UnReaL, Born in Flamez: music from a trans-human future

Ed.: There’s a record release entirely in etched glass, shaped like a pyramid. There’s an artist who is not only post-genre, but post-gender, and trans-… human. There’s a collective that steps calmly from grimy basement to global festival, talks about occulture and “magick,” and juggles queer partys and zines. For anyone sick of the predictable grinding machinery of the music industry running business as usual, this should be irrefutable evidence that UnReaL, and the artist Born In Flamez, are something different. We arranged a rare interview with the collective and BIF to enter that world – a science-fiction now that …


More Unreal “Game” Performances

Reader Andrew Barton sends us details of his own video/audio performances making use of the Unreal game engine: check out the Son of Science ensemble and Floating Point performance. Floating point lets 'players' move around game objects to produce sound. (Boy, I'd really like to see this with the physics in Half-Life 2.) How can you get in on the action? Check out: UT 2004 Mod Author support site Unreal Developer Network Let us know what you're doing! (See our previous report)


Unreal Tournament as Music Environment

Unreal Tournament 2004 has been turned into a custom gaming environment and film studio, so why not music production environment, too? That's the question asked by Vladimir Todorovic, who has created the custom Unreal installation music. (via the most futuristic blog on the Web, near near future) Best of all, you're invited. There's an open call for collaborators, and a tutorial for how to import your own sounds into Unreal, plus a free custom production environment for both UT2003 and 2004 so you can build your own Unreal worlds. Todorovic's music is worth a listen, too. Imagine going beyond …