Elektron’s Analog Rytm may have made its name based on its original, internal analog sound sources, but you can now add some additional sounds in the form of 808 samples. That gives you those 808 sounds with the Elektron workflow.

The world may not need another set of dry 808 sounds. But fortunately, here the pre-assembled sound samples come from our friend Goldbaby. Instead of another set of vanilla 808 noises (yawn), you get thick, tape-saturated sounds with some added character. I’m finishing a review of the Analog Rytm now, so I’m keen to hear what they sound like inside the Analog Rytm’s architecture — this could be a winner.

You get the full set of what you’d need – 14 kicks, 16 snares, 9 toms, 7 congas, 9 hats, 4 cymbals, and then a clap, a clave, a rimshot, a shaker, and a cowbell.

Some sound samples are already available. The kit costs 15€ – Elektron doesn’t really need that cash if you’ve already bought their machine, but I’m assuming Goldbaby does.

Find the sample set on Elektron’s site:
Straight 808

And I’m guessing we’ll get other kits, too. It is definitely a nice feature of the Elektron, being able to combine analog sounds with samples, especially for those of you who want to ditch the laptop for your drum machine sounds. It’s not really competition for the Roland AIRA TR-8 – totally different workflow on the two units, modeled 808/909 on the TR-8, and so on. But it does satisfy your need for 808 sounds.

One annoyance on the Analog Rytm is that installing samples does require a specialized process – a result of the architecture of sample storage on the device. Elektron has a video out this week that shows you how, in case you haven’t tried this yet:

  • Max Clarke

    “16 snares, 9 toms, 7 congas, 9 hats, 4 cymbals, and then a clap, a clave, a rimshot, a shaker, and a cowbell.” And the classic 808 bass/kick too, surely?

    • Peter Kirn

      What would you want that for? 😉

      Uh, yes. 14. Fixed the story.


    i don’t mind loading samples via USB but what i am curious about is if any of the synthesis on board can be applied to loaded samples or if it is just sample playback/triggering?
    Specs say “1 x Sample playback engine” The diagram shows you can blend sample with synthesis and then it goes through overdrive -> filter -> 1 lfo, a filter envelope and an amplitude envelope. final stages are effects/outputs. i guess i need to see a demo of this in action to see if it’s what i want. sounds great but why would i need an 808 emulation as well as 808 samples seems redundant but i like what i am hearing and seeing so far.

    1× sample playback engine
    1× sample playback engine
    1× sample playback engine

  • Cordovan

    Nobody makes thick and tasty drum samples like Goldbaby…