female:pressure seeks crowds to change the place of women in electronic music

Ed.: We’ve seen plenty of headlines about the role of gender equality in arts and technology. But what makes female:pressure unique, as their name implies, is that the organization is working to use the power of crowds to effect real change. CDM looks to its assistant editor and editorial intern Zuzana Friday to tell us more. -PK Founded in 1998 by Electric Indigo, female:pressure is a network of artists, DJs, musicians, journalists, booking agents, and other professionals in electronic music and digital arts. In those years, the organization has served some important roles: Highlighting the inequalities that dominates the electronic …

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Jetset Futuristic Dance Sounds for Summer with Moderna

It’s a long weekend in America, many bits of Europe, and other parts of the world, and that inflection point has arrived where the Northern Hemisphere looks forward to summer. So, let’s celebrate, turning attentions from dark, moody techno and experimental ambience to some splashes of color – techno plus all its further branches and blossoms. And that means turning again to our friend Moderna, aka Missy Livingston, of Ghostly International.


Playlist: 21 Hours of Music, on the Eve of a Female-Organized Fest in Berlin; Sarah Farina Mixes

There’s talking, there’s showing, and there’s doing. And there’s listening, too – but we’ll get to that in a moment. When female:pressure put some numbers behind the relative absence of women in festivals, the long-running discussion about the role of females in the scene was accelerated. Suddenly, the entire music press seemed to be talking about the issue again. There is plenty to debate in terms of female:pressure’s statement and its take on cause, significance, and remedy. Anecdotally, I’ve found that female artists and friends I’ve talked to are strongly divided around those questions and how they wish to be …


A Look at the Enduring Berlin Scene, in Latest Lovely Resident Advisor Film; Hope

In August, the Resident Advisor film on Detroit gave us a chance to reflect on that city’s cultural response to economic catastrophe. To talk about a city that has seen sweeping change and challenge, it’s difficult to beat Berlin. Resident Advisor released the third installment of this series in September, but I missed it as I was traveling … somewhere … and it’s no less relevant today, least of all on a gorgeous, sunny day in the German capital on the eve of the coming winter. The creators describe it thusly:


A New Documentary Examines the Electro Scene in the Age of the Internet

The Electro Wars Final Trailer from Stephen Alex Vasquez on Vimeo. The Electro Wars Final Trailer from Stephen Alex Vasquez on Vimeo. Can a documentary finally tell the story of the electronic music scene? Primus Luta has become a scholar of electronic sounds himself, and joins us in a guest post to examine a film that, like the music itself, is a work in progress. Electro Wars premieres in its current form in New York Friday, but you can get a first glimpse at the movie and the state of music in the Internet – whether wishful thinking might imagine …


Bridging National Boundaries, Biatch Corp Turns 3; Free Downloads

It’s almost impossible to come upon an electronic musical colleague – indeed, regardless of their personal genre – without some lament of the state of dance music. But electronic sound has long depended on the connections between experimental and dance, all the vibrations that can move people. Don’t complain – do something. Reaching across national borders, some people are doing something to make dance music better. Biatch Corp makes its connection between Colombia and New York, and for the last three years has put together a label and a successful series of parties. Whatever your stylistic tendencies, there’s something to …