A Haunting Chilean Single, Accompanied by Found Sound Videos [Listening + Vimeo]

In their lonely, intimate single “Pillatu,” the Chile-based duo of Vicente Espinoza and Alfredo Duarte offer some haunting music-making. Entitled El Gato, la Virgen & el Diablo (“the cat, the virgin, and the devil”), the artists are also making a kind of multimedia presentation of the work. Thanks to these CDM readers for sending in their work. Fire up the SoundCloud-based music, and you can play a series of video loops in a grid that sits alongside the music. It’s a nice window into their sonic world, with short video clips of sounds from bicycles to Korg Monotron. In fact, …


A Real-Life DIY Reason or Record Rack in Peru?

Photo (CC) s8, as seen on the CDM Flickr Pool. As I’m going through all the responses for the Propellerhead Record beta, I couldn’t help but notice this image, taken in Lima, Peru this month. Sure, you can claim that Propellerhead’s software looks too much like analog gear, that racking up lots of instruments and effects together (especially now, with parallel racks in Record) leads to visual clutter. But then, that mish-mash of knobs and colored panels looks, well, a lot like this Lima electronics market. Interestingly enough, the photographer notes these are all homegrown efforts, unique DIY electronics. A …


Controllers + Live, Reaktor, In Action: From Colombia to New York

Using old controllers in new ways, using new controllers in old ways … when playing live, having some controller gear is a must. Gustavo Bravetti sends video of himself playing Ableton Live using various novel controllers, live from Colombia. (That’s Colombia, not Columbia.) Yes, you can wow crowds playing with laptops — especially when you perform synth lines with drumsticks. (Pity some of us are worse drummers than keyboardists; this solution would definitely not work for me!) As it happens, Gustavo’s email hits the night of a MIDI controller “brain dump” at the Warper Party here in New York City. …