom from them only, and that’s based on a newer codebase, compared to the rest of their suite, so tends to have less dependencies and legacy problems showing up on new OS releases.

  • Screenphile

    I have been using the Yosemite beta since its introduction, and it’s getting better though graphically (on an iMac 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo) though there’re moments of weirdness, they’re less common and when they do happen, they’re relatively mild. That being said, it also broke the Qmaster Preference pane, which I guess was integral to Motion 4, because it no longer opens.

    It goes without saying that I hope that Apple provides a workaround.

  • Skyler McGlothlin

    I’m on a 2009 MBP just installed yosemite, running Cubase 5 and it’s terrible. Cubase has always been pretty solid with the exception of bugs here and there but now it’s a mess. I regret installing yosemite…

    • Ken Playmore

      has this gotten any better? my computer was running slow and the Apple store detected ‘bad software’ meaning bad mavericks. so I figured what the hell and they put in yosemite. I am about to finish my restore and try cubase 5. sounds like I made a mistake.