Ableton alone can’t take you mobile, apart from bringing your MacBook running Live on the bus. But now KORG is ready to take your Ableton Live work on the road. Apart from adding native Live set export to their electribe and electribe sampler, the new versions of KORG’s iOS apps Gadget and iKaossilator do export, too.

And that’s just one feature in the deceptively-named “1.03” release of KORG’s Gadget.

Gadget is one of those apps that I’ve had to file under “wow, this looks cool but I’ve no time.” As the name implies, you get a selection of synths and drum machines. Here’s where having a newer iPad benefits you, too – the latest processor runs up to 20 at once. There’s a 303-style bass, PCM and digital synths, virtual analog synths, semi-modulars, percussion synths, “wobble” and chip goodies. Then, you can either perform live with the lot or save patterns.

1.03 finally makes integrating that goodness easier, with MIDI input, Live export, and multitrack export, for starters:


MIDI input. You can connect MIDI devices for easier playability. KORG has wisely made their latest gear class-compliant, so that includes KORG keyboards – make the full-sized Taktile into a synth by adding an iPad, or going the other way, add a tiny nanoSERIES input for tactile control beyond the touchscreen. (And yes, that’s a huge limitation of Native Instruments’ pricey Komplete Kontrol keyboards we saw this week; they need a computer to function, so you essentially pay more for hardware that does less.) See the whole KORG controller lineup.

Export as Ableton Live sets. Each phrase and scene in Gadget now exports natively to an Ableton Live set with clips and scenes, respectively. You can transfer via Dropbox or iTunes File Sharing. And if you don’t use Ableton —

Export as individual audio tracks. From Pro Tools or Maschine, that means another way of moving phrases and songs around. (It appears you’d have to leave one phrase per track in order to separate them, so it’s not as convenient as Ableton Live, perhaps, by definition – but still very workable.)

Other enhancements: 64-bit, landscape. 1.03 also fixes an annoyance: you can now use landscape mode and not just portrait. It’s also 64-bit native, bringing big performance gains on new Apple hardware.


There are also two new instruments:

Bilbao is a US$9.99 in-app sample player, with 16 one-shots and import:

Nice, but Abu Dabhi is I think more interesting – sample slicing and groove manipulation, also US$9.99:

— on top of 1.02’s addition of Audiobus, more. The last “minor” update brought Audiobus support, a better sequencer and UI, a beginners’ guide, and more. It also has “Increased Japanese,” which is always a good thing. See the what’s new guide for all the specifics.

KORG has been releasing featured tracks from the community, too. Let’s have a listen. (Maybe there are some CDM readers in the bunch?)

Gadget for iPad

The app is on sale, alongside KORG’s other apps, through September 8th on the App Store for US$28.99 (instead of the usual $38.99).

  • Alex Buga

    Korg seems to get it right lately. Love them!
    Those electribes are really really nice.

    • EvilMambo

      They seem to be doing the right thing, by integrating serious features to their IOS
      I’m a Korg user since the MS-2000, and i must say i’m really pleased with their evolution and they way they keep up with the actual market
      Which is something we sadly can’t say about other big brands.

  • Dave Whiting

    I can’t be the only person who wishes they made physical versions of some of those ‘Gadgets’.

    • Daniel Davis

      I’d pay $200 for the Chaimae (?) – the CZ/PD- gadget.

    • mercury

      How about VST versions so when u import them into Live you are good to go?

    • DixieWhiskey

      This please

    • evolakim

      That would be amazing!!! I’d instantly buy every one of them.

  • hogehog

    I really like korg gadget and have been using since it came out. But my problem is why have new gadgets added for more money? The app is already very pricey I think the new gadgets should be free I hate in app purchases but I get that people have to make money. but now every time I add a new gadget I have to stare at the “buy now 9.99”

    • STME

      Before iPads you would have had to shell out hundreds for VST’s that matched some of these gadgets, and if you wanted hardware .. then that would be into the thousands. Certainly have no problem selling out a tenner for a whole new instrument.

      More money to Korg means they can throw more developers into the product and suite and give us major improvements regularly going forward.
      It’s not as if they are just taking your money and laughing at you.

    • Chris1a

      Pricey? I did purchase it at 28 bucks (which it’s selling for at the moment for a few days or so). 38 bucks, which is the regular price is still DIRT CHEAP for what you get.

      If you want to get new gadgets, of course you’re gonna need to pay for it. If you don’t want this or that gadget, don’t purchase it. That’s the one nice thing about IAPs, you don’t need to buy a completely new app after a year or two. Look at IAPs as upgrade paths (like you would get with computer software) if you will. :)

    • hogehog

      First off its not “dirt cheap” unless you get the ipad for free? Oh wait you paid 500 for an ipad, 36.00 for this app then add 20.00 for the new gadgets. 556.00 total thats not cheap, I really love how old synthesizer guys like to talk about how cheap stuff is and how good we have it. Times have changed. I just don’t see how korg can justify spending 56 bucks total when you can get cubase for 49 or any of the arturia synths for 10. Or when you buy a volca for 150 and not have to make a 500 buck initial investment! Also everybody is super happy they added midi it should have been there to begin with! As long as we keeping standing by and letting these companys nickel dime us they will continue to do it.

    • michaelmatos

      Yes, because software development is free. Times have changed. People feel more entitled than ever. Gas is only $5.00 a gallon, unless you get the car for free. Oh wait, you paid 20,000 for a car, $60.00 for a fill up, and then you have to refuel it?! I don’t see how Exxon can justify spending 56 buck to refuel, when I can just buy a bike for 150 and not have to make a 20,000 initial investment.

    • hogehog

      Yeah cause your reply makes any sense at all, gas is a necessity to make the car run. Korg gadget is not a necessity on an ipad. Do you really think some one would purchase korg gadget with out owning an ipad? Oh and before you start compairing gas and apps again you dont need to own a car to have a use for gas. Software development is not free but updates should be. I do feel intitiled to have what I’ve already paid for, and I expect a developer to provide updates and extra funtionalty and not shove an ad in my face to buy somthing new. Korg should be competitive with there peers there apps are significantly higher. Tell me what happens when theres more then 2 paid modules? When there’s 5 or 10 and you have to scroll past them to get to the gadgets included? Will you be quick defend them then? Yes the software is cheaper then buying all the parts separate but not every one can afford an ipad so that initial investment must be added in to get a scope of value.

    • Will

      > Software development is not free but updates should be.

      See: Math.

    • hogehog

      Oh I forgot you pay for every windows update? Every game update? Every Ios update on the ipad? What about firmware updates on your synths?
      Do you pay for all those?
      See:Math Now?

    • Chris1a

      This hogehog dude is making no sense right now. I’m gonna go and buy that $500 upgrade pricing path for Ableton Live now, my old version is getting a bit outdated. I wish I could live in hoge land, cuz that 500 bucks for an update is gonna hurt a little

    • hogehog

      I make no sense? You make no sense let me guess that ableton live upgrade is for a different version right? Not just a midi latency or small extra feature right? I bet if somthing was broken in it you’d want an update to fix it right?for free maybe? And you wish you could live in my land so the update could hurt a little? What does that even mean?

    • foljs

      Depends on what you call update. Lots of updates are paid for yes. You might not pay for iOS updated, but people pay all the time for tons of software updates. Each new Reason version is like $120 for example…

      This is not some bugfix update (despite the numbering), this adds features…

    • foljs

      “””Yeah cause your reply makes any sense at all, gas is a necessity to make the car run. Korg gadget is not a necessity on an ipad.”””

      So follow your advice above and don’t buy it. It’s not a necessity, and if you find it expensive nobody forces you to buy it (or additional gadgets for it).

      “””Do you really think some one would purchase korg gadget without owning an ipad?”””

      Well, your argument was that Gadget is not cheap because you also have to pay for the iPad. If you already have an iPad then you have made that decision to part with those 500 already, and it’s not Korg’s fault.

      “””Software development is not free but updates should be.”””

      Software updates are created through …development.

    • Tess

      Not everyone can afford a computer, either, but most of us don’t factor the cost of a PC into every piece of software we buy.

      As far as what you can afford, we all have limits. I would love to have a copy of Adobe Creative Suite for my PC, but for as often as I would use it, I can’t afford to pay that much. So I use cheaper (usually free) software, and get by with it.

      If you can’t afford Gadget with all of the features you want, I recommend Caustic. It’s one of the best mobile apps ever made, pretty similar in concept, and a screaming good deal at $10, even if the UI doesn’t have photorealistic shine effects. It supports multisampled instruments (including the bazillion sf2’s on the internet), meaning that it’s far more powerful than either of the new samplers in Gadget. And it has a modular synth instrument with a lot of selectable, routable modules, making it arguably more powerful as a synth.

      This doesn’t mean that Gadget is overpriced, it just means that Caustic is a ridiculously good value. If you’re looking for better price/performance, I highly recommend it.

    • Chris1a

      I’m 33, so I wouldn’t call myself an old synth guy. And yes, it really is dirt cheap.
      Thanks Korg for bringing me all these awesome “gadgets”, wrapped up in an equally awesome production environment/sequencer, for less then fiddy bucks, in my case. I hope to see a lot more Gadgets down the road!

    • hogehog

      Your right its a steal for “fiddy bucks” its all you need to make a complete song with vocals! Oh wait it doesn’t record vocals, but we can export to ableton and record them and thats free right? Oh wait no its not well maybe I can export it to gararge band and record vocals, it does that with audiobus and thats free right? Oh no that cost money too. And its got those new samplers that are only 20 bucks its not like i can buy impc pro for 20 right? Oh wait i can, so how much did that fiddy bucks cost me?

    • Matt

      Your logic is a little flawed. You’re saying Gadget isn’t cheap because you need to invest in an iPad first yet Cubase is 49 etc. What exactly does Cubase run on? That would be a computer, which also needs to be invested in. I would say, without any fact behind it, these type of apps are not for those without iPads. Korg will be thinking, around their meeting tables, that the market for the apps are for those already with iPads. Sure some may buy an iPad for these apps but that is the minority. The initial investment always has to be there otherwise we would have nothing to run the software on. Be it a Mac, PC, Amiga, C64 or iPad.

      You make a good point about the update but from what I can see the update is free but the new devices are what costs money. I don’t own it so can’t check that but it reads from the above that the fixes and new features bar the new device don’t cost a penny. New gadgets aren’t exactly an iteration version update and thus should be free.

      As Edward points out there is a lot in there for the money. My brief go on it saw capable synths, drums machines etc. That really is a snip at the price.

      But you can’t please everyone.

    • hogehog

      I was talking about Cubasis the ipad version of cubase extremely powerfull lots of instruments and 49.99 at the app store

    • Zymos

      Dude, Garage Band IS free. Ableton Live Lite is ALSO free.

    • hogehog

      Who said it wasn’t? I said audiobus costs money oh and while we are on the subject you could buy the full version of garage band (all instruments) 10 times for the cost of gadget with everything.

    • foljs

      Yeah. Things other people have made and sell cost money.

      Go make your own, pay developers, graphic designers, sound designers etc for 1-2 years, and then give them away for free…

    • hogehog

      You just like to fight huh? Did i say they should all be free? Can you point that out to me? Oh you cant because i never did. Firstly the point was that on its own gadget is not a full studio, you have to Buy( yeah see that word “buy”) other software to record vocals.or get it to play with other apps. And second I belive we should not be nagged to something extra in a program you already paid for? Understand? Do you need a diagram? Maybe in crayon?

    • foljs

      “””Firstly the point was that on its own gadget is not a full studio, you have to Buy( yeah see that word “buy”) other software to record vocals.or get it to play with other apps.”””

      So? Not all instruments are “full studios”. That doesn’t have anything to do with their pricing. The price is all about the specific instrument, its development costs, quality and market.

      Whether or not you can “record vocals” doesn’t change its price at all. Propellerheads Reason, before it got audio tracks so you can “record vocals in it”, costed more than some DAWs with full vocal capabilities.

      In fact there are “full studios” (DAWs) (e.g Reaper), that are cheaper than some plain synths plugins. Heck, a good Waves plugin just for reverb can cost you like $300, and that wont even make a sound, much less record vocals.

      So, pointing out that Gadget doesn’t let you record vocals doesn’t entitle you to some cheaper price for it.

      “””And second I belive we should not be nagged to something extra in a program you already paid for? “””

      Well, it depends. It would be best to not have to.

      But consider the fact that Korg priced Gadget compatitively cheaper, expecting to make money from the extensions, so it’s kind of subsidised…

    • hogehog

      I paid 36.99 for mine, and now I’m nagged to buy the new gadgets every time I use the program. That is not something I expect from a 36 buck app. That is something I expect from a free app. And if they are trying to subsidize with a cheaper price everyone who paid full price is just basicly forgotten about. My point about the vocals is that it is not a full featured app and you can buy apps cheaper that have more features. I mean for godsakes it just got midi support! I like korg alot I own many of there insturnents , but I think there software division can learn a thing or two from there hardware division. The volcas are wildly popular in part due to there low price, if they had been priced higher less people whould use them. And if gadget was cheaper then more people would use it, and in turn buy more modules. If there model is to now sell modules they should definitely lower the price. I don’t think two modules should cost almost half what the app costs. And as long as people keep buying it and not making a stand it will continue. Right now its two modules, in a few months it could be 5 or 10 . If that’s there new plan ( a lower price and sell modules) they should at least do somthing for the customers who have been there since launch.

    • Zymos

      Umm, you did, post right above mine…

    • hogehog

      When I said “Oh wait no its not well maybe I can export it to gararge band and record vocals, it does that with audiobus and thats free right? Oh no that cost money too” notice how i said it does THAT WITH AUDIOBUS and thats free right? OH NO THAT COST MONEY TOO. I’m sure it can be confusing if English is your second language. You do know that gadget and garage band dont see each other with out audiobus right?

    • Zymos

      Only thing confusing here is the crap you are spewing. If you had some sort of point in the first place, I’m sure no one even cares what it was by now.

    • hogehog

      I under stand things can be very confusing when you can’t read. Which is what you have shown with your comments. And instead of admit that you are wrong in your comments (you know how I proved you can’t follow simple sentences) you once again prove your confused and don’t understand the the entire conversation.

    • Edward On-Robinson

      Dude, you don’t need the latest and greatest iPad, Get an iPad 2 for $200 even though it won’t run as many channels, I think it can do maybe 6 gadgets before you need to freeze some tracks. Apple brings out a new model every year and the price of the old ones goes down a little every time they do.

      “Or when you buy a volca for 150”

      Who makes the Volca? Oh that’s right, Korg. I think they understand good value better than you do. I don’t see any other iPad app out there that provides such a wide variety of synthesis methods at such a high level of quality.

    • hogehog

      Oh snap you got me I forgot you can’t like 2 different products from the same company developed Independently. Answer me this smart guy is the 2 samplers worth roughly half the price of the whole app?

    • evolakim

      Yes!!! The 2 samplers are so ridiculously amazing that they are in fact, worth half the price of the app.

    • asdf

      hogehog has been right this entire time

    • foljs

      “””First off its not “dirt cheap” unless you get the ipad for free? Oh wait you paid 500 for an ipad, 36.00 for this app then add 20.00 for the new gadgets. 556.00 total thats not cheap”””

      First, that’s a BS calculation. Except if you just got that iPad to run Gadget. But even if you did, you don’t just get Gadget, you also get a tablet, and lots of built in software, plus access to tons of free apps on the App Store.

      Second, even 556 for Gardget alone (which is not the case) is still very much cheap compared to what we paid 10 or 20 years ago for hardware synths with the same (or less) capabilities (including digital ones)…

    • hogehog

      I don’t think you under stand the point at all. First sure you can do other stuff with an ipad what does that matter? My point is somthing can not be considered dirt cheap when priced way above other apps and only runs on 300-500 dollar hardware. Also who cares what synths used to cost? You going to tell me how coffee used to be a nickel and korgs were $5000.00? It has no bearing on how much they are now.

    • foljs

      “””First sure you can do other stuff with an ipad what does that , matter?”””

      Because you amortize the cost of an iPad over the many things you do with it, not just with running Korg Gadget as your argument implied.

      If a coffe cup holder for my car is $10, I won’t consider it expensive because “I also paid $15,000 for the car”. The car was bought for other reasons, and the cup holder is just an additional accessory to it, not its sole functionality and nor the reason the car was bought.

      “””y point is somthing can not be considered dirt cheap when priced way above other apps and only runs on 300-500 dollar hardware.”””

      The hardware something runs on doesn’t have anything to do with whether that something is cheap in itself.

      “””Also who cares what synths used to cost?”””

      People that have a perspective.

    • hogehog

      I do not understand why you think how much synthesizers used to cost is relevant and gives perspective, but you refuse to see my point that the cost of an ipad should be factored in. Like I’ve said before I have no issue paying for things my issue is being nagged to buy new gadgets every time I go to add a gadget in the app. Put a store button or add the new gadgets to the bottom at least. Every other manufacturer does this why not korg? I own nanostudio for ipad and you can uograde to extra channels but it does not nag you every time you add a channel. Garage band keeps there ad ons greyed out then when you click them it tells you price and asks you to purchese them. Why is it so hard for korg to do this, when it seems to be standard practice?

    • Roger Hart

      Korg is a professional synthesizer maker who consistently brings much to the table in hardware and in software – I would argue that even at this juncture in Gadget’s developement (1.03) Gadget represents extreme value at just under $60 for the whole enchilada.

      You are not buying an independent developer’s baby (some of which are indeed quite brilliant) – you are buying a professionally designed and supported product from a well-established company with a lengthy history, and an indefinate lifespan. As a result: Gadget will probably go through a myriad of incarnations before it plateaus at points – typical.

      I would be willing to wager that Korg has yet to see a substantial return on their investment into Gadget – that will come through monetizing vehicles like in-app purchases (in ios land) and (hopefully) a massive increase in the user base.

      Early adopters are inclined to be whiners, but in this case, whining should realistically be kept to a minimum – Gadget seems to work quite well, and has all the right features (thus far, sans audio tracks) to indicate that even if it isn’t quite there for you already, it will be the killer app for you to use on your ipad if you are a professional musician (or otherwise)

    • hogehog

      I agree and understand they need to make money, but do not agree with nag screens every time you add a gadget. Korgs apps are priced significantly higher then there peers (moog,Steinberg) and as further proof that they seem to not know whats going on they are advertising a sale on all the ipad apps 50% off. That would be great but is 26.99 50% off from 36.99? Its not and most of the other apps are also not 50% off does that sound like the professional synth maker?

    • Roger Hart

      Simply put: Korg’s investment into Gadget is in a different league – Gadget is a far more complex soft then say: the (2) Arturia products which fundamentally are (best guess) just adaptations of a couple of their vst’s.

      Gadget looks to be headed towards being a competitor of Reason/Record, with a built-from-the-ground-up DAW-like audio ecosystem – which requires a many-dollar investment – my expectations are that the whole project will run as a negative for Korg for a while to come.

      Simply put: like a lot of professional audio tools: Gadget looks like a toy, but it is not.

      You can play with it like a toy, sure (job requirement!) but it’s appearance is deceptive – there is a lot to it – a lot is going on in Gadget.

      I applaud Korg for taking a leadership role in the ios environment, and expect that they will remain head and shoulders above the majority of players in the ios game.

    • evolakim

      @HogeHog. Dude if you don’t like it don’t fucking buy it. If the extra 0.0003 milliseconds it takes to scroll past 2 gadgets you’re too fucking broke to buy bothers you that much, then un-install and go whine about Cubasis or something.
      FFS!! Get the fuck over it. You could have made the $20 to buy the Gadgets with all the time you spent typing about how ridiculously expensive they are! I use Gadget and a shit ton of other apps on mu iPad mini retina and I bought the new Gadgets the second they came out and I have zero complaints. They’re awesome and completely reasonably priced. But I wouldn’t expect someone with entitlement issues as large as yours to agree.
      People make things. Things take time and money to make. So then, people sell those things to other people who want to use them. I guess Korg is just supposed to pay developers to create software and then give it away for free. I’m sure that business model would be real sustainable. STFU and go make some music bro!!!

    • hogehog

      Well well well, I was wondering when somebody would lose their cool, begin to curse and personally attack me. I just didn’t think it would be a sad man from Pittsburgh on Okcupid.
      Look single father, I understand your anger at the world and your love of your ipad, but and really try to understand this I Am Aloud To Have An Opinion. I do not have any entitlement issues, what I have is issues with companies that market within items I’ve already paid for. This is a slippery slope and if every one says it’s okay soon there will be no difference between ad suported apps and paid. And the only reason I even brought up Cubasis is that people said that there was not an app with as many features as gadget so I simply stated that there was at a much lower price. No one said korg should give gadget away for free but should 2 gadgets cost more then half the cost of the app? There is not 1 other company on the app store doing this, not one. And before any one bitches about poor korg just know that gadget is the 5th most profitable paid music app so I’m sure they’re doing ok.

    • d

      pretentious prick

    • evolakim

      Wow dude! Stalk people much? So, you searched my screen-name on Google and found my OKCupid account and you bring up the fact that I’m a single father in a discussion of an iPad app.
      I don’t think I’m the “sad man” in this scenario.
      “I am ALOUD TO HAVE An OPINION” —-
      You’re right, you are. We get it, you’re a cheap, bitter, “sad” man with way too much time on his hands.
      I’m going to remove myself from this conversation before you show up at my house w/ an axe.
      Fuckin’ weirdo. Get a life.

    • hogehog

      Your the one that jumped into the conversation swearing at me telling me to shut the fuck up and fuck this and fuck that and saying I’m broke. All I did was say I didn’t agree with korgs pricing on this product. And when asked to show other comparable prodicts I did so also. And since it seems no one can deal with that you feel the need to attack me. I’m sorry if every one is used to people not fighting back or defending themselves. I will not back down, ever. And as far as the stalking claim in the emails discus sends to me let me know you responed it leads to a page with all the comments you have made on blogs, whining about your ok cupid and other point less dripple.

    • evolakim

      Whatever dude. I’m out. Gotta go make some $$

    • Matt

      Wow what wasted energy, breath and life used up here.

    • evolakim

      “Pointless dripple?” I’m sorry. I’m not familiar with that term. I’m sure it only exists your pathetic little world where $10 is an astronomical figure. Me being a single father is “pointless dripple” but you crying about $10 is oh so educational and relevant.
      Stop stalking me. It’s just a random conversation on the internet. Relax, psycho. I was just trying to read some other peoples’ thoughts ona product I happen to love but because of you and your (sic) “pointless dripple” this has turned into everyone trying to convince you to go away and/or please for the love of god stop typing.
      We get it. You’re a cheap, broke stalker and you have way too much time on your hands. Thanx for all your positive feedback. Now fuck off.

    • hogehog

      13 hours ago this conversation was over I retired when you said whatever dude. I’m out gotta go make some $$. And I pictured you flipping your little emo bangs kissed your ipad nano retina and headed to work? But then in your pathetic little head the gears started turning. How dare he respond to my insults, how dare he make fun of my hilarious okcupid profile. Lol I got to you :) . I love that the only come back you have is I’m cheap and I had an autocorrect error, oh and that I clicked on your screen name found out how pathetic you are what a stalker I am one click such work I put into finding that.
      Let me spell it out for you, Your a pathetic loser who likes to hide behind a keyboard and is not used to some one pointing out how flawed you are ( sorry not used to a man doing that, you are online dating after all). And if you need it to this can go on for as long as you’d like it too. I don’t mind taking ten minutes outta my day to take you down a few pegs or you can do what you should have done. Walk away!

    • evolakim

      Oh man!! You got me good. I am so hurt by you and all your awesomely clever comebacks. You are a god amongst men!! You stalk other grown men on the internet and take intense pleasure from your perceived victories. “I got to you.” Wow. Talk about pathetic. Listen dude. I implore you to have a little scroll through the comments on this post and notice how EVERYONE thinks your an idiot your logic is flawed, or wish they lived in “hogeland” where everything is free. Dude, you’re an idiot and you’re the only one who doesn’t know it.
      I’m not going to comment on your profile pic, or your hair, or your child, because I’m a grown man. I don’t have time to stalk you on the internet to find dirt on you. Plus, I wouldn’t lower myself to make fun of someone for being a single father. That’s pretty fucked up man. But hey, at least I have a spare $10. Lol. I’ll stick to the topic at hand. You literally went searching for me on the internet to find things to talk shit about. I wouldn’t be surprised if I came home to find you jacking off to my little pony on my living room couch wearing your mothers panty-hose. You are definitely one of those types.
      I can go on and on. Fuck it. It’s actually slightly entertaining given the fact that you actually believe that you “got to me.”

    • hogehog

      Don’t flatter yourself, how many times do I have to say I did not google you. Your profile is included in your comments back (on discus) its not my fault you whine on blogs and talk about your personal life then decide to cry when when somebody brings it up. You jumped into a conversation and told me to shut the fuck up and other obscenities, you could have said I don’t agree or said nothing this conversation was over. The way in which you choose to engage me was wrong and childish bringing nothing to the debate. you don’t agree with me I get it, you want to see how a man debates look at the rodger hart comment below. Notice he didn’t personally attack me outta the gate. Did you notice something else no fight ,no name calling. No keyboard tough guy posturing just his opinion and mine . People talk about whats wrong with the internet, your whats wrong with the internet people that say things they would never say in real life. I do not like to be pushed, insulted or talked down to, and will always fight back in person or online. Maybe next time imagine your in a music store talking to other musicians face to face and only comment what you would say in that situation. You may find you’ll have less name calling and more exhange of ideas.

    • evolakim

      I’m not flattering myself. You are flattering me by taking the time out of your seemingly busy day of trolling forums to click my link and read all my comments from a totally unrelated website. I can’t say I’m that interested in you. But you are that interested in me. Thanx. It’s flattering.
      I’ve been advised to stop feeding the trolls. TROLL aka HOGEHOG. I must say it’s difficult not to when said troll is so utterly insane and retarded that it’s actually entertaining reading what comes next.
      So……….. Were you able to raise the funds to buy a new Gadget yet? If not maybe we could start a kick starter campaign or a charity for you. If that what it takes to shut you up, fuck it, I’ll send you the $10.00 myself. You can send me your paypal info, I’m sure you already have mine since you’ve been stalking me for about 48 hrs. now.
      I’m still recovering from that brutal keyboard lashing you gave me earlier. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get over it. The intense pleasure you take in “getting to me” as you put it suggests that you fancy yourself some sort of parasite who s only reason for existing is to worm it’s way into people’s heads using their retarded comments.
      Well. You got me. Let’s go!!!!!

    • Peter Kirn

      This is getting a table and chairs, spreading out a tablecloth, and serving a big bucket of fried chicken to the trolls. Damnit, STOP!

    • evolakim

      I’m done. Lol

    • hogehog

      Your the troll, look up the definition. You just proved the point in my last comment you know the one where I didn’t insult you just pointed out how this got out of hand and how the internet would be better if people would talk to each others like humans in a face to face conversation not like anonymous cowards attacking each other. The problem is people like you are so wrapped up in this online persona that your self esteem is tied to it, and with out your anonymity an bullying you would be just what you are in real life.
      I’m gone now talk trash all you would like, I won’t hear it.

    • mercury

      Maybe if you got a job instead of spending all of your time on the internet, you afford the $10

    • Peter Kirn


      Don’t do it!

    • evolakim

      I know I know. It’s so hard not to.

    • Tess

      A Korg Volca Beats costs $150, and doesn’t include any way of recording tracks of the music you make, any synthesizers for anything but drums, a hosting environment, sequencing beyond 8 16-step patterns, a mixer for mixing it with other synths, any effects, or many other things you need in order to produce complete songs. Clearly this proves that a $150 analog drum machine is a huge ripoff — you can’t even make a song with it!

    • Edward On-Robinson

      Being marketed to through a product you already paid for is an annoyance, I agree. You ought to be able to dismiss such things and upgrade when you feel like, rather than having sales messages interrupting your workflow. But value-wise, I think Gadget really delivers even though it is more expensive than most iPad apps. You’re getting an awful lot of functionality for $39 – FM, PCM, VA, wavetable, etc., plus decent sequencing and good interoperability. For $20 more you can add your samples and do loop chopping.

      Consider that a maxed-out version of Gadget (even at full price) plus last year’s iPad can be had for the same price as a copy of Reason, and $10 each for the new machines is a lot cheaper than the average price of a Rack Extension from Propellerheads. I don’t have an iPad yet but sooner or later I’m going to give in, and Gadget is going to be on it when I get one.

    • Tore Hansen

      Pricey ?

      It costs less than probably ONE component, if this was hardware..

  • dfvink

    the export to ableton via dropbox doesn’t work yet – it says “only a limited set of users can receive access tokens” ??

    • John Caputo

      Same here.

    • dfvink

      works now – like a charm. happy days!

    • Edward On-Robinson

      That’s just an API issue between Korg and Dropbox – I think they pushed out the latest Gadget revision with the Korg developer key embedded instead of asking the user for their own access token. I’d expect that to be fixed within a couple of days in a 1.03b update. I’m assuming you already have a dropbox account, if not then you may need to set one up – it’s completely free and youget something liek 2 or 5 gb of storage before needing to pay.

  • Octavio

    at the left!!!

    it woul be great a hardware version of that mixer kind of controller!!!

  • hogehog

    All I’d like to get out there is this, if korg wants to add extra modules good for them. But if you have bought and paid for the app you should be able to.
    1st. Get them at a discount if you’ve already bought the app.( not a deal breaker)
    2nd. Be able to turn off the ads for the new gadgets. It being at the top every time you go to add a gadget is distracting and not something i would not expect from a premium app.

    The Ios synthesizer and production market has many great apps you can buy from Cubasis(I said cubase on accident earlier) Impc pro, and oscilab to name few. I don’t think having two modules cost half as much as the program is fair.
    And can any of you say that as separate synthesizers and drum machines would you pay for any of the gadgets? I don’t think any can stand on there own , they have hardly any presets and the drum sounds are lame. But its the package that’s the value a value they have just diminished.

    • Tess

      I would buy several of them as Volca-type boxes and most of them as individual VSTs. As standalone iPad apps, they would be harder to integrate into any kind of production environment, so they would have a lot less value individually — the whole of Gadget is greater than the sum of the parts as individual apps.

      But I think it’s fair to say that integrating a sampler increases the utility of the overall Gadget app enormously. I don’t have any problem with Korg charging extra for this radical increase in functionality.

  • Gadget

    Korg Gadget!!!!! You finally reviewed! I will love you and your blog for life now. The End.

  • James

    Damn, I always feel like I show up to these things five minutes too early! I just passed on my iPad mini to a friend – he had some health problems a few years back and his keyboard playing was affected, but he takes off whenever he uses Gadget. Seeing such was definitely worth the price of passing it on.

    TBH this addresses most of what I wanted it to do, particularly stem export. Two of my favourite things about the app are that there isn’t a crippling amount of choice in terms of instruments – you’re encouraged to tweak what’s there and be creative with the effects – and the scales, which have helped me break out of the same progressions and learn somethin.’ There’s very little else that I think they need to add – although I’m sure people will have all kinds of suggestions. Would love to see the export features in iPolysix and iMS20 which are fantastic…or even other iPad apps like Sunvox, which is another favourite.
    The controller mapping addresses the issue that not every single function is improved with touch, and it really turns this into an instrument that I’d consider using live. Again, seeing this across other Korg apps would be awe-some.

    I guess I’ll have to save up for the new iPad. My complaint with the one I had was pretty simple, the screen was a bit too small, and the processor’s overhead meant that I couldn’t quite get things happening as complex as you see in Audiobus demos on YouTube. Here’s hoping the next iteration gives us a bit more room to move.

    Oh, oh, one feature request that just occurred – put an emulation of that DJ style “isolator” from the Sample Volca on the individual channels! Frees up an FX slot on the instrument itself that normally goes to additional filtering or EQ :)

    • squaretooth

      Yeah, there’s really not much to ask for at this point other than whatever fun additional gadgets they come up with and linear audio tracks which they’ve already revealed was in their roadmap when they released the first version. My desert island app for sure.

  • Alan Gregory

    Is it just me or does most of the music made with gadget on soundcloud sound tacky and doodly. Just familiar dry preset sounds slapped together with a plodding ‘groove’. Can someone namecheck some producers that use it to good creative effect please? It looks like an awesome app and I’m fascinated by the live potential but the overall sound leaves me cold at the moment.

  • SoilSound

    Even if you don’t agree with the IAP pricing, the overall output from Korg is commendable.

  • Marco Raaphorst

    Reason for iPad, this would be it. Must say it’s interesting and the music is not super lame. Korg is doing it differently than most of the competition.

  • evolakim

    Thanks Peter Kirn for all the great content and news!!

  • Dre-us

    Import mp3s for more then 2 secs.!!! Am I missing something here. Loads of great fancy stuff.. Thanks for that but where is the import function??? I want to import MP3 vocals.. Someone please help.