Survey Giveaway: Win $2500 in DubSpot Online Training, Reason+Record, or AdrenaLinn Sync

It’s time for a census of CDM readers. But we can give back to you for your time – some prizes, and more investment in the site. Photo of 1940 US Census, CC-BY-ND United States Department of Agriculture; Library of Congress, LC-USZ62-91199. Take a very short survey, and you’ll be entered to win some six months of intensive training in music production and Ableton Live, or copies of some of our favorite recent software, a two-app box set of Reason and Record from Propellerhead or Roger Linn’s AdrenaLinn Sync. Knowing more about our readers helps us develop Create Digital Music, …


Dear Santa… Tell Us What Musical Stuff is on Your Wish List

Photo (CC-BY) magma666 / Scott. What’s truly wish-worthy? Is it a manuscript paper notebook? An iPhone app? A glitched-out hardware effect? A DAW? A sample library? A CD or book? Before we put together some of our own suggestions for this year’s gift guide, we want to hear from you. You can add to your own wish list. You can add something you’ve gotten yourself you think someone else – or even a beginner – might want themselves. If you make something you want people to know about, be you a large vendor or garage maker, you can pitch us …


Audio Podcast: Talking Music Tech News with Wire to the Ear, CDM

Vintage radio equipment, ca 1957, (CC-BY) the Seattle Municipal Archives. Oliver Chesler and his Wire to the Ear blog have long been among my favorite reading on the Web. It turns out he and I have both been pondering the idea of doing an audio podcast to talk about trends in music and technology. After we did a panel together, the idea was irresistible. Sure, podcasts have exactly none of the hype they once did, but both of us listen to spoken word content voraciously. So, here’s the first experiment. We get a chance to speak, uncensored and off the …


A New CDM, A New Community

(CC-BY) Andy Wright. I’m happy today to introduce a new Create Digital Music, a new Create Digital Motion, and a new community called Noisepages. The design this week represents a collaboration between Richard Bailey (aka musician proem), who designed and coded the site, graphic designer Nathanael Jeanneret, who conceived and designed the new layout and identity and graphics assets, and myself. We’ve built what I’m already finding a better platform for CDM’s stories, one I look forward to seeing every morning. Aside from how it looks, it’ll be a vastly more flexible and powerful platform for everything we do. Just …


Get Counted: CDM Platform Census 2010

Image (CC-BY-SA) by opensourceway, who has a particular bias — but, as it happens, our poll can be returned on both of these devices. So there. We hear your opinions in comments (sometimes loudly). Now it’s time to be counted. Which computing platforms do you own, and which do you use for music – desktop Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile iOS, Linux, Android? We’re not interested in what you don’t want to see (sorry, trolls), but we do want to know what you want to see more of. Connecting to the platforms you care about is important to CDM. This isn’t …


For the Record: Mobile Platforms, Music, and Partisanship

This is a New York City-produced set of haikus, so it’s accompanied by Brooklyn cherry blossoms. Photo (CC-BY-SA) TaĆ­s Melillo. It occurs to me that I tend to write long articles, and people don’t always read them closely. And sometimes I do indeed obscure my own ideas, so I’ll make this as clear as possible. James Lewin on Synthtopia responds to criticism of the iPhone, and differentiates his angle from my own. It’s well worth reading, and clarifies his thoughts, but there still seems to be some confusion about where I stand. I can spell it out. I’m really not …


This Week: The State of Platforms for Digital Music Making

Photo (CC-BY) Eoin Gardiner. With talk of tablets, experimentation with interfaces, new developments in low-cost and low-power processing, and ongoing challenges with access in different parts of the world, in 2010, it seems everyone is asking fundamental questions about what digital platforms and computing platforms should be. There are few contexts to better explore that question than music. Sure, it may seem to the casual onlooker that music is just a niche for specialists, but it pushes hardware to the limits of performance tolerances, tests latencies lower than that used for mission-critical military applications, and has long been a venue …


Through Friday, Making One-Button Objects, Chip-Infused Hackday Saturday

“Press play” … “button-mashing” … the very criticism of digital music is often directed at the button or switch, even as the cult hit monome spreads arrays of buttons like a virus. Well, we’re still interested in what you can do with a button, so to fully focus you, we’re only giving you one button with which to play. The challenge of limiting interaction to one button has already spawned an explosion of entries from game designers, who have fought their way through intense competition for the legendary Gamma indie/experimental game competition. We’ll see the winners at the Game Developer …


CDM and Creative Commons “Non-Commercial” Images

(CC) Giulio Zannol. Sampling and online reuse are enormously common in our culture today. But if you really believe in making some of that culture freely accessible, it follows you must also make free licenses explicit. Simply taking something because it’s there isn’t fair to the person who created the content, whose rights should come first, and it doesn’t help advance the cause of free content. If we want content to be more freely accessible, we need to give first priority to those materials explicitly licensed for free use. All of that is to say, we need to obey the …


Got a Product at NAMM? Get in Our Guide, Request Meetings; Correspondents Wanted

Yes, folks, NAMM is big. Photo (CC) bigdrumthump.com If you’re introducing or demonstrating new products at NAMM, and you’d like to be considered for CDM’s curated NAMM products guide, let us know. Incidentally, since I don’t represent the NAMM organization, that can mean anyone in LA around NAMM or otherwise timing announcements that week, whether or not you’re an exhibitor. One- and two-person shops are as welcome as big manufacturers, as always. There is no charge to be in the CDM guide, excepting the need to have something cool. We can’t cover everything and want to avoid information overload, but …