Let’s face it: Reason has started to look a little bit crowded lately. What began as a small rack of virtual effects and instruments has grown to add an enormous mixing console. Sequencing features have, since the beginning, been squeezed to tiny lanes at the bottom of the UI. And a browser floated around in a window.

Reason 8’s individual parts aren’t so different from Reason versions you’ve seen before. But it’s the way they fit together that has changed – rather radically.

1. There’s a new look and feel, new panes. New flat title bars for each pane promise to make it easier to navigate your Rack, Mixer, arrangements, and so on. And everything of those elements is flattened out, a bit in keeping with the iOS 7 zeitgeist we’re now experiencing. Don’t worry – this isn’t so radical. Individual modules are the same as they ever were.

2. There’s a new Browser/Search. Bearing more than a passing resemblance to the Ableton Live browser (and the look of browsing in a number of other DAWs), the browser and search are now expanded and visible any time on the left-hand side of the screen. You can drag-and-drop all your content (from samples to patches). You can type and find, Spotlight-style. And you can easily see ReFills – obviously an ideal match for Reason. Once you get into it, it’s very Reason-like and graphical.

3. There’s a new transport bar, toolbar. These elements also keep with the new look, flattened out, ever-present, and better organized.

4. Amped up with Softube. Amp models are nothing new, but in place of the earlier Line 6 partnership, you get an all-new range of emulated amps for bass and guitar from Softube. Those Softube models sound exceptional, so this seems good news to me, even if it isn’t a new feature, strictly speaking. (As it happens, Props say you’ll have the Line 6 amps through October 2016 – though once you approach that date, you’ll want to render to audio or swap to Softube in case they go away.)

5. What, logical sequence note editing? Double-click to add, double-click to take away. That sounds like… other DAWs. But it’s good news. Propellerhead also promise “numerous workflow enhancements.” That’s, I realize, an utterly meaningless phrase, so I’m curious to hear more – particularly as regards the sequencer.




Propellerhead are known for being a bit conservative and iterative with their upgrades, and this is no exception. Then again, that’s part of what keeps some Reason users loyal, and now you can add instruments and effects with their Rack Extensions. (One of these days, I really will get around to writing a guide to the best of those. It’s an overwhelming quantity and quality, and a really great ecosystem. There’s more to say on the developer side, too, which I hope to share; we spoke a bit about this when I was last in Stockholm.)

The big question I think is whether this UI change will make Reason users more productive, or whether they’ll stick with Reason 7 for the time being. An upgrade from any previous version is EUR €129 / USD $129. That means those amp models had better sound good, because that’ll help existing users make the leap.

Retroactively from the beginning of July, upgrades from the present version of Reason are free. (so if you just bought it, you’re in the grace period). You do need OS X 10.7 on the Mac side, but Windows requirements are much milder. (Boot Camp is starting to look like a viable option for older Mac hardware.)

Reason has also gone completely electronic, if you like. From the 30th of September, you’ll be able to buy it electronically online as well as in shops.

If you want it earlier, there’s a beta:

  • KNS

    Nice update thank god for the new browser.

    • dave birney (monoelectron)

      no ask him why he let it be put there in the first place!

    • KNS

      He says he was busy wit other DAWs and had to save the best for last.

  • Jesse Jensen

    I was a real Reason lover since version 1.0… but it was about the time of 5.0 I noticed I was using it less and less and by Reason 7.0 I just checked out completely. I find it impossibly bloated and the UI impossible, especially compared to my beloved Live. Which is a shame, because I have fond memories of Reason and its sequencer and layout. Maybe this will convince me to give it a second chance.

    • Peter Kirn

      Well, but a whole lot of the UI didn’t change in that time — so perhaps your own use shifted, which I know happens sometimes. (Live’s UI is roughly the same age.)

      The browser stuff is nice, but I’m mainly keen to see if this makes it more fluid moving between console, arrangement, and rack. There’s still an awful lot of nice stuff in there – doubly so with the Rack Extensions.

    • Jesse Jensen

      fair enough and I didn’t mean to imply my usage decline in that time was entirely UI-driven (though I see now in my post that it somewhat vague), though I do think it had an impact.

      Certainly now I find the whole three-tiered devices/sequencer/mixer window just headache inducing to use. Though, as with everything, I’m sure to others it is completely natural!

    • foljs

      “””Certainly now I find the whole three-tiered devices/sequencer/mixer window just headache inducing to use.”””

      How is it any different from switching between some VST device’s UI, the mixer panel, and the sequencer window in any other DAW?

      I mean besides the fact that devices window sit nicely on a rack, instead of floating all over the place?

    • sxip shirey

      As someone who uses, Live, Ableton and Logic, I’ll just say this. Reason feels like a mess. It just does. Ableton is elegant. I don’t like the effects it comes with and I just make better beats in Reason.. but Reason is not the first thing i go to because it feels crowded and everything is so tiny.

    • Thomas

      How is everything crowded? I don’t understand that when people say it. F5 puts the mixer full screen, F6 the Rack and F7 the sequencer. I find that incredibly intuitive. It is exactly the same as flipping from mixer to sequencer in logic or PT except with one shortcut key not two. Very clean, Very simple.

    • Mr No One

      These are people who run Daws on Laptop screens. Reason is not meant to run on a 13 or 14 inch screen. It’s designed for users with dual screens. All Mac desktops have dual and sometimes triple video outs, Reason on a Mac machine running dual windows using gestures and mission control is the SHIT.

      Everything in it’s place and a place for everything. There is nothing more annoying that running several instantiations of a VST in Live and having to search through all of the open ones to find the one I want to tweak and the functionality of said VST’s sucks as well.

      You lose control of the VST when switching between windows. It’s a nightmare. I have used Logic, Live from 5-9 and Reason from 1, quit at 4 because there was no way to record audio in and importing acapellas for remixing was a tedious nightmare. I updated to 8 in Dec and I have to say that it is amazing and once again my go to daw.

      Soon most 3rd party VST and AU developers will get in on the RE game and the naysayers will quite down. I find most that complain about Reason are usually those who pirate software and aren’t very musically inclined to begin with and they want a DAW that will do it all for them.
      When you research these guys that complain about what Reason can’t do you usually find that the are people who don’t have any productions available to listen to anywhere on the inter webs. Yet they troll and complain about a piece of software that is used everyday at the professional level to create hit records in all genres of music, in movies, video games, you name it and Reason has been use to aid in creation of the sound part of all art mediums.

      It’s not the gear it the person behind it.

  • Kim

    Yes, please share “more to say on the developer side” if and when you can. Very curious about this.

    I love Reason and use it a lot, but I do it in spite of the software being really clunky and unintuitive to use. The sequencer really is terrible. The changes mentioned here, although very welcome, feels like they’re late.

    Ableton Live 8 came out in 2010 featuring (same?) Amp(s) by Softube.

    • Peter Kirn

      I’m not sure these are the same amps, even if they’re both from Softube. And changing the UI changes a lot…

      So, for instance, radically different experience for me personally when I use Ableton’s Softube stuff and when I use their UAD plugs. I think some of these really aren’t even the same models, just the same developer.

      I’ll investigate what this is exactly (met with Softube when last in Stockholm, too), and what they’re like to use.

      And yes, there’s some very cool stuff for playing with Rack Extensions that could make that already-nice ecosystem still richer.

      None of this will satisfy you if you aren’t enjoying the Reason interface – and, frankly, no need; we’ve got lots of other options. But if you do like the rack, then it could be good news, indeed.

    • Kim

      Thanks, looking forward to hearing, reading more!

      I enjoy the Reason interface immensely. But from the idea of the physical rack turned software interface it doesn’t automatically follow how the interface for the sequencer (or browser) for that software should be designed, or be designed to work.

    • Marco Raaphorst

      Wondering about these amps. I see Amp and Cabinet mentioned, same names as for Live. Don’t like these devices so hopefully they are different models under Reason 8.

    • foljs

      “””but I do it in spite of the software being really clunky and unintuitive to use. “””

      Clunky and unintuitive? It’s marketed (and rightly so, as that’s how most users perceive it) as especially intuitive and fast to work with.

      What do you compare it to?

    • Kim

      The rack, and everything in it, is quick and fun and intuitive. Has been all along. But the sequencer, the browser, the way you interact with most functionality that is not part of the rack—or the “device” paradigm as you described it—is really not. Compared to similar functionality in Live or Logic for instance. Take the few things they say is now added in version 8: drag and drop, a browser you can keep open, being able to edit midi-notes in both ends… the absence of these elements surely made using Reason clunky compared to other software. I don’t know what else they have fixed, but moving around the timeline, zooming, seeing more than one clip open at one time, setting loop-points… these things are not implemented in a fluid, intuitive, well-designed way. Reason sounds awesome, it’s open, generous and inspiring music software, more than anything else I’ve used, but that doesn’t mean it’s without fault. And judging by what they announced today, Propellerhead seems some of those things needed fixing too.

      That said, I’ve rarely found the way something is marketed to be the truest description of how something actually is when you use it.

  • boon

    reason is sweet but, i feel like there way behind cubase live and logic…. they should just turn themselves into a pure vst/au company making synths and effects

    • foljs

      Their whole point is their “device” paradigm and workflow. To make synths and effects like any AU maker makes no sense.

      And “behind” in what? Is BMW behind Ferarri? Is Audi behind Hammer? Each makes different stuff for different segments.

      It’s not like any professional studio will use Reason (like they won’t use Live or Sonar — it’s either Pro Tools or (seldom) Logic, and even more seldom Cubase).

    • KNS

      This being behind argument makes no sense. The bottom line and most important thing is you can make music with it. Turn in to VST/AU company? I do not give a damn about VST/AU. I like the Reason workflow. Cubase, Live and Logic is not for everyone.

    • boon

      reason is pretty much useless except for some of their synths.. workflow? lol!! reason is cluttered… i guess i can always use it as re-wire if i wanted to use thor or kong drum but not really, native instruments and some other vat/au’s blows out anything reason has ever put out.. You should look at the top names in electronic music and see what there using and its probably not reason for a reason :) have fun defending a outdated interface

    • KNS

      Why should I care what top names in electronic music are using? I simple care about my abilities and what I like to use. Acting as if because a big name producer use Live etc you will be a top producer too. I dont care about or need NI stuff. I am a former Live user, it does nothing for me. I dont waste time bashing them with every release tho. Even though there are lots to bash them about. You need better arguments. Comical.

      Have the last word tho. :)

    • dave birney (monoelectron)

      why do you care so much about whether reason is useless or not!!!

    • foljs

      “””reason is pretty much useless except for some of their synths..”””

      Define useless.

      Even Reason’s basic modules and synths compare great to a typical 1990 electronica artist’s studio gear (a couple of S1000, some reverbs, delays, some synths etc). Tons of multi-platinum electronica classics have been made on much much sparser equipment (and without the conveniences of a computer workflow).

      And of course lots of artists use/used Reason for their music. From μziq to Grimes, and from the Beastie Boys to Adam Fielding, Cookie Monsta, Claude Von Stroke, Owl City, The Prodigy, Luke Vibert, etc.

      “””workflow? lol!! reason is cluttered…”””

      Reason has a virtual boxes kind of workflow. You can connect anything to anything in a modular way. The sequencer could be improved, but most of the stuff is there.

      What exactly is “cluttered”?

      Plus, “lol” pinpoints you as a 16 year old.

  • Rocketpilot

    So it looks like a change to the overall app UI, not the individual modules. It’s certainly needed, but the racks themselves need an overhaul. I’m fortunate to have a 27″ iMac but I really have to squint to work out what’s going on in a lot of places.

    • A.J. Kandy

      This is one of the issues with designing the UI completely to a pixel grid, in a world where we need scalable, adaptable interfaces to cope with different screen sizes and pixel densities. Retina desktops will be mainstream in another 4-5 years. Reason still isn’t HiDPI capable, but it looks like the new UI is at least a step in that direction, but it still feels cluttered – a mess of drop shadows and 3D pixel knobs, everything is a fixed size so on single or small screens, you still need to scroll forever to actually see the contents of the Rack, etc. (How much CPU time is spent animating knobs?)

      I understand the appeal of “realistic” UI and the intuitive patch cable approach. I’m not saying we need to ditch those completely, but compare to how Live gives plugins a standardized UI (you can toggle the native one if you want), and shows the signal flow in a clearer way. Live was, as far as I know, designed with a scalable UI from the start (and so was Tracktion).

      Instead of a space-hogging 1:1 recreation of the UI of an SSL console, that you have to squint to use… why not make the UI compact and provide control depth on demand? etc.

    • foljs

      “”” (How much CPU time is spent animating knobs?)”””

      Presumably negligible. The GPU can handle that just fine, in an accelerated 2D pipeline.

      “”” Live was, as far as I know, designed with a scalable UI from the start (and so was Tracktion).”””

      Unfortunately not. Just a plain and “flat” one, but no scalable. By its looks one could be fooled to believe it’s a proper vector implementation, but it’s bitmap and it still looks crappy on hi-dpi / retina screens.

    • Henry

      I second that last one. Live is a pain in the eye on my 13″ Retina to a degree that it has stopped me using Live almost altogether. In Reason, at least the sequencer contains a lot of scalable UI elements that don’t look completely shite. But anything in the rack and that otherwise wonderful mixer are, well, not so great.

      However, even Logic X isn’t done well all the way. Open up any of its own legacy plugins (effects, instruments, anything) and have a timewarp into 1996….

  • eXode


    Robotic Bean just recently released a Euclid Rhythm Generator RE for Reason:

    Which brings me to a point that isn’t brought up too often. For instance, Expert Sleepers also released a Voice Controller based off their Silent Way suite some year ago. That RE together with i.e. their ES-3 Eurorack module (requires a soundcard with ADAT lightpipe) enables you to get almost seamless integration with your modular. You send/convert CV to audio inside Reason and direct those signals to the ADAT digital audio outputs of the sound card which then passes it on to the ES-3 module through lightpipe. The ES-3 module then gives you 8 CV outputs that can output either CV signals or GATE’s.
    This coupled with i.e. “The Distributor” RE would allow you to build a simple 4 voice polysynth in hardware that is controlled by CV/GATE (for instance). It also allows you actually automate stuff on your hardware modular from Reason i.e. ruote a knob to Audio Out in Thor’s mod matrix. Then send it to a digital out. Then connect the corresponding physical cable output on your modular to i.e. the cutoff frequency of a filter. You can now control the cutoff frequency of your hardware modular’s filter (or any CV input you like) from the Thor knob in Reason, and also automate it.
    This way of working is extremely intuitive for me at least, and I love how Reason’s patch paradigm can extend into a hardware modular like that. Also, because you’re using CV/GATE through AUDIO and not MIDI, everything is near sample accurate!
    Sorry for this almost rant, but I just wanted to share these cool things that might not be obvious for everyone.

    • KNS

      It is so sad when people don’t see how deep and creative you can get with Reason. I would dare to say 95% of Reason users barely scratch the surface. The creative possibilities are endless. Here is a CV tutorial for Reason by Peff Go deeper people.

    • boon

      im pretty sure any user that knows what he/she is doing knows about the routing capabilities which is nothing compared what you can do with max or ableton..pretty much infinite

    • eXode

      No, I actually share KNS assessment of the situation, maybe the percentage isn’t accurate but I have the same experience that most users don’t have much of a clue when it comes to the back of the rack.

      Yes, max might be deeper but I’m a visually driven person and Reason fits so well with the hardware modular paradigm that way, it feels like a natural extension (for me).

    • OSD

      You wanna build the same kind of routing in Max for Live as Reason? Go right ahead, I look forward to your 0.1 beta. Some people are drunk on the facts of Max and don’t see the sobering reality. Max is awesome but its way to low level to be as iterative as Reason. Yes you can do anything, just like you can do anything in C but I wouldn’t call flexibility intuitive or creative in the same breath.

  • baz

    I too have gone off reason, although I still use it as a sound module rewired. The sequencer is like a trip to the DAW museum when compared with my other Daw Studio One.
    The new changes will have to include getting rid of the archaic tool window, and better loop midi recording. Why do you have to push a button for a new take each time? Ridiculous.
    If I could use it stand alone efficiently I would consider upgrading

  • don

    Still no wav/mp3/aif support? This is what makes reason unbearable. Reason is better as a rewiring tool than an actual DAW.

    Some things (like for example sidechaining) is overly complicated and makes it slow

  • Echelon

    I’ve always liked the sequencer I hate the fact that I can’t use my sounds from Native Instruments in it. And that midi bs is not a good solution.

  • Rick

    I can’t really justify an upgrade based on changes to the UI. I was really looking forward to this release, I wish they would improved and update some of the synths to sweeten the deal.

    • dave birney (monoelectron)

      you could always just ignore this update and with until 9 so youll be getting all 9’s features plus these ones and it will seem way better!

  • Alkota Beats

    I’m curious to see, in addition to the new layout, amps, etc. what features are included in this release. I’m obviously excited about the workflow enhancements, but are we getting new racks ala instrument and fx with this release? I was jumped into #reasongang from my MPC2000xl workflow back in 2006. I’m a lifer, but we need solid chopping/recycle integration and workflow. Not the half speed iterations Props has droped on us with the last versions of Reason. I guess I’m an outlier, speaking esoteric in Reason’s EDM worldview

    • dave birney (monoelectron)

      i thought they added recycle integration the last time? does it not work as well as the standalone?

  • Gesslr Gesslr

    My experience mirrors eXode’s in many respects.

    I’m sure there is selection bias in the comments, but it seems as though there is a significant user/former user base looking for change.

  • Stephen Layton

    I’ve only ever had one complaint about Reason… everything I do in Reason sounds like it’s been done in Reason. I feel compelled to work a specific way, whereas when I’m using Logic I can ‘be’ anything.

    • foljs

      “”” I feel compelled to work a specific way, whereas when I’m using Logic I can ‘be’ anything.”””

      Soundwise maybe — as a side effect of the audio engine and CPU constrained built-in synths.

      But nothing about the workflow or being “compelled to work in a specific way” makes stuff sound like “done in Reason”.

    • dah-dude

      thank you for comparing Reason and Logic in the same sentence

    • DrJones123

      lmao ableton sounds all the same overtime,,,,,its built for electronic music and the audio stuff is weak i do like the editing but reason 8 beat making wins hands down

  • drno

    I recently had to upgrade my processor (xeon quad to a xeon 6 core) to keep up with my arrangements in reason 6.02. People I know with 7 just complain about how much the program has changed and are moving on to other things.

    The extensions should be priced like apps, you can only use them in Reason, and a lot of them are based on things that have been out for 10+ years. I have too much invested in Reason, but that doesn’t make me blind to the competition.

    Hopefully Propellerhead will wake up and realize that with they have done with Reason is start from scratch, leaving much of their previous user base in the cold. Clean up the bloat and lower the cost of those extensions. No one makes refills for users with 6 or below, you must buy these overpriced extensions to add new sounds and effects to Reason while they offer nothing but service packs (which give features people have been wanting for like 10+ years now) to the core program. That sucks, cuz for 10+ years they got away with the same synth and effects without having to add much else to get by.

    Reason is of course, a great way to make music, but these days there are so many other wonderful ways to make music……its hard to justify the initial cost of reason + what you will have to pay to get up to speed. You can get 10+ VST synths from arturia (V Collection 3.0) for $199usd. Thats a lot of high quality bang for the buck. 10 synths via the rack extensions will run you at least $1000usd, and you can’t take em with you.

    Get it together, Props.

    • eXode

      One big flaw in your post though, propellerheads doesn’t decide the price, developers do. I also don’t completely agree with your assessment. In some cases, yes, others not so much. Oh, and for reference, check what some AAX plugs cost (which is also it’s own format). :)

    • drno

      You really believe that propellerheads has no say in the pricing structure of the extensions? I know it sounds good, but thats like saying Sony has no idea what developers are charging for games. If EA (all the sudden) tries to charge $129 for their newest redux version of Madden, I think Sony would have a problem with that.

      I still think Propellerhead rested on it’s initial innovations in regard to what they offered over the lifespan of Reason before the rack extension thing. Adding malstrom, then NX-XT, then thor, then kong and a handful of effects in a 10+ year span isn’t exactly innovating. It’s kind of lazy when you look at the overnight jump of rack extensions, in which they acknowledged that if they didn’t do something, Reason was going to become extinct with the newer younger buyers looking to get into something.

      Yes, there are refills, but the extremely high quality refills are too few in numbers and again, they are made specifically for rack extensions. There are so many great free VSTs out there now, you can build quite a library without spending a dime. Factor the bargains you can buy like that V-Collection or some of the native instruments line, it becomes a harder sell for folks to buy Reason for $399 which offers 10+ year old synths, drum machines and effects and (for the quality extensions) $99 a pop for the best the shop has to offer.

      Its just disappointing the direction they went. Maybe version 9 will be ‘the one’ :)

    • eXode

      Sorry, but there’s more flaws in your post.
      First of all, there are plenty of ReFills in the propellerhead shop, many of them work with older version of Reason, however it’s not strange that most ReFills are made for atleast Reason 6 since most people have upgraded at least thus far. Also I fail to see how this is propellerhead fault (for upgrading the program?).
      Another flaw is you say that they got away with the same synth and effects for 10+ years? I didn’t know that Reason 1 came with Malström, NN-XT, Thor, Kong, etc, etc.
      You have one good point though, and that is that the latest releases (i.e. version 7 and 8) have seemed/seem to be more like “service packs” and offer little value for money when compared to the previous upgrades.
      But, at the end of the day, we can always choose to skip one, or even two upgrades and then in two years time from now get all the added features of three versions for the same price as one…

    • Mr No One

      $199 dollars for 10 hopefully stand alone VST’s right. One question, what the fuck you gonna play em and record in? Garage band? cause last I checked you still need a DAW to run VST’s and Logic, Live, Cubase and the like are free with the purchase of the VST. Your post makes no since. The developers set the price of the Extensions not Reason, oh and while you are complaining do you not realize that they just completely redesigned the core of Reason to MAKE THIRD PARTY DEVICES useable in Reason, Rob Papen and Izytope already hopped on board and I’m sure others like Lennar Digital, Arturia and perhaps Native Instruments are soon to follow.

      “Hopefully Propellerhead will wake up and realize that with they have done with Reason is start from scratch, leaving much of their previous user base in the cold.”

      That is absolutely absurd.

      I am a reason user that started with 1.0 and stopped using it completely at 4 because there was no way of record audio. They changed that with record but I didn’t want to have to run 2 programs to just write and record music.

      I made the switch to ableton and although some things were simple others were at times impossible to figure out.

      I returned to Reason at the 8.0 update and it felt like returning to an old childhood home. I remembered everything I had learned and now was able to include the audio recording knowledge i had gained from switching DAWS out of necessity.

      Propellerhead has in now way left their user base out in the cold. All software is updated and you have to keep up with what is new if you want to be relevant and that is what they are doing.

      From someone who has been away from the program for 6+ years after learning it inside and out from version 1 to 4 and returning and still having the ability to move around in the UI effortlessly and without thought, I would have to say that I totally disagree with you
      and your assessment of the software is way off base. I would love to hear some of your productions as well.

  • teej

    The newer my computer is, the smaller the Reason rack becomes.

    All those teeny tiny square chicklet buttons are pretty much unclickable on a 15″ retina display, forget about using it on a 27″ iMac or higher (unless you want to zoom it up to an blurry nightmare).

    It’s becoming a Carpal Tunnel/eye strain inducing chore to use for me.

    • vdbss

      I just picked up a used 37in Samsung flatscreen for 60 bucks, it really helps make the rack not give you a headache! Appreciate not everyone has that option and it’s not exactly portable!

    • thomas

      I’m running on a 13″ screen and have never had a problem with any buttons being too small. What buttons are a problem?

  • Matthew Dunlap

    I would love to see reason add markers. Like more than just a left and right. Would make things much easier live.

    • Thomas

      Use an audio lane, draw in clips for the different sections of your tracks and then you can just select a piece and click ‘L’ to set the loop around that clip or ‘P’ to set the loop and have it play from the point too.

  • Skaught

    As I record guitar straight from my Vox ToneLab, I have little use for amp models. And cosmetic changes aren’t worth $129, so I’ll be interested to see what other goodies will be included before making the decision to purchase.

    • colin

      totally agree with you … im gonna use my gt6 henceforth and should be a breeze without line 6 …

  • William Herrera

    Looking Forward to it, But I’m one of those Reason folks who will keep upgrading just so I don’t lose the cheap upgrade pricing. I still love Reason but I have to admit that I use the Synths and Rack Rewired into Live. Its’ habit I got from v3 when I wanted to Record Audio so I rewired it into Live 4 and was happy.. so a lot of my workflow involves actually Writing the songs and Sound Design in Reason then Importing the Stems and Tracks into the Live for Slicing/Dicing and Clip Loading/Launching while onstage.
    I’m not a fan of Live’s Synths and UI stuff outside of the Grid, it’s a little too minimal for me. VST Plugins that I like tend to be memory hogs (NI I’m looking at you) or just cause Live to Crash. Reason’s Synths and UI Make Sense to me as I came from a hardware background and I’m more comfy there. eXode (Kudo’s to you Brutha I LOVE your Refills!) makes a point that most people I’ve met (myself included) don’t even go deep into what can be done in the back of the rack and now that External MIDI Control is workable Reason has a new lease on life. Keep the changes coming.
    (Man there’s a lot of people who don’t use it, drinking Reason Haterade- Very sad, this isn’t a Zero-sum game. Reason sound’s great and it’s synths and FX (and Rack Extension) are STILL outstanding and fresh sounding. You don’t like it or their user paradigm? That’s OK Skeuomorphism doesn’t work for everyone, though for Musical instruments it’s a good fit I think. Do I have problems with Reason, sure! I do think the UI should be made Scale-able so I don’t have to use Zoom- as a touchscreen user on Win8 (23′ Acer Touch Screen yummy) I do wish the onscreen controls and Knobs were more “Touch Friendly”.

    • David

      “I’m one of those Reason folks who will keep upgrading just so I don’t lose the cheap upgrade pricing.”

      Say what? You can upgrade from any version for the same price. Have Reason 7? Upgrade to Reason 8 for €129. Have Reason 1? Upgrade to Reason 8 for €129.

    • William Herrera

      Actually, I paid much less than that when they offered a pay what you want deal. So I’m sticking with Props :)

  • demichael

    for my money this looks like 7. upgrade not a complete new number….. there are so many things that could be fixed but yet they go ahead with the Mac yosemite look? Are we going backwards? No real new synths, are there any instruments enhancements? Any new effects? I’m very disappointed and I’ve been using Reason a since it first came out. I also teach the app and because of Propellerheads locking multi-user packs out of rack extensions, I don’t use rack extensions.. I don’t know about this upgrade, nothing in their ad makes me want to shell out more money…. nothing….

  • vdbss

    I love Reason but I think considering the new amp models are designed to replace not compliment the existing Line6 tech (licensing issues, perhaps?) that leaves only the drag & drop/mysterious ‘workflow enhancements’ that have yet to be revealed. I don’t know about you but I have always found Reason’s file handling to be cumbersome at best, and lacking the basic file handling and sorting capabilities that one would expect from any Windows or Mac software (sort patches by age instead of name? Can’t do it. Need to sort by frequnecy of use? Can’t do it. Etc). So, no new devices and a few tweaks to the UI to bring it into line with 99.9% of other software. Whoopie! Speaking as someone who forked out the full price (350-odd Euros) for R7 less than 12 months ago, the thought of having to pay another 130 or so on top just to fix a lod of stuff that has escaped PH’s attention up until now leaves a nasty taste in the mouth. Some things I don’t mind paying for, but some upgrades should be free, or at least, way cheaper. As it stands at the moment an upgrade to v8 will cost the same regardless of what version you are updating from. PH, please respect your users!

  • Henry

    They just published a new video, going a tad deeper into “workflow improvements”:

  • David Valdez

    I have been using Reason since 2.0, and am still amazed by the amount of things I can do. I am sure that if I loaded 2.0, I would still be able to learn so many new things, and make sounds that are fresh and new. I have purchased every release since 2.0 and have loved every one. Are there other programs I use? Of course. But, Reason has so much depth that even if I never upgraded again, I would be able to find new things for the rest of my life.

    While I agree, there are other companies that offer much more with every update, I would venture to say that none of them offer the level of attention to detail that the Props do. It’s not an easy task creating software, but it is an even harder task creating software that does this much, yet manages to be very light on the CPU, be rock solid, and unrelenting on quality.

    I think most people likely don’t scratch the surface of what Reason can do. Sure, the whole idea of Reason is to have an instrument you can just start playing without a bunch of complicated setup tasks. But, while it is simple enough to use sounds that are already there, or buy refills and tweak them, there is a whole other side where you can create completely new sounds, where you can connect things to others that routed in weird ways and create strange, but amazing new things.

    It is for these reason, and the excitement I feel at seeing the progress the Props have made that I have purchased the upgrade and will likely continue to far into the future.

  • Nick Bellas

    I have used reason since version 2. I have also for years and years use cakewalk sonar since version one. in between I’ve used live, Digital performer ,ProTools, logic and have always gone back to reason and sonar. There are many ways to get VST’s into reason that do not require too much work number one is open reason as a rewire instrument in your daw or any saw that supports Rewire. record the audio or midi that you like bounce it to audio and just imported in reason that’s what I do in sonar when I want a special VST. Usually lazy producers don’t like to go the extra mile and do that but it’s really just another tool. Another way is a new program called loop midi. check it out on YouTube it’s a third-party application that works with reasons midi instrument rack module and can host of Vst instrument within reason. I just upgraded to 8 btw. Love it!!!

  • enigma53

    Reason 8 on my Mac Pro is an unmitigated disaster, and Propellerhead’s support staff are worse than incompetent. For the better part of a year, I’ve tried every solution they’ve suggested to make the program run, all to no avail. Version 8.3.1 ran one time, then the second time I attempted to use it, it doesn’t open but just just gives me an endless spinning beachball of death. Having spent close to a grand on the original product plus a slew of refills, I’m done with it. The “solution” their tech support people have repeatedly made is to trash all MIDI drivers on my Mac Pro. Stupid me tried that,and of course, it solved nothing other than to create problems with other MIDI utilizing software. A word to the wise, don’t waste your money with this company. Buggy products plus inadequate tech support and useless solutions equals one former, now permanently disgusted customer.