Photo: Andrew Kalat.

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Now hear this. CDM is now on Periscope, the live video service. We’ll be bringing you some quick, breaking videos around Anaheim and LA to start, including impromptu chats and demos from the NAMM show with the latest music gear. Check us out at: And for more: CDM on Facebook CDM on Instagram (gear pr0n, coming right up!) CDM on Twitter Photo (CC-BY-ND) Andrew Kalat.


Behringer Has a Corporate Anthem; It’s Kind of Beyond Description

Way behind the times on this one, because it seems not to have gone viral – yet. But it’s a song about audio equipment manufacturer Behringer – the official corporate song. It’s not a joke. It has a big modulation and “doot doots.” Maybe someone can transcribe the lyrics. That’s — all I can say about this at the moment. In other Behringer news, a fake Twitter account parodying Uli Behringer has started complaining to me and accusing me of abusing the labor of my social media minions – I think. (What? CDM interns need bathroom breaks? Bah, hambug – …


FOUND Installation Plays Narration, Robotic Music with Vinyl, Unravels Truth

One perhaps unexpected impact of technology has been to change the way we think about ourselves and our experience. Recording equipment – from photography to phonograph – has given us a new sense that memory itself might be fixed, unchanging, an accurate record of an unmoving truth. Except, of course, neither the recorded object nor the thing it is recording ever quite seems to work out that way. (Ask your local theoretical physicist, or for a more localized, humanized, sociological view, any loved one.) UNRAVEL is an installation that uses just those sorts of technologies to construct a narrative, and …


Social Recording: SoundCloud Adds iOS, Web Record Buttons, More Social Integration

SoundCloud for iPhone from SoundCloud on Vimeo. While it’s easy to focus on one platform or another, a profound trend in 2010 has been toward sharing media in the cloud. The basic concept is as old as the Internet, but from applications like Instamatic for photographers to syncing storage to tote around documents on iPads, this has been a year in which the server-shared media seemed to become a bigger part of our lives. Sound could be next. Aptly-named service SoundCloud has added a big, red “record” button both to an updated iPhone app and the Web browser-based dropbox. That …


Robotic Twitter Songwriter Generates Tweet Poetry

Marvim Gainsbug: the Twitter based Song Composer from jeraman on Vimeo. It should come as no surprise, but Twitter can compose existential nihilistic poetry. Just ask the creepy, detached voice of Marvim Gainsbug. The robotic, generative songwriter will produce a “song” from Tweet keywords of your choice. And be prepared for some finger snaps at the end of his beat-poetic recitation. The evil genius of this work is the product of a duo from Recife, Brazil. Details: Marvim Gainsbug is a musician, singer and composer, created in 2009. His main influences are Serge Gainsbourg, Bob Dylan, the Brazilian Northeastern Musician, …


Hear Free Generative Music, in Archaic Twitter Haiku, made with SuperCollider

How much can you do with a single line of musical code? Scoring music using archaic-looking (but relatively fundamental) audio techniques, a group of composers has produced a free album. Each track, produced in the open source, multi-platform audio tool SuperCollider, is produced via only 140 characters of code. The work ranges from electronic grooves to droning ambiences to hypnotic melodic patterns… and yes, a few strange sounds. You can listen to the output as a conventional album, or if you install a copy of SuperCollider, you can run the code yourself – some of the tracks will sound different …


Mixtikl 2 Brings Generative Music to Desktops, Mobiles – and Generates Music in Tweets

A traditional music score can fill reams of paper. But make music generative, and a tiny amount of musical DNA can breed musical events. How little DNA is needed? How about 140 character worth – enough to fit into a single Twitter post? That’s what’s possible in Mixtikl 2, which dubs its Twitter musical “vectors” “tikls” – pronounced “tickles.” There are three platforms, each priced separately: Mac / Windows desktop + plug-ins (standalone version, VST plug-in for your favorite host, and even a plug-in for playing and customizing mixes right in your web browser). Cost: US$19.99. Windows Mobile: smartphones and …


NI Teases New DJ Controller in Richie Hawtin Maschine + Traktor Video; Twitter App

It’s Richie Hawtin Watch time! The latest: NI teases an upcoming DJ controller by sharing video of Richie playing it in a club. The surprise: it’s actually what he’s doing with Maschine that seems most interesting to me. And if you recall the Twitter DJ app that he promised in the spring, it’s here, ready to use so long as you have Traktor and a Mac. (If you’re reading, Richie, do let me know if I’ve gotten my facts straight…)


Tweak and Tweet: Make and Share Synth Sounds with Twitter

Tweet A Sound: getting started tutorial from Andrew Spitz on Vimeo. You probably think of social networking and messaging as being about text, about saying things like “Wow, this tuna salad sandwich I’m having for lunch is delicious!” But the next Tweet you get on Twitter could be a synthesis preset. Say what? Working in Max/MSP, Andrew Spitz has developed a tool called Tweet a Sound. It uses Twitter as a communications platform for “social sound design.” Instead of just saying, “Wow, I be makin’ phat basslines,” you can actually share the sound. Whip up a sound using typical FM …