Pioneer's CDJ sometimes seems as much a part of the club scene as ... a bar. An NI software update marries the decks and their onboard UI to Traktor's mix, cueing, remix, and library features. Photo (CC-BY-ND) Will Will, in the UAE.

Pioneer CDJ Gets Integrated with Traktor; Can’t We All Get Just Along?

Some surprise news out of Native Instruments today: NI’s Traktor can now integrate with Pioneer hardware, including the CDJ. We’ll see how the news will be received by DJs, but it at least suggests an attempt by the two companies to make their tools coexist in more peaceful fashion. The integration itself is best seen in the video, but it’s pretty impressive: for users comfortable with Pioneer’s flagship mixer (the DJM-900) and the CDJ deck, the stuff in Traktor is accessible directly from hardware. It could also be part of a larger trend: it’s computer functionality, away from the computer. …


Messe Oddities: Pioneer Steelz Audio Type T Automates Dance Battles

I’m immediately attracted to things I can’t identify, so here’s one of the less expected bits of hardware from the Frankfurt Musikmesse show’s digital audio 5.1 hall. (That’s the hall’s actual number – surround sound similarity is coincidental.) Someone at Pioneer worked out how to combine the timer used in chess, the boombox, some DJ effects, and dance battles, and the result is this: the STEELZ AUDIO Type T, evidently new and under glass at Musikmesse in Frankfurt this week. I think it deserves special mention for its sheer oddness. (And hey, maybe this is a product for someone somewhere!) …


Push-Button Remix? Pioneer Goes Hardware+Software with RMX-1000, remixbox DJ Tools

Pioneer, that best-known brand of DJ hardware, wants you to use hardware alongside software. And they’re uttering the word “remix” rather than “DJ.” And they have something that really doesn’t look like a CDJ, so much as a remote control for a spaceship carrying CDJs. It seems to be something of a trend. We saw earlier this week Native Instruments emphasize the word “remix” in their DJ product line, as in live-remixing music. And NI, along with offerings from almost every other DJ vendor and quite a few impressive homebrewed solutions, work with hardware/software combinations to build more elaborate live …


Pictures at an Exhibition: Essential New Gear and Reflections from NAMM

Dewanatron’s Brian and Leon were on-hand with their unique inventions. Photos by Marsha Vdovin for CDM. For the lover of musical instruments and technology, southern California’s NAMM show is a giant toy shop. It’s work for many of its attendees, of course, but we know many of our readers dream of the objects that will make their next creations. And sure, inspiring lust is not our aim; on the contrary, there is some love that goes into these things. In the ideal, that’s the relationship of creator and consumer. These are things not to be bought and discarded, but kept …


Virtual DJ Controllers: New Hardware for Serato, Traktor from Pioneer, Numark

What should digital DJing look like? It’s an open question. If you aren’t willing to contend with the (potentially-unreliable) combination of real vinyl control records with computers, the question becomes what DJing technique hardware should embody. Writing for CDM, Ambivalent of Minus Records was most enthusiastic about advanced hardware mixing in Allen & Heath’s Xone:DB4. Boutique manufacturer Faderfox focuses instead on advanced, four-deck effects and control, minus the big, record-mimicking platters. The big players, though, are focused on a kitchen-sink approach that combines turntable controllers with integrating mix, effect, and transport controls with software. We saw Native Instruments’ Kontrol S4, …


Behind the Scenes with Justice in Rio

Here’s a unique chance to step onstage with electronic duo Justice – well, through photos, at least – on tour in Brazil. Behind a stack of Marshall Amps and other gear that looks ready to push back an invading horde of Barbarians with a battering ram, these two have some very lovely goodies for live laptop performance. No plain-vanilla DJ sets here. Our friend Fabio “FZero” writes: I came across some pictures of the gear Justice used to play in Rio. They were taken by a guy which works on Circo Voador (the place were they played) and uploaded to …


Single Knob Filter: Free Windows VST Plug-in Emulates Pioneer DJM-800

Sometimes, simple stuff matters. DJ mixers like Pioneer’s DJM-800 have simple, single-knob low- and high-pass filters. Laptop software often doesn’t. Enter FZero, with his free and open source Single Knob Filter to fill the gaps. (Windows-only, built in SynthEdit, but it’s open source and schematics of the basic signal processing are available, if anyone wants to translate this to Mac.) Drop this into an insert in a tool like Ableton Live and go play. Single Knob Filter [Project Page] SKF-VST at Google Code [Source, VST Download] It’s apparently a big improvement on an Ableton forum solution that used 127 different …


On CDMotion: Shill for Pioneer DJ, Slo-Mo Video, Wearable Wrist Controller, Trampoline Animation

Create Digital Motion is CDMusic’s sister site for visual performance, live and interactive visuals, VJing, and digital art. We’re still waiting for its main editor, Jaymis, to get back from a big rock-and-roll tour of Australia and environs, but even during the slowdown, various goodness for you: DVJing: Pioneer Wants You to VJ with Pictures of Their Gear DJ gear maker Pioneer is banking on the potential popularity of VJing in DJ sets. They’ve got quite a nice site up (good) and are giving away free clips of their gear rotating around (pass). Sony HVR-V1P HDV Camera: Smooth Slow Motion …


Pioneer DJ Goes Software; Making QWERTY Cool

Pioneer, known for their DJ software (and their superb video scratching hardware, the DXJ-X1 as covered here previously) have opted to release a software-only solution. But unless I’m missing something, the new DJS software has little going for it other than the Pioneer name. All the basics are here: MP3 support with built-in ripping, auto mixing, on-screen waveform cueing, cue points and looping, fader start features, and so on. Other than that, though, looks fairly bare-bones, and Pioneer is entering an already-overcrowded market here. This might appeal to Pioneer fans, except — don’t you guys own hardware? Further commentary and …