Holiday for Your Ears: Tailored’s Brilliant Xmas Mega-Mix, Free to Stream and Download

The weather outside is frightful, but the hi-fi is so delightful. Let it snow. Photo (CC-BY) Junichiro AOYAMA, Kyoto. From Berlin’s Melissa Taylor and Tailored Communication, for my money, just about the best publicist for electronic music out there, we get one epic playlist. If you’re lucky enough to get one holiday or another (Christmas? Boxing Day?) in the next few days, fire up this terrific playlist. You get a full range, from some favorites of mine in 2011 like best-of-toppers Sepalcure, Ghostly’s Mark E, mainstay Thomas Fehlmann, Four Tet, and many more. It’s exceptional quality stuff, perfect to settle …


Hot for Heat: Warm Up Your Weekend with a Mix from Ghostly’s Moderna (Missy Livington)

Hot For Heat by Moderna For visual design, we look to look books and scrapbooks and massage our eyeballs and optical centers of our brain. For music, increasingly, the mix helps us find the mood, aided by expert practitioners in finding the right sound. Sure, dozens of Web startups show up in my inbox each week to tout some magical automatic music selection engine that turns over your tastes and mood to HAL and pumps out some mix. I’ll choose the humans. Take Ghostly International’s Moderna, who has turned her music selection tastes into a career. As I huddle in …


Step Sequencing: Launchpad + Renoise 2.5 Outshines Launchpad + Live + Max for Live

Novation has unveiled this week their own “free” step sequencer offering for Ableton Live. It’s some lovely work, with basic melodic pattern playback that comes alive once you add some envelopes. It’s a cool creation — but for me, it’s massively overshadowed by a new video featuring the upcoming Renoise 2.5 beta with the same Launchpad controller. I’ll introduce it by saying, simply… hot damn.


Download Free Korg nanoPAD, nanoKONTROL Scripts for Ableton Live

Photo (CC) Jay Vidheecharoen. The KORG nanoSERIES has a rabid following among many Ableton Live users, and with good reason. The nanoPAD and nanoKONTROL street for about US$60, provide basic knobs + faders + transport (KONTROL) and pads and X/Y control (PAD), plus a fully-featured, cross-platform editor, but still fit in a backpack. They’re small enough to use in coach on an airplane. Having to open Live templates, however, just to get the mappings you want is a big pain. So, instead I’ve created a basic set of MIDI Remote Scripts and Kontrol Editor templates for Mac and Windows, Live …


Free Soundware Round-up: Vintage Drum Machine, Nerdy IDM Samples

If you need an injection of samples into your new project and haven’t got any cash, here are a few ideas from the CDM inbox: Drum machines, from Ace Tone to Yamaha: The site has an obscenely large collection of drum sets from most of the popular drum machines over the years. They’re raw samples, and you definitely get more of an all-around package from commercial sets, but if you just want some free samples, it looks like a good place to start. Donations encouraged to cover bandwidth costs. Free stuff from Goldbaby: CDM reader Hugo of Goldbaby sends …