"I don't always make music by the pool, but when I do, I use Roland." Like a boss: Giorgio Moroder.

Giorgio Moroder Rarities Free on SoundCloud; The Most Interesting Electronic Man in the World?

He’s been called the father of disco. He has Oscars for Top Gun, Flashdance, and Midnight Express. (Impressive with or without Oscars.) And he scored the epic of 80s youth childhood, The Never-Ending Story – and the original Battlestar Galactica. He’s worked with Bowie, and Freddy Mercury, and Blondie. He’s a pioneer in composing for electronic music, but he’s also earned honors for automotive engineering, with a hand in developing his own 16-cylinder sports car. Even the man’s mustache is legendary. Giorgio Moroder is obviously a very smart man. And so he’s smart enough to use SoundCloud to earn yet …


SciFi Channel Release Battlestar Galactica Music, Sound Effects and Video for Remixing

I’ve posted this news on CDMo, but we at CDM Distributed Global HQ love Battlestar so much, and I’m sure Peter would agree it would be a shame if anyone missed out, so we’re going to have a little news repetition. Executive Summary: SciFi channel have released a bunch of audio and video from Battlestar and asked that fans remix it. Score! Now if only they’d follow Trent Reznor’s lead and release the component track s in Garageband/Ableton Live/WAV formats, for super detailed remixing.